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Olivia’s Nursery Reveal

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In case you’re wondering, I’m due any day now!


How do I feel? Well, I’m alternating between crazy excitement about finally meeting baby O + crazy panic about OMG, we’re finally going to meet our little princess and they’re going to expect that we take her home and like, keep her alive n’ stuff.


Last night we went to bed at 2am picking out baby lullabies for Olivia. And David finally made his hospital bag. We’re making progress.


Speaking of progress, I’ve been working on Olivia’s nursery for a few months now. I wanted so badly to finish the room before our little girl arrives, but yesterday I realized: “This room is never gonna be COMPLETELY FINISHED” (Picture me inhaling deeply + exhaling like Drogon from Game of Thrones).


What is a recovering perfectionist to do? I decided to show you Olivia’s nursery anyways, the first of many tours, cuz done is better than perfect, right? Right? Riiiight?


If you’re a mom-to-be like me, or a newish mom who’s still shopping for baby essentials + nesting, I hope this post is somewhat helpful to you. David + I still haven’t tested things out, but after a ton of research + advice from family, close friends and readers, we feel confident Olivia will L-O-V-E her room + all the goodness hidden inside.


Hope you enjoy Olivia’s Nursery Reveal!




But first, let me show you some hideous “Before” pics of the abandoned room, which served the purpose of Room of Requirement (Harry Potter fans raise your hands up high) – a room that magically transformes itself into whatever the seeker needs in that moment in time. To use it you must walk past the area of the door three times, thinking of what you need.


For example, when my biz partner came to visit it was a guest room. Then it mutated into a home office for David. Later it morphed into a trash can… I mean a storage room.


Take a look.









Now, are you ready for the “After” shots? Come on in! No need to tippy-toe just yet, there is no sleeping baby inside just yet.


I wasn’t interested in having anything too theme-y or puke pink all over the walls, so I kept it simple with a hint of whimsical, with lots of happy creative things + personal touches made with love, some by yours truly, other by my very talented friends.






Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 5.16.14 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 5.16.50 PM
















Bear Door Decal from The Gatherer Store

Industrial Wooden Wagon Storage from Restoration Hardware Baby

Daydream Green Wallpaper by Julia Rothman from Hygge & West

You Got A Friend in Me Mixed Media Painting by Mayi Carles

Wooly Plush Rocking Animal from Restoration Hardware Baby

ABC Changer from Pottery Barn Kids.

Hampen Rug from IKEA

Whimsical Felt Mushrooms (custom made) by Felted Decorations

Red Mushroom Ultrasonic Air Humidifier from Duux

Domesticated Trinket Dish from Anthropologie

SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker from Bose

Pom Tassel Curtain from Anthropologie

Speckled Wood Curtain Rod from Anthropologie

Queen Bee Tieback from Anthropologie

Bobby Pin Art Print by Rifle Paper Co.

Single Ladies Art Print from United Thread

Pink Pig Art Print by Cori Dantini

Bear and the Bees Art Print by Becky Down

Olivia Fabric Letters (custom made) by my super talented friend Jenny Perez Lee

Fridusha Art Print by Mayi Carles

And Then They Became Three Art Print by Mayi Carles

Mini Felt Cactus Hoop by Mayi Carles

You Are Our Bucket List Sign by Mayi Carles

Love Tree Flag by Mayi Carles

Two Mini Paintings (still in progress) by Mayi Carles

Waiting for Olivia Photograph by Sarah Tyler

Melon Rocking Chair “borrowed” from my mom – This was THE rocker my mom used to breastfeed me! Can you believe it? I just restored + painted it.

Antique Brass Zinnia Handles from Anthropologie

Parisian Side Table from Restoration Hardware Baby

Cloud Pink Pillow from BlaBla

Knit Cotton Pouf from Restoration Hardware Baby

Sparrow Crib from Oeuf

Gold Dot Bedding by The Land of Nod

Felt Tassel Garland by Mayi Carles

Star Wars Mobile by Pink Cheeks Studio




So, how did I do? I think I did pretty good for my first time. I’m really happy with how everything is coming together. Even wrapping up this post is making me cry tears of just the most overwhelming happiness. This is truly the HAPPIEST I’ve ever been in my whole entire life.


Thank you so much for sharing this special part of my life with me. It means so much to be able to put all of this out there so publicly + receive so much kindness back. I’m so grateful for your loving comments + e-mails + gifts in the mail. I feel so blessed to have you in my life… that you’re family. And very very very soon our tribe will be PLUS ONE!!!


Who’s excited?



Mayi Carles

41 Responses to Olivia’s Nursery Reveal

  • Nina says:

    WOW! Good job, this is one pretty room for one lucky baby girl <3 What I like about it the most is, that is not too girly. And the rug is such a clever idea, I love it!

  • Bev says:

    Oh it’s beautiful and adorable! Such an exhilarating chapter of your life. It’s a ton of work and exhausting but so worth it 🙂

  • Kate says:

    Beautiful room! The ABC changing table is AMAZING!!! Love all the personal touches too. Can’t wait for you to meet your little gal!

  • Jackie Rueda says:

    Que emocion!
    Estaba esperando como loca ver este bello cuarto!
    Ahora estoy esperando como loca ver a Oli ♥
    Todo te quedo precioso, tan amoroso.
    Levantaste el colchon para ayudar a la digestion?

    • Mayi Carles says:

      BUAJAJAJAJAJAJA me hace mucha gracia que me lo preguntes porque cuando mi suegris me lo regaló yo estaba como que, “Y para que es esa cosa tan fea?” jejejeje. Pero bueno, aparentemente es bueno para los primeros mesesitos precisamente para eso, para la digestion + para que no se atoren con los buchecitos. Locuras que estoy segura no existian cuando tu + yo eramos bebis pero bueno… para algunas cosas le sigo la corriente a mi familia que me ha regalado cuanta cosa. Parecen los Reyes Magos jejeje!

      • Jackie Rueda says:

        De verdad es bueno, aunque no se vea lindo.
        A Valeria la mandaron a dormir en el portabebés después de comer porque tenia el problema de los buches intenso!
        A muchos bebés les pasa porque tienen el esfínter superior del estomaguito un poco flácido (o algo así, ojo que no venga un pediatra a regañarme aquí por hablar pistoladas).

  • Dulcia says:

    Mayiiii que linda que quedó!!!
    Yo me voy a pedir el del oso para mi puerta!!!

    Te mando muchos besos y espero que no te agobie ni el cansancio ni la ansiedad. Vos viste el capitulo de Friends, cuando Rachel no dá mas y hacen todo para que la bebe salga? Bueno eso! 😉

  • Verdaderamente toda la etapa para la pteparación del cuarto de olivia ha sido una mágica aventura, de una mamá súper dedicada e inspirada en hacer cada detalle para esta dulce espera. Que Dios te bendiga a ti, a tu esposo y que Dios tenga bajo control todo el momento cuando llegue el día tan esperado. Te felicito por este don tan maravilloso que Dios a puesto en tí Mayi y que aprovechas al máximo viviendo intensamente cada una de tus creaciones. Todo esta simplemente espectacular…. Besitos Cynthia

  • Marcela says:

    Ohhh sooo pretty! So many details!
    I fell in love with those carpet mushrooms, and all your paintings…and the bear door! What a lovely room for a sweet lovely girl 🙂

  • Sami Garra says:

    Ohhhh! Es precioso, Mayi! Me ha encantado! Se palpa el cariño con el que fue puesto allí cada detalle ^.^
    Que todo siga con salud y amor <3

  • Melissa says:

    Love it! I wish I was motivated to design my spaces…

  • Verdaderamente toda la etapa para la pteparación del cuarto de olivia ha sido una mágica aventura, de una mamá súper dedicada e inspirada en hacer cada detalle para esta dulce espera.

  • Carla says:

    Not sure what’s better, the Vader’s Little Princess Book (my hubby is a big Star Wars fan so we also have it for our daughter), or the Star Wars mobile… Olivia’s one cool kiddo!

  • Shannon says:

    Mayi, this is so wonderful! Creative and colorful and every little thing looks intentional and special. You guys did an amazing job and Olivia will surely love it!

  • Deborah says:

    Utterly lovely. You did an amazing job.

  • Bee says:

    You’ve thought of everything Mayi, what a wonderful room with such personality. I can wait to watch Olivia notice each and every space. Love & hugs Bee

  • Barb says:

    It’s gorgeous! Great job, Mom and Dad!
    You need to read to her every day- even when she’s a teeny little baby. Get lots of baby board books! It will turn her into a reader and she will LOVE to read. I am a retired elementary teacher and I KNOW!!!
    Best wishes for a fast delivery! Can’t wait to “meet” her!

  • So fun! Awww… Wishing you both all the best! Looking forward to Olivia’s debut 🙂

  • Sarah Whitefield says:

    First-I love your posts! Creative, uplifting, inspiring, fun!
    Second-Congratulations! You’re going to be a wonderful mom!
    Third-I love the nursery! So beautiful and super fun!

  • Maria Esperanza Vargas says:

    Mayi…adoro TODO…divino, divino, divino. Gracias por compartirlo…ya quiero darle un pellizco a esa muñeca que estamos esperando con alegría.

  • Trish says:

    So sweet and cute and adorable and PERFECT! Best wishes as you count down to her arrival.

  • MAyi! Such a pretty, magic space! I love it so much, And I am so, so excited for you, can’t wait to hear about baby Olivia’s arrival. REst ans sleep and enjoy these last days! (Funnily enough before reading this update I just finally shared that I had been meaning to do for a long long time).

  • Maria Lorena says:

    Bello Mayi!! Mil felicidades!!!! Les deseo mil bendiciones a los 3.

  • Sarena says:

    Congratulations, Mayi and David!
    Room looks adorable. Wishing you all the best and continued blessings…

  • Renay Howey says:

    LOVE! I got all teary eyed looking throughkall of the beautiful images here. The details are so perfect! I love that you have linked to so many wonderful artisans and shops – I’m getting lots of ideas! I can’t believe how cute the little wagon is. The chair is beautiful, and I love the story behind it! So excited for you to meet your little lady so soon!

  • Mayi, the nursery is divine! You are by far the most creative and meticulous mom-to-be that I’ve known. Every detail was well thought out. I love how Olivia’s whimsical wonderland turned out! As someone who appreciates interior design, I love the transformation, the before and after is a wowser! My favorite thing? The art wall in combination with the ABC changer. I love your illustrations and the love story your wall portrays. 🙂 And you’re right, it’ll never be complete, because Olivia’s presence, growth, interests and likes will make this the residence of the most transformational person in your life, baby O. 🙂

  • Farideh says:

    OMG you are just so damn adorable it kills me.
    And you were picking out baby lullabies? WHA? How does one do this?

    Everything about this room is magical. I have no doubt that the hours you spend in there will make you gloriously happy because you’ll be surrounded by beauty.

    Goodness gorgeous!

  • Flac_k says:

    Que belleza Mayi! Te felicito, está todo tan lindo y tan original, con el toque perfecto de rosado (para mi gusto) y esos toques de niña moderna con Star Wars para Princesas y ese móvil!!!

    Me encantó el detalle de la alfombra verde con los honguitos. Todos los rincones están preciosos, ahora solo falta que llegue la dueña del espacio. Te deseo la mejor suerte del mundo y que todo sea felicidad!

    Un abrazo.

  • Xènia Roca says:

    Mayi, te ha quedado preciosa. Infantil , pero nada empalagosa, muy Mundo Mayi.

    El consejo de tu familia y de Jackie de levantar el colchón es ideal. Me lo dijo una enfermera en el hospital (Pol tiene 3 años ahora) y le fue de perlas.

    Un Beso y disfruta del embarazo.

  • Marta says:

    Simply gorgeous! My kind of nursery 😉 But I hope this is a one time post. I don’t need more awesome baby/kids stores on my list, I’m already in debt (lol, just kidding!)

    My grown up favorite is that amazing wood floor.
    My baby favorite item is the mobile even though I’ve never seen StarWars 😉 I fun items for babies.

    Happy for you!

  • Joana Lírio says:

    I LOVE everything about this room. It’s lovely and not too girly. I´m sure baby O will love to be there. Wishing you all the best!**

  • Katie says:

    OMG, I am saving that Star Wars mobile idea for when I have a little one. My hubby will LOVE it. And I adore the teddy bear door so much! Happy Almost-Birthday to Miss Olivia, and congrats to you and David!

  • Kerry says:

    Do you realize how many people are wishing they were your baby right now? Lol! it is soon amazing! That door! Those mushrooms! I love it all and am so excited for you and your family. XO!

  • Nathalie says:

    Qué bonito te ha quedado Mayi!! Me encanta cada detalle que has puesto con tanto amor!! Bien que hayas hecho estas fotos para que cuando tengas todo patas arriba,fruto del ajetreo!!! Las puedas mirar!!!
    Que se te haga corta la espera….lo ultimo parece interminableeeeeee.

  • Indre says:

    You really amaze me, Mayi! How can you even begin to call this “not perfect”? Olivia’s nursery is both DONE and really, really PERFECT! Can’t wait to hear the good news about Olivia in your next newsletter 🙂 I don’t understand how you find the time and energy to do all this! Wishing you and David and Olivia a safe birth <3

  • Sasha says:

    You’ve done amazing job, Mayi! The room looks beautiful and so personal with all the little details! I was especially excited to see the bear door, because it’s my friend who makes them and it made it all the way from Helsinki to your baby’s adorable room!

  • Congratulations on the new family member arriving soon. I love the nursery. It’s not too matchy matchy and it’s whimsical and fun at the same time. The items you hand made will always be special.

  • Michelle Varela says:

    simplemente hermoso! es perfecto…

  • Tabassum says:

    Absolutely gorgeous and adorable! I loved all of the personal quirky touches. Can’t wait to see your next post about Olivia! Wishing you a wonderful birth experience and a happy healthy baby.

  • Great job on the room design! I like the way you put together things and make it a one unique design that fits a nursery room. Have a happy and healthy baby and enjoy your experience as a mom!

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