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Steal My Secret to Booking New Clients + Selling Out All My Coaching Spots for 2013


You got me. Looks like I “accidentally” left on my Winnie The Pooh pajama bottoms. Opps!


Embarrasing? Just a little. Liberating? Gosh yeah! You should try it sometime. Freedom is jamming in your jammies.


Speaking of jams, do you ever feel like your one-on-one offers are taking over your entire freaking life? Disco-balling with the client is super-docious, but the logistic… MAN! Pass me the punching bag will ya’? And while you’re at it the bad carbohydrates too, please.


So what’s my secret to booking new clients without going coo coo for Cocoa Puffs + selling out all my coaching spots for 2013 + it’s not even June yet? The answer + step by step guide + printable: Inside. Ten points for Gryffindor!



your turn

How to you streamline your one-on-one services? Any systems you care to share? Apps you fancy? I want to hear from you in the comments.



grab + share

Don’t forget to take your brand new Coaching Tracker with you… it’s FREE, though sharing in exchange for downloading would be ridiculously appreciated + rewarded by the karma fairies. I hear.



Mayi Carles

11 Responses to Steal My Secret to Booking New Clients + Selling Out All My Coaching Spots for 2013

  • claire stone says:

    Perfect timing – I am trying to sort out my new website plans, and getting an online scheduler seems sooooo obvious – I send soooo much time fannying around, booking in clients!!!! Totally makes sense to do it on line!!!!

    I love all the other tips, but that one has just hit me over the head like a big soft friendly bubble hammer

    thank you

  • Brandi says:

    Thanks Mayi! I never knew you could have clients schedule their own appointments. I already have a questionnaire going to clients once they order a class. I was …..scheduling over email….. Thanks for showing me a better way! Now I’m off to figure out how automatically send clients to a scheduler after they send in the questionnaire.

  • HeatherLeigh says:

    Great video Mayi! I am working on creating the content for my one-on-one coaching right now so this was awesome timing! love the idea of creating a note sheet for them. rock on!

  • Nany says:

    Gran trabajo, tomo nota, lo pondré en practica, un saludo

  • Kyia says:

    Wonderful suggestions, as usual!!! Thank you!
    Time to get that automated booking system up & running
    So folks can book their painting parties all by themselves!

  • Sage Grayson says:

    This is just the kick in the butt I needed to stop scheduling appointments through email. It drives me crazy and I don’t know why I’ve been doing it for so long! Thanks, Mayi. It’s like you’re psychic and know exactly what I need every Friday…

  • You are too cute! Love the tips and the enthusiasm! 🙂

  • Amanda Sue says:

    I find the idea of anyone disliking you really hard to believe!!! I love your Friday videos. 🙂 I’ve been out of the loop for a bit (I had my baby May 1st!!!), so now I get to play catch up and go watch the ones I’m behind on!!!

  • Deana Ward says:

    aaahh! I LOVE THIS! Soooo helpful:) Thanks Mayi!

  • OMGoodness, you are too cute! That was very helpful! Thank you so much! You are a total hoot! <3

  • Rachael Lay says:

    Great video! Your energy is fantastic!

    The best thing I did for my business recently was set up Satori for automated client sign ups, scheduling and invoicing. It has made things SO much easier and majorly reduced the amount of time I spend emailing with scheduling options, intake questionnaires and invoices.

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