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The Art of Perfect Timing


This week I’m hanging out in the hot seat + disclosing my biggest frustration. Yikes!


To be quite honest, no, it isn’t much fun. I promise I don’t secretly find pleasure in sharing my hurtles publicly. Marie Forleo is actually the one to blame. I had to go through this brutal exercise for her RHH LIVE Contest entry video. It was painful.


And then I found out I didn’t win. Double ouch.


And right when I was about to throw myself a sad party with uninflected helium balloons + unfrosted cupcakes, the “ah-ha” light bulb moment occurred. There was the answer to my troubles, right in front of me. I even heard the angelical melodies in the background. It was heavenly.


Funny how timing works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it?


Well, what are you waiting for? Hit play to see what all this crazy talk is all about.


Oh + make sure to watch till the end to see what I had for breakfast.


I really hope you enjoy today’s Friday Video Time episode + you find it valuable.


Be sure to share your feedback in the comments. You know I live for your stories + insights. They are really my favorite part about Fridays.



Mayi Carles


PS: I understand how stressful + overwhelming it can be to face your struggles all by yourself. If you need someone to talk, I’m here. Click here to learn more.

14 Responses to The Art of Perfect Timing

  • Alicia says:

    he he he! the last time I had wheatgrass, I thought it tasted the way the lawn would – fresh and green! 🙂

    momentum, so true — thanks for another inspiring Friday!

  • lisa @thebeadgirl says:

    3 it! you go girl. thanks for the inspiration!

  • Jessika says:

    I love this analogy Mayi! The concept of letting an idea or plan ripen & build momentum + harvesting it at the perfect time is such a powerful one. You don’t want to force it too early or wait too long, it’s a tricky balancing act! Thank you for this great start to my weekend-now back to party planning for Ila: )

  • jackie rueda says:

    Mayi, tu me haces feliz.

  • Carla says:

    Dear Mrs. Larrinaga 😉

    Thanks for the great video/pep talk, last time I decided to get into action I was debating in my head.. Is it ready? should I wait until my crazy perfectionist side thinks it’s “perfect” blahblahblah..

    Then I focused a little bit on other questions like: am I ready now? if not, what do I need to work on to make myself or what I’m working on “ready” and to start working on those things asap!

    p.s. I’m super curious wondering what wheat grass tastes like..

  • Annie says:

    Mayi, I love Fridays ! Why ? I get to see your creative ideas and your passion!
    You have this ENERGY! So WHEATGRASS (YUCK!!!). BUT im going to give it a try!

  • Apolline says:

    I was looking forward to your Friday video time for motivation 🙂 I feel my creative process does take for ever, I find it hard to manage my time between day job + kid + building a creative business. I already use your planners, but i think i’ll have to talk to you someday!

  • mayicarles says:

    Alicia: Oh yes yes yes. I taste like grass alright. When I walk to the park + smell the grass being cut + even get a little nauseus thinking about my breakfast hehehe.

    Lisa: You are very welcome my dear. Loved seeing you here!

    Jessika: I knew you would like it sweetie. After I posted it, I was like ohhh a continuation of this timing + seeding theme would be PERFECT for a heartweed article 🙂 You did get my reply to my correspondand acceptance didn’t you?

    Jackie Rueda: Y tu visita me hace aun MAS feliz 🙂

    Carla: Hey Carlita! Oh yeah I hear ya’ about the perfectionist battle. It’s craziness + so exhausting, isn’t it? But I’m super glad to hear you are doing your best to work through it + not let it paralyze you.

    Ohh + wheatgrass. It taste like grass. Literally.

    Annie: I think it’s yucky too, but when you star glowing you forget how it taste like. Pinky promise! Right after I drink it + have a small shot of freshly squeezed pineapple juice + it gets ride of the yucky sensation immediately too. You can try that + see if it makes it better 🙂

    Apolline: Awwww I would LOVE to talk to you some day too Apolline + do some deep work together. That would be sweet. Let me know when you’re ready!

  • natalie g says:

    i’ve had a few “a-ha!” moments too, where i’ve realized that a certain way of working and managing my time that has worked in the past (like group projects in college) can help me now, if i just give myself deadlines and deliverables.

    also, do you ever eat wheatgrass unjuiced? i was advised it tastes pretty good added to a salad…

  • lakshmi says:

    Its so true. Strike when the rod is hot or something like that ! Its important to build on the momentum..Without momentum, there is no consistency , and with no consistency there is no result.
    I’ll have to try wheatgrass sometime .. never tried it.

  • linda says:

    What a relevation… I suppose we have to find that perfect timing. I find more often than not, ideas fizzle out from too much hesitation. If I do something immediately, even if it’s not perfect…I tend to follow-up and build on it more.

    BTW, I wish I could make myself drink wheat grass… bleghh 😛

  • mayicarles says:

    Natalie G: Deadlines. That’s a great component, often overlooked when planning for projects. Thanks for your contribution sweetie. Ohh + I like my wheatgrass juiced for the therapeutic benefits. The other way I would have to chew too much grass to get the same kick, know what I mean?

    Lakshmi: Ohhh yessss! Momentum baby! Do you know any places that have it freshly squeezed?

    Linda: I love this: “…ideas fizzle out from too much hesitation.” So SO SO true. I need to act immediately even if just taking baby steps. If I don’t the project dies. It’s incredible!

  • francesca says:

    Hi Mayi! It’s great to see your video before start my work day!!thank’s so much!have a shiny day;)

  • Megan Tucker says:

    Wheatgrass! so thats where you get all your boundless energy from! thanks for the video mayi, you inspire me and make me smile 😀

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