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There’s a conspiracy in the video making world I’m sure, where gremlins make sure only the ugliest thumbnails get picked so they can make fun of you all day. I’m absolutely sure. How else could you explain the image above? I mean, for realz. It’s not fair.


Rant over. Back to business.


The official countdown for the wedding is here. I’m also days away from revealing the new Mayi Carles website + nanoseconds away from launching my 1-year-in-the-making brand new program. Oh my! And don’t even get me started with the Holiday madness being around the corner.


Is it just me or is this time of da’ year complete mayhem? Seems like it’s all accumulated for the very end doesn’t it?


Well, with so much on our plate these days, I’m cranking up the concentration muscles + time management spells + sharing my favorite de-procrastinating technique for getting loads of work done, while keeping my sanity in check.


If you’ve ever asked yourself, how do Beyonce + the President manage to do all they do in the same 24 hours you + I get, well I bet it has something to do with applying this superb time management strategy I learned from Chet Holmes, brilliant man he is.


Watch + see today’s episode for the whole scoop + magic tricks.


Of course, if you have any smarty pants time management tips of your very own, please share them below in the comments. And feel free to add a cupcake recipe + throw in a funny joke. Why not? That’s how we roll in Friday Video Time.



Mayi Carles

24 Responses to Touch It Once

  • Kathy Jeffords says:

    Haven’t watched the video yet, Mayi (but getting ready to) but just had to say that even while making funny faces, you’re super cute. 😉 ALSO, that thumbnail did start my morning off with a big smile and giggle (in a laughing with you not at you sort of way, of course) so just keep in mind that even what you perceive as your ugliest thumbnails spread joy. 😉

  • LeAnn says:

    Helpful post. I’m too easily distracted this time of year.

  • Mary says:

    My daily to-do list is a week old and I’ve only accomplished one of the five tasks. I am a MESS!

  • Erin says:

    This is great Mayi, I learned about inbox zero from Laura Roeder, but I like this a bit more! I am guilty of the email thing, as I usually read it on my phone first and come back to it later, what I can I say I can’t handle the suspense lol.

    This is something that has to stop!!

    And as for the thumbnail thing, I am right there with you. The vimeo gremlin always does me wrong too!

    Can’t wait to see the new site!!

  • Nicole Mc says:

    Great advice. my problem is that when I become overwhelmed with a long todo list I start to shut down and want to read or take a nap!! LOL NOT GOOD! It’s hard to focus, I like this idea.

  • Alicia says:

    Inspiring! Thanks, Mayi!

    A technique that I use when trying to blast through my to do list of small tasks is called the Pomodoro Technique. Set a timer for 25 minutes and focus on that one task intently, no interruptions, no distractions. It’s kind of fun to “race” the timer.

    I love your life is messy organizers to keep track of things that can’t be forgotten!

    On the weekends, I like to use the same technique to get my cleaning done — 25 minutes on each task and boom! My space is clean!

    The image of you as the “touch it once technique” police made me giggle and this image won’t leave my mind anytime soon! 😉 Thx!

  • Meagan says:

    Right on Mayi! I didn’t realize how much time I waste by trying to multi-task everything. By focusing on one thing at a time I’m definitely able to accomplish more & feel more productive.

    As far as the email thing goes {social media too} I like to check it all way too often. I’m going to have to set time limits on them in order not to waste time.

    So now I’m off to write a few newsletters. That & only that!

  • Mary Beth says:

    This is great advice for me in everything I do, not just my creative business. I’m the QUEEN of starting things and not finishing them. My husband constantly teases me because, as he says, I’ve read the first few chapters of more books than he ever new existed.
    Tonight I’m going to finish one large order that I took over a week ago that I haven’t started on.
    Thanks for the motivation.
    PS: Love your necklace!!!

  • Mariah says:

    Such a great reminder! I’m ALWAYS starting something and get too distracted to finish.

    Today I am going to tie up a bunch of tiny projects I have hanging around out there, and answer all of those emails I have been putting off.

    I love to use TeuxDeux.com to organize my day because it’s simple and clean and anything I don’t cross off my list today automatically goes on my list tomorrow!

  • L'Erin says:

    So good!! I need to remember this in all areas of my life, especially when it comes to cleaning. My rule is, once I’ve touched it, I have to DO something with it. I cannot just shuffle or rearrange it, I have to put it in its proper home. Thanks for the reminder!! xo

  • Andreia says:

    Oh my…i’m going to finish projects right away!!!

    Kidding, I have a lot of projects pendding but for me that’s completly normal, I start something and then leave it, start something else and leave that to. Then it comes a day I take to finish projects, and I finish them all!!!


  • Elli says:

    Alicia already mentioned the Pomodoro technique (above), so I wanted to mention that there’s an awesome site out on the vast interwebs: http://www.focusbooster.com. It’s got an app (web, mac and PC) that does that timer thing right on your computer. (It defaults to 25 minute sessions with 15 minute breaks, just like the timer’s supposed to, and can either give you the ticking clock noise or be silent.)

    That one thing *alone* really upped my actual action-taking, since it’s really easy for me to lose all track of time and spend a billion hours on facebook for no apparent reason. 🙂

    (No affiliation, btw. Just a thrilled user. And it’s free, O Happy Day.)

    As for the funny joke (as requested), one told to me by my 8-year-old neighbor on Halloween:

    A sloth calls the police to report that he was attacked and robbed by a gang of turtles. When the police ask him to describe the attack, he replies:

    It… all… happened….. soooooo … fasssst…..”

  • mayicarles says:

    Kathy: Hahahaha loved that you commented before even watching. Totally made my day you speedy lady. Thanks for your kind words. You are the best!

    LeAnn: Phew feel a lot better it’s not only me LOL.

    Mary: Well recognizing it is alright half the battle one. You still have 2 days, even if it’s the weekend to squeeze in your work. I’m cheering for you all the way.

    Erin: Suspense… great topic to bring up. It happens to me all the time + I suspect it’s the reason why most people touch things several times over. The problem with opening e-mails + not getting to them right away is that you add information to your brain without taking care of it. It stresses the living bejesus out of me. I bet it overwhelms you too right? At the end even if I’m dying to know, I tell myself… I’ll get to it soon… focus focus focus. It’s a conditioning thing I guess. When you have to get things done I guess you gotta be a bit military 🙂

    Nicole Mc: Long to-do lists. Great one that most of us suffer from. Why don’t you have a running to do list but a separate 5 tasks a day list to prioritize? It helps me tons!

    Alicia: Pomodoro technique. I LOVEEEEEEEE it. I think my dad thought me that one a long time ago, but I needed the reminder for sure. Soooo excited to learn new time management skills. Thank you! Hahahaha + glad you liked the police impersonation 🙂

    Meagan: Multi-tasking is definitively overrated. Now, I don’t want to distract you any longer… go back to those newsletter hehehehe.

    Mary Beth: You go girl. The necklace is from corazon de gallery on Etsy. I LOVEEEEE it!

    Mariah: Thanks for the amazeballs tip darling. I’m gonna go check it out in a second. So glad you liked today’s post 🙂

    L’Erin: You are very welcome my dear. This definitively applies to cleaning + cooking + baking + jogging. It’s a great technique for life.

    Andreia: So soo sooo glad you share your work rhythm. I know exactly what you mean. You definitively can’t start a big project + attempt to finish it in one sit. The “touch it once” technique applies to bite size actions like checking e-mails + cleaning the dishes + packaging an order + reading a book chapter. So if one day it’s prep work for you + you start some ideas + then you have days to finish those ideas, you are definitively taking action + closing your projects full circle. That’s what it’s all about. CONGRATZ.

    Elli: Out to check focus booster YAYY! Love this type of stuff! OH + I’m still in the floor laughing. I’m sharing this over dinner tonight. THANK YOU lovely 🙂

  • Tabassum says:

    Love it! And I wish I knew about this little law before! Anyways, I just applied it right now. I received an email for work that would take awhile to respond to and I didn’t feel like responding to it right then because I was already in the “zone” working on the new collection. So I remembered from your vid that “email is there for your convenience”. How liberating is that?? I just closed my inbox and now I’m back to work.

    Okay, I hope this “touch it once” works because if not I’m going to need a 30 hr. day just to get everything done 🙂

    **Here’s an awesome vegan, gluten-free, soy-free super decadent brownie recipe that I’m sure could be a cupcake recipe just be putting the batter in cupcake cups. Enjoy!


  • Stephenie Zamora says:

    Love this post, Mayi! This has saved me so much time, especially when it comes to email, but also in other tasks. Checking the mail… it all gets open, recycled or dealt with in one sitting. Okay, not all the time… but I sure to try! 🙂

  • lakshmi says:

    I love the cackling laughter at the end ! and yes, the video was alright too 😉
    The one thing I adhere to is how I split my time between my to do items.
    During the day I have 2- 2.5 hrs when my daughter naps . Before & after its all the mad rush with my son’s school pick up, drop off, errands, play stuff. Those 2 hrs are precious. I like to get majority of my painting done then. I like it better if I do in daylight.
    At night, when kids sleep its finishing touches , blog posts – stuff that doesn’t need daylight !
    Also, when I know if I don’t have those 2 daytime hours , then I allot it to blog posts, and other things that can get done in that time slot. It helps to be flexible and also it helps me to actually finish my paintings .

  • lakshmi says:

    A real life joke :
    Me : what would you like for dinner ?
    Son : Food
    Me: What kind of food ?
    Son: Good food (?!)

  • cinzia says:

    Oh Mayi, i’ve said it before, you are so wise for such a young lady! I will put up a big sign on the wall that says: TOUCH IT ONCE!!!. that is a great message for everyone in the house; instead of throwing your jacket on the chair and hanging it later, touch it once and hang it NOW. instead of taking your dirty plate and putting it on the counter so that it can later go in the dishwaher, touch it once and load it NOW! you get the idea…i am calling a family meeting!

  • Kim Sujo says:

    Amazing post Mayi! You’re going to laugh but I was just in the middle of making a to do list with some new marketing ideas (instead of doing them already right?), but it doesn’t stop there! then I remembered I hadn’t checked your video out this week so I stop doing my to do list, visit your blog and look at what the post is about! Funny stuff right? Here I am interrupting my reading up on marketing to make a list I’m not finishing so I can log on to your site and learn I’ve been BAD all around! Lucky for all of us there’s a new sheriff in town right?! Ha! Awesome!

  • Jess says:

    Such a great reminder Mayi.
    I have so many crochet wips on my plate that I feel like I stop in the middle of one to work on another, which is just the most gooberish thing to do.
    So, right now I am going to work on some more squares for the afghan I’ve been working on for a couple that just wed.
    After that…we’ll see. 😉

  • Marta says:

    ¡Hola Mayi!

    He dado con tu blog a través de Jackie Rueda y ya estoy completamente enamorada de todo lo que haces, pero sobre todo de cómo lo haces, con tanto amor y cariño 🙂

    Me muero por estar en tu lista de suscriptores pero no soy capaz de encontrarla… ¡Qué inútil! No la encuentro en la barra lateral. No tengas problemas en llamarme cegata 😉

    Yo tengo un blog también sobre pequeñas manualidades y vendo bolsitos a pequeña escala. No le dedico todo el tiempo que me gustaría por la universidad, pero la costura es sin duda mi vía de escape y estoy locamente enamorada de mi máquina de coser 🙂

    También tengo un blog sobre mis aventuras marinas. Estudio biología marina en Australia y a través del blog intento convencer a quienes me leen de lo bellos que son nuestros océanos y lo importante que es cuidar de ellos 🙂 http://respectheblue.blogspot.com/

    Por último te quiero felicitar porque he visto que te casas el próximo día 26 😀 ¡Te deseo un día precioso!

    Un saludo,


  • francesca says:

    Hi Mayi!^^You touched a very problematic question for me! … I’m glad your advice;)
    you’re the best

  • Kelsey says:

    Such a great piece of advice, Mayi. So good that I immediately put it into practice and started/finished a sewing project all in one go!

  • Rose says:

    I loved your video, thank you so much!! I am about to launch a product and now that I’m 75% done it is break time! (for 2 days!) That’s not how to launch a product!! 🙂 I am going to finish editing the images and plop it all together right now. Thanks so much Mayi 🙂

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