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DIY Magic Wand





step by step

After gathering your materials…



Step 1: This is my favorite step! Paint dowel with glitter paint -you’re going to want 2-3 coats. If you’re in a rush -metallic paint only takes one coat. But you know that glitter is worth it.



Step 2: Glue a small ball of fluff around the tip of the dowel and hold till dried. This little ball is what holds the dowel in the star.



Step 3: To make the pocket of the star -snip the top tip off then use your needle and thread to start sewing on sequins to the pocket and back of the star.



Step 4: Stack the three stars together. Start stitching on the base of the star just over to the left of where the dowel will sit. I backstitched but a tight running stitch will work as well.



Step 5: Continue stitching all around, clockwise until you get to the 5th point of the star. Stuff a little of the fluff in each of the points -I use the point of my scissors to help guide the fluff. And no need to over fluff!. Finally stick the dowel in and stitch closed.



Step 6: Roll or fold the You’re A Star card (link to pdf) and insert in the pocket. A little bag of glitter, love note or a gift card would be a perfect match as well. You’re done and ready for magic!



Renae Bradley


Renae Bradley is the owner of Benzie and Benzie Bazaar – a shop filled with yards of beautiful Merino wool blend felt. When she isn’t packaging up Benzie rainbows she enjoys spreading fairy dust and good cheer to her two children; who still believe in Tooth Fairies and magic. Visit her blog or connect with Renae via facebook or twitter.

DIY Cake Stand


It’s been a while since my last DIY project. So I decided to make a grand come back with this DIY Cake Stand tutorial, which I literally use every time I have a cupcake party. That’s why I secretly call it the DIY Cupcake Stand tutorial.


It literally cost me $3 to make + it looks so pretty + decorative.



Wanna make it? Piece of cake (pun intended). All you need is:



step by step

After gathering all the materials…



Step 1: Eliminate the top part of the candelabrum. You won’t be needing that part.



Step 2: Glue the top part of the candelabrum + attach the plastic plate perfectly in the center for balance.



Step 3: In a safe outdoors location, spray paint the entire project for an even finish. Now, don’t come too close with the spray paint or else the paint will drip. I recommend to spray 1 meter or so away from the project.


Step 4: Let it dry for 30 minutes.



Step 5: Flip project + re-paint to cover every little corner.


Step 6: Let dry for 30 minutes.


Step 7: Repeat spray painting process until the surface of the cake stand looks uniform + well coated.


safety tip

When taking out your cake stand creation for a spin, I recomend, for safety, to never place food directly on the surface. You can use dollies or keep your cupcakes in their paper cups like seen below.


decorative tip

If you want to wow your guest at your next party, I suggest making these with different candelabrum shapes + heights + diverse paint colors. The result is a symphony of cake stand heaven. I pinky promise. Give it a try.



What do you think? You can definitively try this at home right? I thought so too!


Let me know how it goes. Bonus points for sending me pictures. I love pictures.



Mayi Carles

DIY Wrapped Hanger


My abuelita Mery created the world’s best yarn knitted hangers. How could she not, she made em’ day + night for the entire family. I swear she could hold a Guinness record for speed + amount made in a lifetime. She was fierce.


Mine were pink, to match my ballerina room of course. I loved them then. I love them even more now.


Oh yeah, I still got my bubblegum pink hangers, here, featuring my favorite pieces, cuz they make my clothes look pretty, but even better that that, my spaghetti straps never fall + my sleeved dresses never widen. It’s a granny’s wardrobe secret that I’m spilling today. That’s what happens when you’re a good apprentice (wink).


These DIY Wrapped Hangers are a modern spin to my all time favorite version, because the originals cannot be beat. They are perfect for every closet. Perfect for all clothes types. Even David wants them + I know you will too. So, go grab your supplies cuz it’s crafty playtime.


step by step

First let’s start with the knitted hanger.



Materials for the hanger:

  • 2 hangers
  • Yarn of choice
  • Scissors
  • Wood spools (from Olive Manna)



Step 1: Fill your wood spool with some delicious yard to make the wrapping process super easy.



Step 2: Stack two hangers together for extra thickness + durability.



Step 3: Wrap the entire hanger surface with the above knitting technique.



Step 4: When wrapping, make sure to close the gaps between each loop, like shown above.



Step 5: Voila. Hanger is ready.


Now, for the cherry on top of the cake, let’s add the oh so cute pinwheels.



Materials for the pinwheel:

  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • 2 contrasting felt colors (from Benzie Bazaar)
  • Silicon glue
  • Needle
  • Matching thread



Easy breeze, right? If the visuals didn’t suffice + you would like the how-to instructions, you can find them in this pinwheel tutorial I did a little bit ago.



Oh my! just posting this makes me so tremendously nostalgic, but immensely grateful to have the opportunity to share a little piece of my grandma’s spirit with you.


I hope you enjoyed it big time!



Mayi Carles

DIY Two Finger Knitted Bracelet


A little while back I fell in love with this DIY Jersey Knit Bracelet tutorial by Vanessa Christenson from V and Co. + I knew I had to give it a shot sometime. I thought it was the perfect way to recycle my old t-shirts + style my beachy attires. Just lovely.


Vanessa was a total sweetheart when I contacted her about my craft crush + even allowed me to borrow her idea to showcase it on my DIY TV segment on Tu Mañana. So very cool.


And so I made a DIY Two Finger Knitted Bracelet. Wanna see?




Here’s what you’ll need:



step by step

Watch the video featured at top to see the step by step guide to making your very own Two Finger Knitted Bracelt.


Once you master the two finger version be sure to hop on to Vanessa’s DIY Jersey Knit Bracelet page to upgrade to three fingers + then four. Talk about a crafty challenge!


Your fingeres will surely appreciate the break from typing.



I’m absolutely thrilled I was able to introduce my Panamanian crowd to the oh so talented handmade community I belong to. Thanks for the inspiration Vanessa, you rock!


For more DIY inspiration, you’re gonna wanna check out the Tutorial Gallery. There’s a creative bonanza going on in there.



Mayi Carles

DIY Recycle-Your-Old-Zine Photo Frame


A couple of weeks ago I published this eco-friendly DIY Recycle-Your-Fave-Zine Necklace tutorial. That’s when I discovered that rolling magazine tubes with silicon glue is the best keep secret to release stress + decompress. Who knew!


As it turns out, I got so carried away putting my outdated magazines to good use that the idea for an alternate crafty project seemed only fair. That’s how this DIY Recycle-Your-Old-Zines Photo Frame was born.


Isn’t it pretty? And it comes perfectly handy now that David + I are decorating our new home sweet home. I promise to show pictures once everything is ready or at least decent.


The good news is that you can do it too + today I’m going to show you exactly how.


This is all you’ll need…



step by step

After you gather your materials…



Step 1: Strip down into small parts, using your hands, your old magazine. Sorry Ready Made Magazine, we had our good moments, but I gotta let you go.



Step 2: Roll away each paper strip + add silicon glue to the tip to keep in place.



Step 3: Continue rolling all your magazine stripes. Be alerted, things will get sticky.



Step 4: With the hot glue gun, cover the entire photo frame surface with magazine tubes.



Step 5: For that raw look, leave the edges untrimmed + asymmetric.



Step 6: You’re finished. Yayy!


It’s so easy + practical, I’m scared I might be tempted to cover the whole house with recycled magazines tubes. I wonder what David will think about that, LOL.


Let me know how it goes on your end. You know me, I love it when you create things with love.



Ohh + if you have any questions about this tutorial or need further details about how things were made, please feel free to contact me. I’m always available to help.



Mayi Carles