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Being Popular Sucks


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What’s up with being popular? It’s not like we’re still in High School. Or the playground. 


Want to succeed as an entrepreneur? You gotta get comfortable with being unpopular. Period.


Being unpopular doesn’t mean you’re an asshole or have to become one.


In today’s episode I want to share with you 3 character traits that wildly unpopular at large but niche famous brands have in common. Hit play to learn more.



To recap, being unpopular means:

  • You hate sheep
  • You love critics
  • You don’t have a backup plan. 


Whatever your perception of popular has been, it’s time to rethink it.


What are some of your favorite unpopular brands? The ones that might be vastly unpopular with a large demographic, yet are killing in with the right crowd.


Popular has been given its chance. Unpopular, our revolution has begun. Who’s with me?



Mayi Carles  

The Dark Side of Making A Living Online


Let’s talk about the dark side of making a living online.


By the way, I really wanted to post this on May the 4 be With You, but instead I made Sweet Potato Squash and Black Bean Enchiladas. In preparation for Cinco de Mayo, ya’ know? Which is totally not a Panamanian fiesta, but unless you’re the Avocado Police, who cares, right?


Today I wanna talk about one of the unexpected side effects of making a living using that great + big + free thing called The Internet. 


Click play to see why doing biz on the webs it ain’t always as shiny as it looks.



The internet is weird, isn’t it? But we love it anyways, don’t we?


What are some of the unexpected side effects from doing business online? The good. The bad. Whatever you want to share. I’ll take it 🙂



Mayi Carles  


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This Is How You Help Your Ideal Customer Find You


In today’s episode, you will learn what you REALLY need to know about your ideal customer. And no, it’s not her age, or the name of her puddle.


For a second, let’s just forget what the “business” books say. And while you’re at it, erase from your hard drive any “expert” advice from anyone who called themselves a “guru”. No one that calls themselves a “guru” IS a guru or should be taken seriously. The end.


I procede.


I will show you exactly how I personality use this method to help my ideal customer discover me, faster. This is how I help my people find me. This is how you can help your people find YOU.


You can spend all your money on ads. Or you could try my approach instead, for a change. It costs zero dollars. It’s highly lucrative. And as it turns out, it’s legal. Keep the change for a manicure will ya?



In the comments let me know ONE thing you can start doing RIGHT NOW that can make your brand more discoverable with the right folks.


In will provide feedback if you need some help with this one. It will be my absolute pleasure. 



Mayi Carles  


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8 Steps to Pick Up Your Slack (And Complete Your Project Already)



I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of person who would never leave a girlfriend waiting for me at a restaurant for our scheduled girl date, yet I tend to drop the ball on dates I book with myself all the time.


Can you relate?


Now, as the CEO of Mayi Carles Enterprise, I quickly learned I couldn’t just leave my projects hanging. I mean, I could. But no one’s gonna do the work for me. No ones gonna magically fill my vault with money. So I’ve learned a few tricks to keep my eye on the prize.


This is what I do to make sure I don’t bail on myself + finish my project already:



That’s how I pick up my slack when my perfectionistic tendencies are begging me to pause for “one last tweak”. Which we all know it’s really never only one last anything.


And that’s how you can drag yourself to the finish line.


And before you hyperventilate + tell me you couldn’t possible marry a deadline, you do know you can always improve things in second + third editions, right?


I rest my case.


Do this now:

  • Set reasonable time limits to complete projects.
  • Settle for as-good-as-can-be in the time available.
  • Launch before you’re ready.


In the comments let me know what you’re working on + when you’re gonna launch it.


You got this!



Mayi Carles  




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Done Is Better Than Perfect



I didn’t want to post anything this week. Had nothing to write about. Had nothing to say. I felt STUCK. Uninspired. Bored. Uncreative.


But I’ve been here before. This ain’t my first speed bump.


Life paralysis happens when I’m too afraid to put anything out in the world that could be imperfect. It’s all the ideas that I don’t pursue because of my deep fear of saying the wrong thing + sounding stupid + making people mad + failing + making mistakes + disappointing others + letting myself down.


It’s what happens when I mixup self-improvement with perfectionism. 


It’s what happens when I make things more complicated than what they really are.


Hola! My name is Mayi Carles + I’m a recovering perfectionist + an aspiring better than good enoughist.


I really hope this post, I mean showing up today, counts as therapy. Does it? Do I get a cookie?


Today’s video is a testament to getting things done to the best of our abilities. Done is better than perfect any day of the week. That’s my mantra after all. I’m also gonna show you a quick trick to get more done + tell Little Miss Perfect to talk to the hand.



You know what to do:

  • Uncomplicate your to do list.
  • Set yourself up to win.
  • Break down these la la land fantasies into actionable steps you can tackle. Hint: The first word should be a verb.
  • Show perfectionism who’s girl boss.
  • And do yourself a favor while you’re at it will ya’? Practice a lil’ self-compassion. You own it to yourself for striving to be your best.


Achievement is never the result of a single action, it’s the build-up of all of our dones.


In the comments, I wanna here ONE thing you did today. And I will celebrate it with you. By doing a dance of course.


Thanks for stopping by. I adore you.



Mayi Carles  




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