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Tofu + Berries Mousse


Good morning lovely people!


I am so, so happy to be here with you today! It’s such an honor to be guest posting in Mayi’s adorable blog. I have such a great admiration for Mayi, both as a person, as an artist, as a mentor, and as a business woman that, when she contacted me for this guest post , I started jumping up and down with joy.


I hope that you will like the recipe that I’ve brought you today. It’s easy, healthy, and tasty, it takes only 3 ingredients and you can do it in a whim. I find it ideal for the summer, because who wants to spend ages baking and preparing complicated dishes when there are friends to talk to, swimming pools calling our names, or children to take care of? And who wants to eat loads of sugary treats when there are bikinis to wear? No one, right?



Still, we all crave something sweet sometimes, and I think this mousse may be just the right dessert for those occasions. Why? Because it takes no sugar (only honey, or agave if you are vegan), it uses no dairy at all ( that’s right: no cream, no butter, no milk, no yogurt), and it takes no eggs either (it’s true). And the best part of all? You don’t need an expensive stand mixer to make it: a food processor or blender will do. Interested? Curious, at least? Here’s the recipe:



Serves 4

  • 300 grs mixed berries (I used froze berries)
  • 300 grs silken tofu
  • ½ cup honey or agave




Put all ingredients in a food processor or blender and process or blend until smooth.


Put in ice cream cups or mini bowls and keep in the refrigerator. Garnish with extra berries.


That’s it. Seriously, that’s all. I told you it was easy, didn’t I?



Now, would you like to convert this mousse into a delicious ice cream with only one ingredient more, and without needing to add even a teaspoon of sugar? If you do, come visit my website and I’ll tell you exactly how to do it! (and you on’t even need an ice cream maker, I promise!)


May you have a lovely weekend, full of sunshine and flowers in bloom!


Thank you so much for reading my words!


Marcela Macias de Hadzimehmedi

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