Oh man! Yesterday was one of those days that, AHHHHHHHHHHH (tsunamic exhale), I just wanted to scream from the roof tops: “I’m T-I-R-E-D. I need my man to bring home some veggie pizza + a chic flick to go with it please!”


Phewww, just writing that felt so freaking-tastic!


Anyhoo, yesterday’s meltdown helped me come to my senses + admit a couple of things to myself I had been avoiding for quite some time now. You know? Those things that never get added to your to-do list + don’t even make it to your journal? The sticky stuff you know is there + you’re perpetually trying to hide?


Uninvited, these feelings come knocking at your door step + holy cow! they’re bringing gigantic suitcases with them. Looks like they’re not just here for a short visit. “Dam it! I wasn’t expecting company. Don’t even have avocados for my famous guacamole dip recipe – my secret host weapon. This is going to be a bumpy ride.”


Know the felling?


So, as a result of yesterday’s events + in commemoration of self awareness, I’ve made these free printable Note to Self Cards, perfect to jot down your ideas + admit anything + avoid the grand volcanic explosions that happen when we don’t tune in + listen. Think of these cards as self lovin’ correspondence with the person you know best: you!



1. Download your free Note to Self Cards.


2. Print onto 8.5″ x 11″ heavy-weight paper. I like to print mine on kraft paper, but feel free to play around with different card stocks. Prints 2 cards per page.


3. Trim along the outside edges using a guillotine or scalpel.


4. Enjoy the painful pleasure of filling out your cards.


terms of use

The downloadable files in this post + across my entire site are for personal use only. This means you are welcome to print as many copies as you wish for yourself, just not for commercial use. As a courtesy, if you wish to share this download with your friends, please direct them to this post for the actual download. Thanks for being so awesome + reading the boring (but important) stuff.


thank you

I really really need to thank my official power puff girls Erin Giles + Jess Van Den + Kristi Duggins + April Starr for holding my hand during my tweeter meltdown yesterday, LOL. Thanks ladies for de-sucking my day yesterday + making me feel special.



If you’re feeling really brave, I invite you to step on up + leave your note to self below. Admit it! I promise you’ll feel soooo good, specially after hitting the submit button. Ready? Let me go first. Note to Mayi #1 (oh yeah there are more coming): “Stop whining + get yourself an assistant, you’re killing me sista’. Enough with the wonder woman complex.” Now it’s your turn. Confession time baby!



Mayi Carles