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Too excited about tomorrow. What happens tomorrow? Well, tomorrow is the day I finally receive the boxes filled with Life is Messy Kitchen books.


Tomorrow I officially become a book author, like Dr. Zeus, except I don’t think I can pull off the Dr. Mayi thing. Mayi Carles will do for now.


Tomorrow I will dance on top of carton boxes + sing all the victory anthems I know, at least well enough to say some of the lyrics. The rest I can always make up as I go. I’m a master at inventing lyrics + fooling everyone buahahaha.


Tomorrow I will recall all those times I thought about quitting when it got too hard, but I didn’t.


Tomorrow I will take a bookie. That’s a selfie but holding my book. And I will send it to my granny + say, “Look look look granma’. I did it!!! You were right all along.”


Tomorrow, since I can’t have champagne, I will probably pop open a carrot cake. All to MYSELF. And Olivia, of course!


Tomorrow I will think of you. You did this. I just helped.


You can pre-order your copy at www.lifeismessykitchen.com or purchase the book at full price after March 27, 2015.


And just in case you’re a tiny bit curious, today feels like Christmas multiplied by my birthday, but BETTAH!!!


CLICK TO TWEET: Can’t wait to get my Life is Messy Kitchen copy – http://bit.ly/1sYOukm @mayicarles


CLICK TO TWEET: Life is Messy Kitchen is coming!!! Have you pre-ordered your copy? http://bit.ly/1sYOukm @mayicarles



Mayi Carles


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The Evolution of the Life is Messy Kitchen Cover

I’ve been making + talking about Life is Messy Kitchen for quite some time now. It truly feels like forever. Thanks for been with me through the ups + the downs + the in betweens. I could have never pulled this off without your encouragement. I mean it!


Today, I wanted to share with you a little sneak peek behind the making of the cover – front + back + bind + flaps + inside jacket. It was messy. And it was beautiful.


I’ll walk you through the evolution of the cover with images, cuz it’s the best way I know to show this collaborative project’s progression.


Life is Messy Kitchen Cover test_4

Photo for the cover

LIMK copy

LIMK Cover copy 2

TinyGrab Screen Shot 10-22-14, 4.58.06 AM



And that was just the cover for the digital launch. Then came ze REAL BOOK!!!



Back Cover copy

Back Cover-mockupv1.jpeg

Flap Back

Cover 1

Pattern copy

Cover 2

Cover 3


A standing ovation to Marbel Canseco, my mad hatter designer for bringing this baby to life. And a special thanks to my super talented photographer Marcela Macias, for making me drool each time I look at my cover. It’s everything I dreamed + more!


Fun facts:

  • This was truly a team effort – we’ve got Marcela’s photos + Marbel’s wicked design moved + my illustrations and hand-writing. Talk about a triple threat!
  • The original photo that was shot for the cover, didn’t make it.
  • One of the first things I told Marcela upon hiring her as the official photographer for this mission was: “I want NO HANDS in the pictures. I repeat, NO HANDS.”
  • The only picture Marcela sent with hands was the photo that made the cover.
  • When Marcela found out I had picked that picture for the cover she laughed.
  • Then she nearly killed me because she worried her nails weren’t cover ready.
  • Marbel came to the rescue with a pink French manicure. Marcela loved it. I nearly had a hard attack. I hate French manicure.
  • Marbel had to find a compromise between natural nails + fancy nails to make us both happy. Reason #483 why we love her.
  • One of the first things I told Marbel upon hiring her as the official designer for this mission was: “I want FEW TYPES + ONE PANTONE GRAY. I repeat, FEW TYPES + ONE PANTONE GRAY.”
  • I have never been happier with disobedience.
  • I learned that when you hire freaking PROs + learn to let go of perfectionism (ahem ahem which is often camouflaged as “micro-managing”), you don’t always get what you want. You get something BETTER. Much BETTAH!!!
  • All the illustrations for the cover (and book) where sketched by hand with a 0.5 mechanical pencil + painted with Americana acrylic paints + scanned with a CanonScan LiDE210 + retouched in Photoshop + vectorized in Illustrator.
  • The internal jacket is the very first time I’ve taken a stab at pattern-making. I think I did pretty good.
  • It was Marbel’s idea to incorporate some “uncolored illustrations” elements within the jacket pattern. She’s a genius, isn’t she?
  • The pattern background was originally gonna be white. We went with an vintage wedding white instead. Made everything pop!
  • I posted a lil’ glimpse of the internal jacket pattern on Instagram (you can follow me @mayicarles) a couple of weeks back. As a result, a cool company contacted me + I’m now working on a secret project I can’t wait to tell you about. (Hint: It involves kids + mess, a lot of mess).


Update: We are a little backed up with the shipment of the book, but I just got a confirmation from the printers that the boxes filled with Life is Messy Kitchen books will be in my studio Tuesday, March 17. And of course I start shipping them out the next day. Pre-order your copy today, unless you like paying full price for things.



Mayi Carles

Clean Chocolate Nut Blondies

Instagram Post


Remember my preggo craving a couple of posts back? The result: Clean Chocolate Nut Blondies, my greatest invention. Left lots of you licking your screens. (Click here to follow my messy adventures on Instagram).


So I transcribed the recipe.


Here it is. You’re very welcome!



Clean Chocolate Nut Blondies Blog


This is, hands down, baby Olivia’s new favorite treat. I hope your belly enjoys it as much as mine!


(Curious. Did you like the illustrated recipe format? Or do you prefer the written version instead? Thought I’d try something new for a change, but I wanna make sure you dig it before I get too excited.)



Mayi Carles

Speed Round of B-School Frequently Asked Questions + Common Objections + Infamous Hesitations

B-School 1


With the clock ticking + B-School’s shopping cart closing tomorrow (March 4 at 3PM EST), I thought I’d put together a speed round of frequently asked questions + common objections + infamous hesitations. I’ll keep all these anonymous to respect everyone’s privacy, of course.


I’m a bit hesitant to “put myself out there”. I’m not very comfortable taking about my life in public. Is B-School right for introverts like me?

B-School is not gonna change the essence of you. It’s not gonna transform you into this fake person that’s loud + posts #selfies of herself in order to gain more fans + fame + popularity + money. Actually the opposite is true. B-School mutes the “what will they think” noise + turns up the YOU volume. For me if was accepting that I loved to make videos with my yellow ukelele, but not so much sharing pictures of myself wearing a bikini. Set healthy boundaries is a beautiful thing.


I’m crazy busy as it is. I’m concerned with falling behind on the lessons + wasting hard earned money.

Excuse me. If there’s someone in this planet who understands worrying about falling behind + not doing things perfectly is this little Panamanian artist right here. I’m super competitive with myself + was the type of Hermione Granger kid who always had to do her homework + then the bonus. Not turning in an assignment on time was unacceptable to me. I felt like I was gonna let my teachers down… my parents down… myself down.


That being said, there is really no “ running behind” in B-School. You receive what you need. And I needed to let some of my perfectionism go in order to expand my tolerance for growth. Thanks to B-School I adopted a “Done is better than perfect” attitude. And I’ve never been happier. And freer.


I cannot predict the future, but I suspect you’ll enjoy your B-School pace. There are so many B-Schoolers with full time jobs + kids + big commutes + demanding cats. You’ll feel right at home. I surely learned to love giving it my best, even if it was just 75%. That has already taken me beyond placed I ever imagined. Don’t let the fear of “falling behind” get in the way of your best intentions.


I know I want to join B-School, but I don’t know which bonus to choose. Is your bonus the right one for me?

Ours. Duh! No but seriously, pick the one that’s a perfect fit for your type of business under construction + who is led by someone who you like + trust + is living it though values you respect + admire… someone who you would invite to your slumber parties + have a tea party with. I know it’s hard not to go for the shiniest one, but at the end of the day the fit + lifestyle is what makes the different between a bonus that consumes mega bites in your computer + one that helps you make the most our of B-School.


You can read more about Operation World Domination: A B-School Mastermind for Creators and Innovators here!


If I join B-School through your bonus will I also get Marie’s bonuses?

OF COURSE! When you B-School you get absolutely EVERYTHING. There is no fine print. You get all the perks. And when you join B-School though our affiliate link you also get access to Operation World Domination. The goodies just add up, nothing subtracts.


I joined B-School through you guys last year, is there anyway to get in be a part of the Operation World Domination bonanza? I need that mug!

E-mail me at mayicarles@gmail.com + I’ll send you all the details.


I don’t feel 100% ready for B-School this year. Should I wait until next year?

If you wait until all your ducks are aligned, you will never leave the house. You don’t see Mama Duck wait for all her duckling to line up. NO! She starts walking. She knows they will follow.


If you wait until you “feel ready” you will let life pass by you. You aren’t ready “now”, but you will be. Start walking. Your ducks will have no option but to pick up the pace.


I would love to take B-School, but I don’t have enough money.

This is one of the most harmful + disempowering things you can ever tell yourself. That you don’t have enough money. Why? Because it’s simply a fallacious load of diarrhea. Here’s the truth that might piss you off a little. If you tell yourself you don’t have enough money to invest in “the thing you want” it’s only because you really don’t want it bad enough. “I can’t afford it” is simply a convenient exit to take when you don’t want to move forward. What it really means is that you don’t want to work that hard to get it.


“I don’t have enough money” is a poisonous thought that can become a self-fulfilling prophecy that destroys your life, if you let it. Don’t. Instead, replace “I don’t have enough money” with “I am choosing not to buy right now”. That’s much better.


I’m in financial debt. Is B-School really worth the money?

My honest advice? I don’t think you should join B-School if you’re in financial debt. As much as I LOVEEEEE B-School, I don’t think people should go into debt to take it. First make sure you can put food on your table + pay for a roof to cover your head. THEN consider investing in yourself to radically improve your future.


And yes, B-School is really worth it. And I took B-School back in the day when there weren’t any of these affiliate bonuses. Still, it was a steal. Program paid for itself in less than 3 months + it gave me the tools to pursue a creative project that made me an extra 75K.


I will be honest…I am very hesitant to do a program in which other people get payed to promote it. It scares me a lot.  It can feel very “salesy” to me and it turns me off along with all the heavy marketing.  However, I am so curious about the program. Any suggestions, advice, feedback about all that?

If you go into any course or program (including B-School) with a negative outlook, it’s not going to work for you. You’ll be second-guessing everything instead of doing your best to do the work. I’ve been there and my partner April has, too.


If you make the decision to join B-School, go into it completely open and see what happens. It will change your experience.


The times I’ve run across someone bashing B-School they often fall into one of these categories: 1) they never took B-School so they don’t really know, 2) they didn’t the do work, were looking for a “magic pill,” and you can tell from their websites that they haven’t even done the course work–it’s not easy and if it were, everyone would succeed 3) they had unreasonable expectations–for instance, I’ve seen so many people complain that they didn’t get one-on-one time with Marie or that Marie didn’t answer their emails personally which is unreasonable when that’s never promised and Marie couldn’t possibly respond to hundreds or thousands of emails every day. That’s why she has an amazing team.


I believe that those who take full advantage of B-School, do the work, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and have reasonable expectations about what an online course can do for them, enjoy their time in B-School and get a ton out of it. That’s why there are thousands of positive reviews about B-School and no one gets paid to review it or leave a testimonial.


I get that B-School turns the internet into quite a circus each year when it launches, but I encourage people to think about why that is. B-School has helped sooooooo many of us get to where we are. That’s why everyone talks about it. Yes, we get paid an affiliate fee for sales but we get nothing from promoting it and like Mayi said, this is the ONLY program we are affiliates for and the reason for that is because it helped us so much. I would never put my reputation on the line for something I didn’t believe in. I’ve worked hard to build my business and I’m not going to throw that away for anything.


Do I have to take B-School?

No. You don’t have to take anything. Your life is certainly not gonna end if you don’t do B-School. Your business won’t be ruined. Nothing bad will happen either. Nothing. Nada. Can you learn the skills on your own to make it online? Yes. Abso-freaking-lutely. Will it take more time? You bet. How much more? I dunno. Will it require a period of trial + error? I would assumed, yes.


Honestly, I wasn’t in a very comfortable position to wait. I was barely covering my operational costs, plus I wanted start my life with David + not worry if the organic strawberries were $8 a pack. If you’re in a financially comfortable situation + have the social support of your family + loved ones, then you’re not in a hurry. Take the scenic route if you’d like. Why not? More power to you girlfriend!


How is Marie gonna teach B-School if she just had a baby? Are her helpers teaching the program?

Wait what? Marie didn’t have a baby. Marie herself teaches her course + she has amazing guest experts to cover specialty topics. April + I are also the ones 100% leading our Operation Word Domination bonus. There will be no minions doing our job.


I have an idea, can I pay you to teach me the material for half the price?

Is that a bad joke? Of course not. That’s the most ridiculous + offensive idea I’ve EVER heard. Not to mention, illegal. Go away!!!


If I have a question that we didn’t get to can you help? 

You bet. Simply e-mail me at mayicarles@gmail.com + I’ll give you the truth + the whole truth + nothing but the truth, which is the very best I’ve got.


B-School 2


If you’ve already decided B-School isn’t for you… congratulations on knowing what’s right for you + sticking with your intuition. You won’t be added to Santa’s “Naughty” list just because you said no to Marie Forleo. B-School isn’t the right fit for everyone.


If you’ve already decided B-School isn’t for you, but you keep perusing Marie’s free training series + asking on Facebook who’s joining + blaming the economy… stop beating yourself up. Investing in B-School is a bold + audacious move that will change the way you live + love + work + parent + look at yourself in the mirror. Stuckness + self-sabotage is part of the process. You’re not crazy.


If you’ve gonna join B-School with our bonus or anyone else’s really… we can’t wait to see you shine. Get ready. Your life + piggy bank is about to explode.


If you’ve been on maternity leave or on a Himalayan expedition for the past few weeks + don’t know what B-School is, but you have suspicions it’s either a cult or Disney’s new theme park… click here to find our more!


B-School 3




Mayi Carles


Disclaimer: If you decide to invest in B-School through our affiliate link, we receive a commission. Yes, the money is a nice perk for spreading the word, but we really do this because we believe in the program. We’re both proud grads and ambassadors. That’s the truth.

The B-School Progression



It’s been an internet-less week at the Mayi Carles HQ. Hagrid ate the ethernet cable (BAD boy Hagrid) + with the entire country paralyzed due to “Carnavales”, there hasn’t been much I’ve been able to accomplish, which explains the extra paint stains in my pajama. What? I’m bored. 


I hear though that, those fortunate enough to have WiFi, are experiencing an avalanche of e-mails + Facebook updates + Instagrams + tweets + blog posts… all talking about the same thing: Marie Forleo.


It seems like the B-School phenomenon has taken over the interwebs. It’s overwhelming. Like Christmas decoration. If you’re feeling like the Grinch, it’s okay.


You don’t want to drink the egg nog? That’s cool. That’s cool. I still know that beneath that green fur there’s a part of you who wonders what it tastes like. Why so many people LOVE IT? Why everyone + their neighbor is wear the B-School badge so proudly? Why everyone is decking the social media halls with Marie Forleo memorabilia?


Makes you ponder, doesn’t it?


I celebrate B-School because I did it, not once but THREE times in a row. I’m a proud grad + apostle. Marie is THE reason, THE person who helped me move from barely making my operational costs (yet alone be in the position to invest 2K in any program), to being able to put a down-payment on a beach front condo + afford organic strawberries.


Look, I know you’re at the verge of making a BIG potentially life-changing investment. Perhaps, like me three years back, your heart is racing at 1000mph just by the thought of joining B-School. But it does’t matter at what stage of your business you’re at, I know, you’re not ready. No matter how much you desire it, “now” is NOT the perfect time.


I’m not a witch. Remember, I was there.


The way I see it is this: When you think about where you are “now” + try to make a decision from that frame of mind, of course there’s no way in hell you can afford anything, so your default response is always: “I’ll pass. Maybe next time, if I work harder or win the lottery. Or a pony.”


When you’re thinking about investing in something GRAND that will change the way you live + love + work + parent + look at yourself in the mirror, you can’t let the actual version of you that’s not there yet make the call. Hellz no. That decision will be made from a place of scarcity + short sight + limitation + contraction. Dangerous.


Let’s try this one more time.


When you’re thinking about investing in something SO BOLD + AUDACIOUS IT HURTS that will change the way you live + love + work + parent + look at yourself in the mirror, you need to bring forward [insert your nickname here] Fierce (you know, your alter-ego?) or the you of the future, the one you dream of becoming – a more fearless + wiser you that’s traveling back in time to rescue you from yourself + your current stuckness + self-sabotaging trolls.


You want to sell out your next program? You want to make an extra 5K a month? You want to double your list size? Then you have to invest like a person who sells out her programs + makes an extra 5K a month + has a list double your size, not a person who has no program (yet) + hasn’t turned her passions into profit (yet) + has a mailing list of 3 (for now), one of which could or could not be her mom.


See what I’m sayin’ sistah?


When you make investments based on where you want to be + who you want to become rather than where you are “now”, you tell the Universe, “I’m coming for it”. And just like that, by cosmic synchronicity, you attract the unimaginable.


The progression from dreaming about B-School to joining B-School is a funny one indeed. Look look look… I even made a poster. I told you I’ve had too much time in my hands.


The Bschool Progression


Raise your hand if any of this sounds too familiar. If so, in what stage of the process are you?


For my biz partner April Bowles-Olin + I, B-School was the most nauseating investment of our lives. With a paper bag in hand we made the sky dive together. We’ll talk about our behind the scenes B-School stories + spill the jelly beans about real numbers (like how much we made before B-School + how much we made after) + answer your questions at our next Happy Hour. Click here to RSVP!


In the meantime, here’s what I want you to take away from today’s post:

  • Trust the messy middle.
  • Having a nervous breakdown is part of the process.
  • Get comfortable with the discomfort.
  • Be smarter than your brain chatter + act in spite of being afraid.
  • Do something today that your future self will bear hug you for.
  • You never know true boredom until… your WiFi dies.
  • When in doubt, paint something pretty + turn it into a blog post.


Remember: You aren’t ready “now”, but you will be. You were born to ease your way into READY!




If you’ve already decided B-School isn’t for you… I applaud you for knowing what’s best for you + sticking with your intuition. You won’t be added to Santa’s “Naughty” list just because you said no to Marie Forleo. B-School isn’t the right fit for everyone.


If you’ve already decided B-School isn’t for you, but you keep perusing Marie’s free training series + asking on Facebook who’s joining + blaming the economy… stop yourself before you wreck yourself. Thee’s a natural evolution to B-School. When in doubt, please reference illustration above.


If you’re considering B-School but still you have questions… send me an e-mail to mayicarles@gmail.com + I will tell you the truth.


If you’re joining B-School… check out our B-school bonus – Operation World Domination: A B-School Mastermind for Creators and Innovators. No, it’s not another “bundle” valued at one million dollars according to the Illuminati, but it does include the cute mug you see in today’s post. Click here to learn more + get ready, cuz your life + piggy bank are about to take off.


If you’ve been on maternity leave or on a Himalayan expedition for the past few weeks + don’t know what B-School is, but you have suspicions it’s either a cult or Disney’s new theme park… click here to find our more!



Mayi Carles