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Messy Kitchens Unite!

Life is Messy Kitchen


Your support is the reason I get to do AMAZING things.


All this recipe recreations from Life is Messy Kitchen are making me blush. It’s clashing with my red Holiday-ish lipstick. Ohhhh STOP IT!!! Okay don’t.


I’m beyond humbled. Flattered to the point of nervous giggling. People are REALLY picking up the book + remaking deliciously nourishing dishes you guuuuuys!!!


Don’t wake me up just yet. Let me savor this for a bit longer please.


Today, is a tribute to the messies of the world. Real people with hungry loved ones + a tight kitchen + not every cooking appliance known to mankind. Real people who struggle to make healthy eating a priority because they are too busy changing the world. Pinky, is that you? No way, I spilled pancake syrup on my pajamas too!


You know those cookbooks full of pretty photos + recipes that never come out according to plan? The ones with rainbow cakes that look more like a poo Tower of Pisa in real life? The ones with pancakes that taste like cardboard? The ones where you can never get anything to look like the picture of the page? Yeah… Life is Messy Kitchen is NOT one of those books.


This book is to meant to be eaten. Well maybe you shouldn’t eat the actual book book without consulting your doctor first, but you know what I mean. I didn’t set out to make another cookbook that sits on the shelf + accumulates dust. I wanted to see people playing in the kitchen… were happiness is born. I just never expected this avalanche of support. Not like this.


Take a peek at what some of your messy compatriots have whipping out already:


LIMK Recreation 1



LIMK Recreation 2



LIMK Recreation 3


  • Bei from Tigriteando did the Avo-Pesto, which apparently passed the most important test of them all, the Sneaky Little Hands Test.
  • Despina Spanaki from Sugarbaby Art fell for the Detox Tonic. Simple + so good for you.
  • Carla M. Jones made Avocado Pesto + turned it into a dip. Awesome!


LIMK Recreation 4


  • Romina Guaraz + her Spa Water recreation. Simply perfect!
  • Jewels by Trish made brownies. YUM! You have got to check em’ out. Note to self: Get those measuring spoons for Christmas!
  • Abi struggled to pick a recipe but decided eventually to prepare the Kale and Black-Eyed Peas Stew. She skipped the celery + rather than serving it with brown rice, added quinoa. Perfect for a winter day.


LIMK Recreation 7

LIMK Recreation 6



LIMK Recreation 5





  • Kathryn Stewart got crakin’ on a mountain of pecans for this show-stopping Maple Pecans recipe. Perfect for the Holidays. “I didn’t even adapt it because her original version worked so beautifully, and as I’m writing this, I’ve eaten all but roughly 10 pecans, which I’m graciously saving for my sister-in-law for when she gets into town tomorrow.”
  • Gaby Noriega conjured my Avo-Pesto sensation with a creative alteration.
  • Ana Lara literally just started blogging, but that didn’t stop her from making + sharing my Tabbouleh and Pita Bread recipe.




  • Sarah O’Toole tweaked a tiny little bit my German Bread by adding a very Fall-ish secret ingredient. Can you guess which one it is?
  • Nuvea Santos Cobb tried the Avo-Pesto too. Is there a pattern here people? I think people went for it first because it’s sooooo easy to make + all you need are a few simple ingredients.
  • Roxy González experimented with my Avo-Pesto recipe. Improvised with what she had in the kitchen + nailed it!
  • Nancy Gaines from Domesticraft made me giggle with her T-Rex inspired recipe photo shot.












A massive THANK YOU!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each + every one of you who has taken the time to recreate a Life is Messy Kitchen recipe.


Psst… if you suspect your recipe recreation was eaten by inbox trolls because you don’t see your dish displayed at the top, quickly send me an e-mail. I’ll fix it Felix in a hot flash.



And because I love to reward caring, I’m going to giveaway signed copies of Life is Messy Kitchen + some of my favorite kitchen party props to THREE messies from today’s tour. But…I need your help.


In the comments below, tell me which recipe twist you are most excited to try from the bloggers above. Based on your hand raises, I will choose the lucky winners next Friday, December 12.


Thank you so much for playing along + helping me make the tough call. Being a judge is HARD! Especially a hungry one.



Mayi Carles

PS: I love featuring your Life is Messy Kitchen recipes. Send me your pictures… your posts… your testimonials. I might be tempted to buy a Super Bowl ad spot to give it some air time.

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