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Do Things That Don’t Scale

In a world where so much emphasis is put on stronger, faster, smarter, more, more, MORE, now, now, NOW, this is your permission slip to try something different. Something that’s not in your marketing bibles. Something that no guru is preaching.


In today’s episode I’m asking you to try something that doesn’t scale for a change.


Why? Cuz this new economy is rewarding art + innovation + guts like never before. It’s rewarding brilliant ideas executed with singular direction. And none of it is measured on the clock.


Taking your time doesn’t scale. But it feels right. So what if instead of pushing harder + outworking strangers on the internet you tried to take the risk of doing the emotional labor that matters?


Click play for more on this.



In the comments I would love to hear from you. Where are you taking the extra time? Going the extra mile? Sacrificing profit for an even greater form of currency – feeling awesome? I want to know.


As always, thanks so much for watching Mayi Video Time. I will see you on the next episode.



Mayi Carles

BONUS August Wallpapers

It’s time for another iconic wallpaper set. Oh yeah! Ladies + gentleman put your hands together for my favorite #girlboss of all time, my beloved Coco Chanel. There’s no better way to celebrate the start of a new month which coincidentally lands on a Monday. Don’t you LOVE IT when that happens?


Click the images below to download your BONUS August Wallpapers. Complements of da’ house of mess. You’re welcome.


Desktop Pic









May all your dreams come true this month + all your devices be totally pretty.





Mayi Carles



Illustrated by Mayi Carles
Hand-lettered by Random Olive
Photographed by Marcela Macias

How to Create Influence (And Keep It That Way)

These days, you can’t scroll through social media without bumping into an influencer who has more power to sell you a shirt than any ad on Vogue or premium real state billboard ever could.


This is the rise of a new media phenomenon: THE INFLUENCER. Cue music.


Today we’re talking about how to create influence online + how to keep it that way.


Click play to learn my top 5 tips for winning influence like a PRO.



What are some of your favorite influencers online + why? What are they doing right? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


Thanks for watching + sharing!


I’ll see you again pronto.



Mayi Carles

A Pep Talk: If You Tone it Down, Life Can’t Hear You

Curious why people gravitate towards #girlbosses like Marie Forleo + Hilary Rushford + April Bowles? I’ll tell you why. Cuz they’re not apologetic. They don’t ask permission. They erased “What will people think?” from their vocabulary.


There’s power in showing up loud + clear.


Of course, it ain’t always easy.


People will try to give you their unsolicited advise.


People will try to convince you to get a real job.


People will persuade you to blend in so others don’t ask too many questions.


Well. they will try, but if you give in something magical will be lost + all you will feel is emptiness.


I’m here to tell you: I know it’s hard. Takes cojones. Owning your voice is the bravest thing you’ll ever do.


But! It’s also the smartest. That voice coming from within that whispers all day long. THAT ONE, exactly, that’s your competitive advantage right there. Stop looking in marketing bibles + start looking inside.


Today’s video will help with that. Tons.


We’re talking about how to turn up the volume so everyone can hear you because you have something worth saying. And don’t tell me you’re shy. That’s not an excuse to play small!!! Yes, this is a pep talk.


Click play to learn more! (And watch some dorky dancing.)



If you only take one thing from this video, let is be this: Show up for your life in full color, loud + clear. If you tone it down, life can’t see you. If you tone it down, The Universe can’t hear you dear. And if it can’t hear you, how will it grant your wishes? The Universe is not a mind reader you know? Raise your hand. Speak up.


In the comments I would love to know ONE thing you can do today to show up louder + clearer in the world. If you could tweak one thing in the way you position + present + package your message, what would it be? We want to hear it so bad!!! Stop toning it down already!!!


Have a friend who’s playing small but you know deserves to play in the big leagues. Send them this video.


Thanks for watching + sharing!


I’ll see you again real soon.



Mayi Carles

The Most Important Page On Your Site (No It’s Not What You Think)

Can I drop a truth bomb on you without you getting all mad at me? Okay, here it goes: Prospect clients + new readers + the occasional dabbler that lands on your site, all these people, they don’t actually care about you.


It hurts your ego a little, doesn’t it? I know. Mine stings a bit too. That doesn’t make it less true though.


This crude reality is what sparked today’s episode.


In this video, I’m revealing the most important page on your website. The one that’s gonna hook visitors to your stuff + make them care about you + even buy from you. No! It’s not what you think.


Click play to learn more! (And watch some dorky dancing.)



Let’s recap, shall we? Here’s 3 reasons why you need a “Start Here” page:

  • A “Start Here” page gives your readers direction in an obvious way.
  • A “Start Here” page allows you to share your best content.
  • A “Start Here” page shifts the focus from you to them, your community


Think about it this way: When readers visit your about page they get a feeling that YOU are important. When readers visit your start here page they get the feeling that THEY are important. See the difference?


So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your “Start Here” page. Now! When it’s done, not when it’s perfect, but when it’s done, come back here + post a link to your “Start Here” page in the comment section, so we can all see it + give you feedback + a big cheer.


Thank you so much for watching + sharing!!!



Mayi Carles