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rule #1: play nice

Please, play nice. I like to keep it friendly + relevant around here. Any comments + questions deemed inappropriate + offensive + hurtful will be censored + put right in the trash bin where they belong. Be kind, we’re all doing our best effort here.


To follow this blog is to join me + an army of creative hearts in our quest to happiness. Thanks for being here + raising your hand + spilling open + making this such a wonderful community. I truly appreciate every comment left on heartmade. I read them daily + make an effort to respond always. Your participation makes me smile like Christmas morning.


rule #2: no spamming

The comment section is not an appropriate place to promote your blog + business + products. There is an appropriate place in the comment form to share your name + URL, which by the way I check all the time, but comments with extra links to your website or products are marked as spam by my spam filter.


rule #3: share with love

I love it when people enjoy my posts + share them with their friends on their site + via social networks. Makes me party like it’s my birthday. So feel free to quote me + discuss me + contradict me + love me. That’s all good. A little credit + active links would be nice too.


That being said, kindly note that articles + tutorials can’t be copied in their entirety. And printables + videos are created solely for heartmade for non-commercial, personal use only, so I please ask that you don’t reproduce these goodies without written permission.


For licensing + commercial inquiries please contact me directly at mayicarles@gmail.com. I’m friendly. For realz.


Oh + if you do say sweet things about me or heartmade (you know the kind that would make me giggle + do cart wheels?), please let me know so I can share it with my peeps + feature it on the love board.