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The Declaration of Enthusiasm


Enthusiam. En·thu·si·asm (n-thz-zm)


  1. Great excitement for or interest in a subject or cause.
  2. The realization that it’s, in fact, Friday Video Time.
  3. ALL CAPS + exclamation points in your sentences!!!
  4. The feeling you experience from pealing that thin plastic film off new electronics.
  5. What you need to make one of these videos, every week.


Warning: These definitions may or may not come from an official source. But hey! you’re still here, instead that Wikepedia-ing their validity, which proves my point: No one has time for boring anymore.


So how do we unlearn to be boring? How do we un-school ourselves from years of “Don’t make that sound!” + “Elbows underneath the table!” + “Paint goes inside the lines!”?


The Anatomy of Enthusiam will surely be the title of my first New York Times Best Seller but in the meantime let’s work on the opening act, shall we? Let’s heart-storm some clues as to where enthusiasm comes from + how you can use it to avenge the trolls that get in the way of our metaphorical Mario Bros. Princess.


My unwritten masterpiece with no agent or book deal might take a while, so if I were you I would hit play to get the advanced sneak preview. If anything… I promise it won’t make you yawn.



answer this

What things are you enthusiastic about, but feel are “silly” or “wrong” to be excited by because you’re an adult? I want to turn the comments of this post into a personal declarations of enthusiasm. With your help. Don’t be shy I get VERY VERY excited about getting the perfect Lucky charms to ratio.



Mayi Carles


22 Responses to The Declaration of Enthusiasm

  • Kim says:

    Mayi if I have to be really honest with myself. I’m really enthusiastic over brand new bottles of glitter glue. There, I said it. Shouting it from the rooftops with my head held high. I’m an adult that loves glitter glue, cupcake sprinkles, eating flaked coconut out of the bag + a whole lot of crazy, fun, fluffy stuff.

    All day long I was waiting + waiting to catch a glimpse of FVT refreshing the page wondering where in the world is FVT – only to realize it was Wednesday. I’m so happy it’s the right day of the week.

    • Mayi Carles says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHA I’m so happy FVT made the enthusiasm cut hehehe.

      Viva for cupcakes + glitter + coconut flakes. I just put some on hubby’s pancakes 🙂

  • haroulla says:

    I love eating peanut butter straight out the tub with a spoon. I always get funny looks and my fiance says ‘I can just picture our kids doing the same!’

    Swings – what an awesome feeling! I can see myself going to the park just for those swings when I’m 102!

    and I love hello kitty. a lot. a lot a lot.

    • Mayi Carles says:

      Deliciousssss! I made my own almond butter yesterday + I think I will be eating it out of the tub as well hehehehehe!

      Oh + have you seen that Coca Cola commercial where they randomly hang swings? It’s soooo much fun.

  • HeatherLeigh says:

    I love just walking! sounds nuts but i love walking through grassy areas, neighborhoods, the beach – any where outdoors. and every once in a while i may skip for a bit 🙂

    • Mayi Carles says:

      It’s nuts + it’s AWESOMEEEEE! My dad is a walker. He just goes goes goes. I’ve grown to understand how special it is. Thanks for sharing darling.

  • Joana says:

    Hi Mayi! I remember when I first went to Disneyland and I had that feeling. I waved at all te princesses at the parade, and hugged every character I’d see. It was beautiful! Part of me was feeling so silly, but I loved acting like a child. And I still do. At work I sometimes get up and dance to the music on the radio, tell jokes and laugh out loud like I would at school. I try not to loose touch of my inner child, it’s so important! 🙂
    Thank you for reminding me of that!

    • Mayi Carles says:

      Joana I would love to see those office dance floor performances of yours. Keep that 5 year old inside alive! It keeps the grown women living a life worth living 🙂

  • Rachael says:

    I’m enthusiastic over the brand new hula hoop I just got for my birthday. Sure I just turned 27 but I’m still 10 at heart 🙂

  • Mayi! beyond getting excited to watch your videos to perk up fridays and being a total exclamation point junkie i love love love: vegan treats and ice cream sundaes, vintage glasses, and japanese fabric, flowers and veggies in my garden, good waves, traveling, and sparking senses of wonder!

    • Stephanie says:

      I love ogling the pastels and oil sticks in art stores. Pure condensed pigment gets me excited. I also love love love all the fancy tapes they have in design/art stores. So many sizes and patterns and colors. And of course, fresh flowers at home!

  • Brandi says:

    I get jumping out my chair about fiber and yarn to play with. Dyeing different colors or creating a new texture. I get excited about watching my fiber animal rescues get comfortable enough to jump for joy in their new home. Nothing will bring a smile to my face faster.

  • Cathy says:

    I love to put on rainy boots and play under de rain/ pond/ sprinkler with my little boy , it’s like being 4 years old and people think it’s silly, but i feel free when i can do it, i also enjoyed a lot Disneyland as the other girl says, hug Minnie Mouse was one of the best experiences in my life

  • Jacolien says:

    I believe being ethousiastic about something is one of my biggest talents.
    I get excited about so so many things. Cute paper, stationary, washi tape, pretty much about every DIY I see on Pinterest, all colors of the rainbow (in paper, yarn, clothing, paint, … everything), music, making music and feel shivers down your spine from it, learning new crochet, knitting or craft techniques, nail polish and what not.
    Probably there are a lot of people who recognise the above.
    So here it comes, here’s my silly declaration of enthousiasm: I get enthousiastic about school. Yep. After working a day job for over the past two year, this summer I’m going back to school. To study what I’ve wanted to do for so long, it’s really a dream that I’ll be fulfilling.
    There you go, I’m a bit ashamed, but I’m proud to say that it’s my dream to do this and at least try it. And I’ll probably succes, because being motivation gets you a long way, right?
    But let’s be honest, going back to school will be accompanied with some heavily fab stationary, papers, pencils, post-it’s, bags and all. 🙂

  • Traveling wigh my hubby & 4 year old son… We all get very enthusiastic when packing our bags and checking the maps for our next destination. My personal favorite is taking tons of photos, about everything… then later in the day, while resting with my laptop, I enjoying the hours of editing them all to make our electronic movie… we LOVE sitting in bed watching the photos remembering and smiling. ..Our Personal favorite tradition. My family-my treasure! !

  • Katie says:

    I get enthusiastic over new notebooks and journals. Seeing a fresh piece of paper in front of me holds so many possibilities, be it for writing poetry, short stories, or writing ideas for a new business venture!

  • Jess says:

    I get ultra excited when I buy a new purse, when I see 80 year old couples holding hands, when I open the cracker jack box or cereal box to see what toy came inside.. New vegan recipes …. Cute animals… When my mail with all my orders arrive and when I find a new healthy option at the supermarket! I also overjoy over any item with a bow on it and that has sparkle! I can’t walk into G DE P without an oxygen tank and well….. I love vegan brownies 🙂

  • Sage Grayson says:

    I’m enthusiastic about Sharpie pens, Hurraw lip balm, and new magazines in the mailbox. Let’s celebrate the little pleasures! 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      Sage, if sharpies get you excited then you MUST check out Mr.Sketch smelly markers. Each color has a flavored smell and it always gets me super excited to take the cap off and take a big whiff before I use them. You’ll get a high from them, but the right kind…happy!

  • Lisa says:

    Enthusiasm is one of my core desired feelings via ‘The Desire Map’ by Danielle LaPorte. So this was super fun for me to watch.
    Top 5 because seriously I could do like top 500 if I had room.
    1. Making lists. Ha, that is why 500 would make me so enthusiastic
    2. Offering my girls empowerment parties. When we dance my heart sings and I LOVE doing these parties.
    3. A sunny day rocking the lake on my roller blades with my i phone blaring a spotify playlist. I imagine people passing me up and hearing the awesome songs playing off my phone which is why I don’t use head phones.
    4. Getting ready to fight in the ring. Training for an upcoming competition always gets me revved up.
    5. Watching other people get excited and enthused about what they are offering. The BIGGEST reason I love heartmade blog SO much.

  • Sheila says:

    I love, love, love, shopping at IKEA. I love all the boxes and shelves and organizers. Of course, if I get a new box for stuff, then I need to go to the art store to get more “stuff” to put in the box! I know I am not the only IKEA geek, because it is so hard to find parking there! And my good friend loves to go just as much as I do. We make it an event! Mayi your video rocked, but hey…. I want a party whistle too! Thanks Mayi!

  • Kerry says:

    Love this! You are so much fun, Mayi! I get enthusiastic about bike rides, swimming with my boys and mud obstacles courses! All new things since I moved to Arizona!

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