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The Soap + The Tooth + The Box: The Chronicles of Mayi


There is nothing “based on a true story” about today’s adventure.


There are no lions + tigers + bears in this tale.


No panda’s that Kung Fu.


No krakens or fountains of youth.


No wardrobes either. Unfortunately. Would have been nice to have one filled with Anthropologie dresses. I guess those are only available for Hollywood + friends. Until then, these are the “for realz chronicles” of… well, me + myself + I.


What? It’s my blog! Like, the only place where I’m kind of a big deal ya’ know.


Medium deal? Coooome on…!!! I did survive em’. The chronicles I mean. I think I deserve a little confidence boosting spotlight after all my ego had to endure.


And a Nutella cookie (jar).


Your journey lies after the play.


Viewer discretion advised.



The official “The End happens after you come say hi in the comments ;)



Mayi Carles

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