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Top 10 Lessons Learned from Mario Bros.


When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Mario Bros. Played it day + night + couldn’t get enough. Within those hours upon hours of virtual adventures I figured there must have been a couple of hidden life lessons.


I remember telling my parents that it was all for the sake of building my hand-eye coordination skills. They didn’t buy it!


So today, as my duty to society, I’m sharing the valuable lessons that I’ve learned that would have come extremely handy during my teens.


top 10 sum up

1. Don’t be afraid to bang your head against brick walls. Sometimes treasures come out.

2. The higher you jump on the flagpole the bigger the bonus you receive.

3. Walk on clouds.

4. Why now wear the same outfit every day?

5. If you’re stuck, call up your video game guru little brother.

6. If at first you don’t succeed, you’ve got 2 more lives to go.

7. You’ve got to confront those monsters if you want to pass to the other level.

8. Take the road less traveled. It might result in finding a treasure.

9. Hiding in tunnels to recharge is not always bad.

10. It’s all for the princess.



Found this fun + useful, pass it on! I love sharing.



Mayi Carles

25 Responses to Top 10 Lessons Learned from Mario Bros.

  • Kathy says:

    OMG! Is this a case of “Great Minds Think Alike”? I play Mario all the time (well, not ALL the time) with my 5 year old niece and have “Lessons I Learned From Super Mario Brothers” on my idea list for a future blog post. I almost fell off my seat when I read the subject of your e-mail. When I DO get around to writing my post, I will call it Ten More Lessons Learned From Super Mario Brothers and link to your post…if that is okay with you! Oddly enough, none of my “lessons” were the same as yours! Mario’s got a lot to teach, apparently!

  • mayicarles says:

    Kathy: LOL I’m soooooo curious now! I can’t wait to read your blog post. Be my guess in always linking back here. I love sharing 🙂

    Soooo nice to see another fellow Mario Bros. addict hehehe.

  • Anca says:

    I just love your videos! You have such a wonderful energy..it just puts me in a good mood! 😀
    Loved today’s post..very useful and so true!

  • gabbie says:

    Awesome idea 😀

  • Kim says:

    And to think some people say video games corrupt us! It makes me want to skip work and play video games all day, but I’ll probably end up sitting at work thinking of all the life lessons other video games teach us 😛

  • Kristi Duggins says:

    Cute cute cute! Great tips. I’ve never been a video game person, but it all madde sense anyh00!

  • Monica Martin says:

    LOVED this! What a great list, mujer!

  • Kristal says:

    OMG I love this video Mayi! I was obsessed with Mario Bros too! Actually, we recently re-bought the original mario + nintendo and introduced it to our kids. We brought it on vaca last year and I ended up playing the whole game beginning to end, I couldn’t put it down! he he LOVE the life lessons you shared, awesome tips! Thanks for all your inspiration! 🙂

  • Constança says:

    Fantastic video, Mayi! Nowadays I’m always wishing for Fridays to arrive so I can watch your videos, can you believe it?

    I remember a Summer when my little brother and I were always playing Mario Bros. during the hottest hours of the day and I can’t believe you’ve drawn so many great lessons from that game! You rock! 🙂

  • mayicarles says:

    Anca: It puts me in such a good mood to know you love my videos + that you’re here with me. The biggest hug to you!

  • mayicarles says:

    Kim: LOL I knowwwwwwwwwww! What’s up with so people? LOL!

  • mayicarles says:

    Kristi: Ohhhhh no I have got to teach you at least how to play Mario Karts. I bet I can get you hooked in 5 minutes hehehehe!

  • mayicarles says:

    Monica Martin: Gracias mujer hehehehe. Feliz de verte aqui!

  • mayicarles says:

    Kristal: OMG OMG OMG the same thing happened to me!!!! OMG. I bought all my fave video games (Street Fighter included LOL) + I couldn’t put them down LOL. I bet that when I have kids I’ll do the same thing. Who know by the time they’re born videos will be in 6D. I actually loved them when they were 2D too 🙂

  • mayicarles says:

    Constança: I can’t wait for Friday’s either. I wake up itching to post LOL. So soooo happy it’s not only me 🙂

    Mario was such a big part of my childhood + teens, so I couldn’t resist. I always try to find lessons in the things that make me the happiest, specially when no direct value is seen 🙂

  • lakshmi says:

    I have no idea about this video game. I was never into games much . But, I love the tips you’ve shared. I think my favorites are No 6, 8 and 10 . You know why 🙂

  • Lisa says:


  • Cristina says:

    Hey Mayi, thanks for the funny but brilliant insights. You inspired me to look for wisdom in my old time favorite computer game, Heroes of Might and Magic!
    – your troops are stronger if they stay together/united;
    – most of the times winning a battle doesn’t depend on the might of your army but of how skilled you are;
    – the option ‘automatic combat’ is the handiest but not the best way to play. 🙂

  • jet says:

    like your lessons , you’re right we always wants to use our allready pavement tricks on our projects ways;-D
    thats why i like this sharing , because we can help each other to encourage to make different choices and steps and other methodes to work.
    hey have a great weekend;-D

  • Shelita says:

    Love, love your video! What a clever what to inspire us once again!! Your the best!

  • Angela says:

    “…in the moments where the lights go off you’ll never lose sight of that light…” Wow, Mayi! You’ve almost made me cry with this one! That idea is so touching! all of these 10 lessons are so clever and true. I really love your perspective!
    I especially follow the No8 although for others may be wrong sometimes. My motto is “Go with the flow” because you never know where it will lead you and you may end up to places that you have never dreamed of, just because you are “stuck with YOUR plan”.
    For once more you’ve managed to get me to think a little bit further and put my ducks in a row. Thank you so much! 😉

  • Brenda Xiomi says:


    I’ve been hiding in the tunnels for the past few days ;0)


    Thank you, I really needed this.


  • Molly says:

    Love this post! Each time I visit your blog, I find inspiration, but this post just made me smile! (Maybe it’s because I too was a child of the 80’s and grew up loving Mario Bros as well!) I’d love to link back to your post by including your top 10 lessons on my blog… Everyone needs a little creative inspiration now and then 🙂

  • Jina says:

    Howdy! This iis kind off off topic but I need some guidance
    from an established blog. Is it very difficuot too sset up ylur owwn blog?
    I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick.
    I’m thinking about creating my own but I’m nott sure
    where to begin. Do you have any idedas or suggestions?
    Appreciate it

    • Mayi Carles says:

      Jina I’m not gonna lie, I’m technically handicapped, so as much as I loved designing all my websites, I pass them over to my fantastic web coder. It all depends on your skills + passions. My time is best used doing what I do best + hiring out code. It works for me. But these days there are a ton of user-friendly platforms like Shopify + Big Cartel… that have beautiful templates. I hope this helps.

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