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My Secret To Crushing My Weekly To-Do List

My-Secret To Productivity


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It’s not uncommon for us entrepreneurs to wear multiple hats + juggle many different roles at once. No wonder that by the time Friday comes along, half of our to-dos are incompletes.


Feel like there are not enough hours in the day? I hear ya’.


If you’re looking for a clever way to make the most efficient use of the time you’ve been given, you’re in for a treat.


Today I’m going to share with you my secret to crushing my weekly to do list. No it’s not working while Olivia naps, that’s not a secret. Every mommy in the galaxy knows that one. I’ve got a sneaker trick to beat time.


What is it? What is it? Click play to find out!



Batching. The new frontier.


Look at your weekly planner. If you have a number of small tasks, group them together + block time to conquer them all at once.


What you can start batching right now to make better use of your time? Tell me, in the comments.


It’s time to crush your to-do list like a girl boss.


Thanks for watching.



Mayi Carles 


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Confessions of a Tiny Panamanian Artist With a T-Rex Heart



This is totally embarrasing you guys. I don’t know how April (my business bestie) convinced me to do this. 


Watch my confessional video before I change my mind about sharing it publicly + delete it forever.



Now it’s your turn to make a confession. Spill open in the comments. Bonus point if you feel like a loser for sharing. That means it’s probably a good one. 


And I promise I won’t think you’re a loser. I mean, did you see me dancing in my onesie?


Thanks for sharing. Love you even more when you do.



Mayi Carles 


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6 Tricks to Make Your Pricing a Non Issue

6 Tricks Pricing


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As a full time artist, I’m a big advocate of charging what you’re worth. NO! not swapping work for exposure. I mean trading work for money honey.


This isn’t a cute hobby folks, it’s how I pay for groceries (and cute shoes).


But I know putting a price tag on your work is scary. What will people think? That I’m full of myself? Will I turn them off? Will they go to Walmart instead?


Today I’m going to give you 6 things you should do that will make your price a non-issue.


To recap what I talked about in the video:

  • Define your ideal client’s problem
  • Show the solution
  • Focus on the results
  • Make a clear offer
  • Add testaments to your awesomeness
  • Remove risk   

Do these 6 steps + see how price becomes irrelevant.


Thanks for watching.


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Mayi Carles 


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I Hate To Break It To Ya’, But… Your Business Model Sucks!!!

To recap what I talked about in the video:

  • Your business model sucks.
  • But! You don’t. Phew!
  • There’s hope.
  • My partner in crime April Bowles + I are hosting a webinar, but more like a party-nar.
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Now, you might be asking, “Is this another one of those free webinars in which you learn nothing new + then get pitched to at the end?”


We haaaaaaate those webinars, too. Yuck!


We pinky promise this will be different. We do have an amazing surprise for you at the end of the call, but regardless of whether you take us up on it, you’re going to walk away with epiphanies, million dollar ideas, and a winning business plan that you feel proud of.


This is our promise to you, because seeing you make it is the greatest gift of all.


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Hope to see you there.


Mayi Carles 




I Don’t Like Picking A World Of The Year, But If I Must, This Would Be It

Word of the year


Did you get brain washed into picking a word of the year?


Spoiler alert: I did.


I mean, I see the charm of setting a self-fulfilling prophecy word, the kind of theme word to help set goals + intentions for the upcoming twelve months. I get why people everywhere go Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs for this ritual. 


The part I can’t wrap my finger around is the practical aspect of this. How the hell do people pick ONE, just ONE word? Really? Is that even possible? Who can make that kind of long-game commitment? My respects to them. Seriously.


I’ve never been able to make that kind futuristic declaration, until I pretended this was a life n’ death reality show where my survival depended on an answer. And then, the word magically descended from the heavens. Amen!


If you’re curious to know which word I picked, play the video!



If you had to pick a world of the year, what would be it?


As always, thanks for watching + helping me spread the word.


Talk to you soon.


Mayi Carles


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