Quarantine Present From Me To You!

Been thinking lots about you!

…and how this pandemic might be impacting your life.

It’s time like these we are forced back to basics… to nature. Suddenly big plans + resolutions + workout routines + social affairs + money goals + social media strategies + family vacations, all take a back seat and we can only think about ONE thing: How to keep those we love most safe.

What a true miracle it is to be alive in this planet, isn’t ?

In a split second my most valued form of currency ain’t money no more, but my health and having fresh juice in my fridge. And I can no longer take for granted the tiny little simple things like watching the tide come n’ go or how much better everything tastes when you add avocado on top. Not to mention how incredibly sexy it is to see my man host his first tele-conference from my studio and close a deal, virtually. So hot!

I actually feel so proud of everyone doing their part in all of this.

From the doctor who can’t stay home to be with family to the parent engineering all sorts of made up games to entertain the kids.

From the fitness instructor hosting a free LIVE workout to keep us sane to the relative sending funny memes and reminding us to stay positive.

From the supermarket delivery guy who looks like Bane from Batman to the local farmer bringing real food to our table. in times like these. I say AMEN.

And I felt empowered to do my part. Something. Anything that feels remotely helpful. So here I am, sending you this FREE coloring page as a reminder to #StayHome and keep your distance so when we reunite, nobody’s missing. Hope it brings joy to your home and gives you at least 25 minutes of peace.

Hope you enjoy my newest creation. Cause I think the world needs a bit unicorn magic, am I right?

Don’t forget to share your finished masterpiece with me by tagging me on Instagram at @mayicarles so I can see it and re-share it.

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