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Clock Is Ticking. Tic Toc!


Hella resolution troopers in da house! Who cares it’s not January, right?


We’re always on the freaking go. Bom bom bom. Show us the arrow that points to the summit. We’re there. In a heart beat. I love that about you. Have I ever told you that?


So hey, you. Over achiever. Yeah, I know that your middle name. We wear it proudly. Today I’ve got a little kick-in-the-tutu printable for ya’. Yes, hand-illustrated by my 10 little fingers + designed to help you break down your intergalactic dreams into manageable chunks you can actually check-off.


Years of climbing + dancing with or without a tutu have thought me that nothings works better than checklists to move from the “look there’s a squirrel stage” to “action bad-ass gear”.


With checklists you can stay focused + set priorities + forget nothing + turbo charge your productivity. I’m a huge fan. Can you tell? But there’s an art to list making. Like Kung Fu, but not exactly.


Long checklists can never be finished. Period.


Short lists, on the flip side, are realistic + give you superpowers + make you feel amazeballs. There’s an enormous psychological boost in getting stuff done + cruising thought your to-do items, specially when you mark off the things that matter most to you + make the most difference.


So, what on your short checklist Pinky?



Mayi Carles

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