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Note to Self


Oh man! Yesterday was one of those days that, AHHHHHHHHHHH (tsunamic exhale), I just wanted to scream from the roof tops: “I’m T-I-R-E-D. I need my man to bring home some veggie pizza + a chic flick to go with it please!”


Phewww, just writing that felt so freaking-tastic!


Anyhoo, yesterday’s meltdown helped me come to my senses + admit a couple of things to myself I had been avoiding for quite some time now. You know? Those things that never get added to your to-do list + don’t even make it to your journal? The sticky stuff you know is there + you’re perpetually trying to hide?


Uninvited, these feelings come knocking at your door step + holy cow! they’re bringing gigantic suitcases with them. Looks like they’re not just here for a short visit. “Dam it! I wasn’t expecting company. Don’t even have avocados for my famous guacamole dip recipe – my secret host weapon. This is going to be a bumpy ride.”


Know the felling?


So, as a result of yesterday’s events + in commemoration of self awareness, I’ve made these free printable Note to Self Cards, perfect to jot down your ideas + admit anything + avoid the grand volcanic explosions that happen when we don’t tune in + listen. Think of these cards as self lovin’ correspondence with the person you know best: you!



1. Download your free Note to Self Cards.


2. Print onto 8.5″ x 11″ heavy-weight paper. I like to print mine on kraft paper, but feel free to play around with different card stocks. Prints 2 cards per page.


3. Trim along the outside edges using a guillotine or scalpel.


4. Enjoy the painful pleasure of filling out your cards.


terms of use

The downloadable files in this post + across my entire site are for personal use only. This means you are welcome to print as many copies as you wish for yourself, just not for commercial use. As a courtesy, if you wish to share this download with your friends, please direct them to this post for the actual download. Thanks for being so awesome + reading the boring (but important) stuff.


thank you

I really really need to thank my official power puff girls Erin Giles + Jess Van Den + Kristi Duggins + April Starr for holding my hand during my tweeter meltdown yesterday, LOL. Thanks ladies for de-sucking my day yesterday + making me feel special.



If you’re feeling really brave, I invite you to step on up + leave your note to self below. Admit it! I promise you’ll feel soooo good, specially after hitting the submit button. Ready? Let me go first. Note to Mayi #1 (oh yeah there are more coming): “Stop whining + get yourself an assistant, you’re killing me sista’. Enough with the wonder woman complex.” Now it’s your turn. Confession time baby!



Mayi Carles

13 Responses to Note to Self

  • Serene Teresa says:

    My note to self: make a decision already! this being nowhere-ness is preventing you from accomplishing ANYTHING!

    Yup, agreed, I feel better! And anyway Mayi, as a reader I’ll say that I’ll still go on reading even if you don’t post everyday! Sometimes things need to digest 🙂

  • Erin says:

    So happy to be one of your official Power Puff girls! Just call me Glitter Puff ha ha. Now for my note to self…

    Note to Erin- Write your blogs and schedule them, you haven’t been organized enough in this area, woman!

    And secondly…You can’t do it all in one day use your Today I will sheets and focus on what today brings!!

  • mayicarles says:

    Serene: “I’ll still go on reading even if you don’t post everyday! Sometimes things need to digest 🙂 ” That’s like Christmas in a bucket. Secretly I needed to hear that 🙂 THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!

  • mayicarles says:

    high five glitter puff! you rocked that note to self!

  • Kristi D. says:

    Note to self: It’s okay to just do one thing at a time!

  • Alicia says:

    awww, these are adorable! must think on those notes to self!

    I hope you got your veggie pizza on! 😉

  • April Starr says:

    Aww, what a neat idea! And thanks for including my tweet, hehe!

    Ok, my note to me: “Get OVER yourself! Stop thinking about what you want all the time and spend more time thinking about others’ needs!”

    Ah, yeah. I needed that. Thanks Mayi 🙂

  • Sandra says:

    Hallo Mayi – my name is Sandra Wiese from South Africa – I read your blog every single day!! You are my daily joy & inspiration.

  • Marta Schmidt says:

    Stop saying: “I have no time”!

  • Jessica says:

    Note to self: “You work for yourself now, so stop trying to please an imaginary manager or a poser of a ceo. Your making me look bad… just get to work!”

    That was fun and self motivating. I really do NEED to buy those notes. Getting the daily rant with myself out of my head is a MUST.

    ps* I LOVED reading everyone’s notes… such funny and good stuff!

  • Wilma says:

    My note: Balance! I can’t do all, but I can do something, organize and prioritize

  • megan v says:

    Note to self: “You’ll succeed when you stop spreading your focus onto so many different things! Eliminate all the noise and focus only on what you do BEST and love MOST!!”

    Also, we love you Mayi! You can totally take a day or ten off and we will still be here cheering you on. xoxoxoxo meg

  • Zima says:

    Thank you! This is fun!

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