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Paint Me A Picture


You can paint me a picture of a cat + a T-Rex high-fiving another T-Rex or a what about me, dressed up as a Minion? That would be fun, but it’s got nothing to do with today’s video.


Hit play to get the goods. Yeah, it’s another one of those crazy episodes.



your turn

The floor is open for comments + questions + rants with kindness + sugar-free cupcake recipes + of course, your painted picture of the future. Gimme details. I’m glued to my screen with the popcorn.



Mayi Carles


PS: Loved my necklace? My good friend + amazing artist Chabela Sicz made it for me. You can check her stuff out here. She’s from Argentina, so say HOLAAA!

13 Responses to Paint Me A Picture

  • Hey, my husband and your necklace are from Argentina! This is my favorite Friday video ever. Fly, fly little dream birdies! All the dreams need to be set free to fly in crazy upside down swirls and make nests in possibility trees in the Land of Make It So. Great reminder and great quotes. I LOVE Kafka. Muchos besos!

  • Hi Mari, as always I feel very happy after watching your videos. Thanks for them.
    I have the “what” question answered and I’m working with some friends to make it a reality… Sometime I feel that you are part of this process because there had been so many moments where you motivating lessons have helped me to feel and think clear about my next steps. Wish you all the best.

  • Katie says:

    Cute video! Unfortunately, my name is too generic and someone already owns the domain name, haha! But I do own my business’ domain name, and I see this business in my vision for the future. For the past year or so I have started building my event planning business online, and I know it will take me far!

  • claire stone says:

    My painted picture involves me being by the sea a lot, surfing REALLY well, and really spending good time outside. I totally see myself helping loads of people get their pooping power back and loving every minute!!!!

    A great video Mayi – always a great start to my friday!

  • Ok, Mayi you made my day. You are a such a happy person, and I totally agree with everything said.

  • milly says:

    I love your energy Mayi and I believe we can all help each other hold those dreams in mind and take joyful steps everyday!

  • My “What” is very grandiose. So much, it sometimes scares me. However, the everyday work toward it is sputtering along. But, you are a nice little prod every Friday. About the necklace, I don’t think I’d look good in it, but, you make everything look great! Thank you so much for your encouragement. Plus…I’m watching Bernard. Curious, but oh-la-la, I’m really something! ::o)

  • You are SO wonderful peque. Muaks! Apparently I told my mom “No soy un animal! Quiero tomar mi tiempito y mirar todo para acordarmelo despues”. To this day I’m still a snarky observant turtle with a mental filing cabinet. Funny how we already know who we are at that age! I may need to switch my google search though. There is probably a Fraggle Rock picture somewhere. Oopse! Start asking the Universe, ON iT CAPTAIN! Mission accepted -HUGS!

  • Hope Anita Smtih says:

    I am painting the canvas that is my creative life. And let me tell you, it ain’t easy. I can see the picture clear as a bell, but I’ve got this art critic inner voice telling me I’m wrong, it’s impossible, it’s not enough. So you can see how it can slow down the process. But. I’m an artist! And a pretty darn good one! So I’m going to put on some loud music, open up the windows and I am going to give my inner art critic the boot. Right out the window. I’ve got creative things to do and enterprising pictures to paint. And if somebody doesn’t like it (inner critics included) head on over to another museum. Maybe mine is not the one for you, but it most definitely is the one for me! Thank you, Mayi, for your energetic and uplifting videos. You are a gift.

  • What a great Friday video, Mari! Always uplifting! My daughter & I thoroughly enjoyed it! Like you, she doesn’t want to do what mommy does for a living when she grows up. Which is fine with me. I want her to live her dreams. As a momma, I want to do what I can to create an environment for her to grow and realize all of them.

    As for my dreams – spreading love and joy to the world, chica! Right now, I’m doing it with at home mompreneurs because they are gutsy and raising the next generation. Why not raise them from a place of love?

    You are awesome, Mari!

  • Melissa says:

    Love this as I have just been moving forward with my business by hitting those dreams of mine. My dreams are to have my business really take off so that one day if my daughters want to take it over they can. If they don’t at least all of my creations will have made me happy seeing my customers view the items in person and enjoying them for a very long time. The memories that they can enjoy just by looking at the items or using them!

  • LOVE it! I’ve spent the last 10 months painting a creative Taynia. I feel so blessed to be able to have taken ten months off from the corporate world to slowly unwrap the new me. And while I return to my “office” on Monday, I do so with new priorities and a new vision. Your quote by Mr. Napoleon Hill is beyond perfect.

  • Anesa says:

    I think your episode fits so well with the canvas I have been trying to paint in recent days. Couldn’t agree with you more Taynia. I actually ended my unwanted career, traveled for several months and returned to discover my vision and priorities for a while before returning to a day job. It resulted in a poem I would like to share for the first time:


    I have been dealt a creative past, most of the time I had to choose fast
    My creation used to dwell in captivity, my decisions lacked major creativity
    Today I emerge in a new now, I look at my life with a raised eyebrow
    Gracefully I return my career suit, I grab a paint brush for a creative pursuit
    The canvas is served, a white, empty plate, my hunger for thought becomes rather great
    No more denial, drama and distraction, excuses of no time or money only a reason for non-action
    The canvas awaits, it shines brightly, I hold on to the brush, hugging my fears tightly
    Is it my angst holding me back? Is it the control freak keeping me in check?
    Is it my angst of not being good enough? Is it the resistance making this so tough?
    Is it the self-sabotage keeping the progress away? Is it the self-delusion twisting my arm to stay?
    So I look the creator in the eye today, I tell the mirror to get out of my own way
    No more hiding under bed covers in tears, time to confront and overcome these paralyzing fears
    Time to release the fire burning deep inside, time to take back my will and paint a life with pride
    No more running from fear of judgment and rejection, time to define myself in utter satisfaction
    So scared of failure and success, so scared of achievement, this I must confess
    I return to my canvas followed by demons and doubts, courageously I start off with a few cute clouds
    From there I go on, with a sun, two kids and a dog, the hubby on my side, and my own travel blog
    The paint spills over to a loft in Berlin, my Bed & Breakfast in Portland runs a win win
    My website helps people face their own fear, my class teaches people how to make their dreams clear
    I am very mobile and the world is my home, my wisdoms carry weight and are as old as ancient Rome
    I am a learner by design, I am a teacher, I am divine, I am a mother, I am a friend, I’m in love til the end

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