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DIYing: Look What I Made


It was Mother’s Day this weekend + in the spirit of keeping myself far far away from over crowded shopping malls + the smell of Cinnabon cinnamon rolls, I made my mom + mother-in-law these super cute felt coasters.



I wish I could claim fame for the designs, but with my creative mojo purely devoted to Life is Messy Bootcamp’s launch just days away, I reached out to two of my favorite blogs for inspiration. The DIY Tree Stump is from A Beautiful Mess + the DIY Citrus Coaster in from Purl Bee.


Thought I’d share this pictures as inspiration for what’s possible when you set your heart to tackle a sweet tutorial + you stick with it. Plus, don’t you think these make oh so adorable + budget friendly Holiday gifts too?


Now, I’d love to know: What are you making this holiday season? Handmade + heartmade + homemade ideas welcomed.



Mayi Carles


PS: Just in case you were curious, mom + “mi suegrita” LOVED their gifts.

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