Top Takeaways from Our Operation World Domination Retreat

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I met my business partner @blacksburgbelle on the Internet. Fell in love with each other’s blogs and rapidly because business soul mates.

For years, we fantasized about hosting a retreat. We dreamed it. And in 2019 we real live it! We rented a beautiful Bali-inspired loft in Austin, and finally meet some of the coolest lady bosses we’ve had the privilege of crossing paths with online. Like, in person.

For me there were 2 BIG TAKEAWAYS from this trip that I share in today’s video.

QUESTION: It’s such an exciting time to be a creative. What’s the craziest thing the Internet has allowed you to do? Tell me, in the comments.

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Video: @visufilmspty
Make Up: @marilia.sena

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