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Stop! (Free Printable Inside)


When I was little, my grandma used to tell us that if we went out swimming on Good Friday we would turn into mermaids. Just in case, I’ve always taken it easy these days leading to Easter. Wouldn’t want to accidentally turn into, I dunno, a video camera maybe.


But all silliness aside, this seasonal pause has me feeling a bit sentimental. And then mix that up with a pinch of PMS + you have yourself a recipe for La Vita è Bella-type sobbing. Hubby is a saint.


This may or may not make coherent sense.


In June of 2010 (holy smokes!) I began this online roller coaster ride as a way to spill open my hopes + fears + passions + epiphanies + worries + questions + all the beautiful mess in-between. I confess I’ve never really followed any treasure maps, instead I’ve relied on the purest life force I know, my inner compass, to propel me forward + pave the way.


With my gut as captain, I’ve sailed this ship away from the safe harbor, still amazed it’s managed to stay wreck-free. Bruised, yes, but never wrecked. Knock on wood.


Sounds epic? Should I write an auto-biography? Want my autograph? Should I change my name to Magic Carles? Nah! The truth is, I’ve spared myself + everyone who’s come along for the adventure an Armageddon only because I have granny as lighthouse + mom as life vest + hubby as fuel + the whole fam’ providing free claps, plus hors d’ouvres.


Bring it on turbulent waters, I don’t even need the infamous vomit bag. I have my peeps. Pow!


If Oprah calls though, I will need a lot of seats.


It’s one thing to dream, “Oh, wouldn’t it be so cool if…”. It’s another to see God + the Universe + Lucky Charms, heck call it whatever you want, manifest your wildest wishes right before your eyes. Faith is all you need.


Today I just wanted to say:


Have a little faith in you. In me. Open your arms wide to catch. Look up with big shiny eyes. Expect an avalanche of miracles. Boom! Turn off everything with an “On” button. Flip the faith switch instead. Activate it. Magic is always waiting to happen, if you only let it freaking be. Can you feel it?


I believe in you. But that’s not enough, you must learn to trust your deep breaths. One Mississippi. Two Mississippi. Three Mississippi. What do you hear when the noise is gone? When the party glasses are removed? When no one’s looking? When the world’s cynicism is washed out? When being cool is no longer important?


Use your new Easter Bookmark Notes to open up. Share your incoherently beautiful story.



Stop! See what happens when you do.



Mayi Carles

23 Responses to Stop! (Free Printable Inside)

  • Hah I also went to an all girls catholic school and ended up with issues with institutionalized religion. But Faith, faith is important, in any way it comes. It is something we need.
    I wish you a very happy Easter Magic Mayi. Oh and airplane sickness bags hold a special place in my heart (I still collect them), after all my now husband and I exchanged contact details in one of those. And I am expecting a miracle.
    I really hope the magic will work soon.

    • Mayi Carles says:

      YAYY! I wouldn’t have known that if I didn’t take a leap of faith + charged a glimpse inside my spiritual jimbalaya 🙂

      Wish you a magic today + week + Easter + infinite 🙂

  • Kim Gosney says:

    WOW, how sweet. I just love the bunnies + if I go swimming in my bathtub on Good Friday will I turn into a mermaid? Gee, I hope so! I really do! Enjoy your Easter.

    • Mayi Carles says:

      HAAA! I though you would like that hehehe. It’s totally true by the way. My granny really did say that for realz hehehe! 🙂

  • Tova Gold says:

    “What do you hear when the noise is gone? When the party glasses are removed? When no one’s looking? When the world’s cynicism is washed out? When being cool is no longer important?”
    I hear the sound of my purpose- as crazy and tremendous as it is. I hear it as it has landed in my soul- whole- and know that it is my purpose and duty to speak up and share it with the world. With women in pain. With women surrounded by women in pain so they can understand and be compassionate. And sequins. It is my job to fill the world with sequins.
    <3 this post Mayi.

  • Raquel says:

    So cute! I love them. Thanks!

    Here on Easter it’s never warm enough to find out if I would turn into a mermaid (snow, snow today!).

  • Love the whole insite mayi!! Very touching to see you open up on this. I too are guided by big big stars + issues with organized religion + think mean people turn into reincarnated gremlins. lol My abuelita was my lighthouse too!! Very proud of you. Muchos abrazos peque. The believe in magic is the right to achieve dreams. Love that perspective. Its amazing what accepting this does to ones life. Makes life sweeter!! 😀

  • Amberlee says:

    Love the bunnies! And the insights. Thank you for sharing.

  • Mariska says:

    And this is why I bought your ebook writing doodadthingy, thank you for reminding me that being open and honest and blatant about how flawed and ridiculous I am 🙂 is BRILLIANT and wondeful – and that THAT is just going to serve me well! Eek!

  • Roshini says:

    Just to let you know… you are not alone! I went to a Catholic School too and yes, I’ve ended up with big issues with institutionalised religion! I’m still on a journey to discovering what life is all about… but current evidence does suggest that the Universe has our backs 🙂 And lol @ hairy hands under the bed!

    Have a great Easter, LOVE your ultra cute artwork 😀 XXX

  • tabassum siddiqui says:

    These are so über cute, Mayi!!

    And thank you for being so honest. I really enjoyed reading this post and also knowing that there are more of us out there that want to go beyond the established ways of doing things, of thinking about things, and of being.

    I’m on that exploration too and it was scary at the beginning, but I knew the journey was necessary. I have also found out like you and many other commenting here that there is SOO much more out “there” and inside each and everyone of us that it would be ridiculous to stick to the status quo and miss out on ahh-mazing opportunities and experiences to be had.

  • Hey Mayi,

    Happy Easter!

    Thank you for the printables, lovely and the inspiration and faith in us as always. You always make me smile and have hope 🙂

    Easter hugs

    Jody @aphotoangel

  • Melissa says:

    I so needed this today Mayi. Thank you so much for all that you do, create and share.

  • Taynia says:

    I am heading to Panama in the near future. Most likely not until next year – it’s climbed up to #2 on my travel list. If I spot you, I am so asking for your autograph.

  • Lisa says:

    Adore, je’ adore you since I’ve discovered your blog, from..oh I dunno or remember where. The internets are a confusing bunch of bits that take you down deep rabbit holes where happily you can come across pretty little Alice’s like you….mostly. Sometimes you unearth lizards and barracudas, uck when that happens though. And thank goodness for the fairies that love pajamas and tuck sweet websites like yours into the nether of our pillows for us to find. That was the long version of the shorter version which is that I love your stuff!

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