This is a very special post. But! Before diving in, I really think you will dig the back story.


Let’s rewind to 2011 for just a second.


I was drinking spa water + wearing stretchy pants + listening to my girl April Bowles-Olin’s interview on BlogcastFM. And I remember thinking to myself, “Damn, my friend is wicked smart. How does she do it?”


“How does she do what?”, you may be asking.


“How does she NAIL IT every freaking time?”, I mean.


We all have that perfect friend + colleague + sister + relative. That person in our lives who seems to have it all figured out.


It’s tempting to stay there. In admiration land. Just gazing in utter awe from the sidelines of the ring. Clapping. Hercules, Herculeeeeez. Eating popcorn. Getting fat.


But! I’ve never really liked the cheap seats anyways. Or expanding my waistline with fear calories. The worst kind.




Half intimidated by April’s ability to answer every question so eloquently, half inspired by her courage to put herself on the line like a BOSS, I decided to get over myself + e-mail the podcast host, Srinivas Rao.

I basically waved my hands real high up in the air + exclaimed: “Pick me! Pick me too!”


Yeap. I literally invited myself to someone else’s party. Who does that? Apparently, me.


That year, my little interview slowly made its way to the “Best of 2011” list, alongside Danielle LaPorte + Seth Godin + Tim Ferris + Ramit Sethi. It became the most watched + most clicked + most shared + most downloaded episode of the year.


And there I was, sitting on the top of my #1 hit single. Feeling like I had just won a Grammy. For showing up. For trying. For channeling my inner April, the most badass girl boss I know, and realizing, “Hey! Maybe I have something to say too.”


Fast forward to present times.


Srini knocks on my inbox. Invites me for a second interview.


“It’s been quite some time since we’ve spoken. Our brand is totally different. In fact so much so that I think our audience would love you even more now. And of course I’ve done about 300 interviews since you last spoke with me so I’ve gotten better at it. Would you be up for a second interview? Would love to have you back.”


I wanted to throw up.


Cuz that’s what we do, right? Flake. Duck. Get sick.


The first time around I had nothing to lose. I was no one.


This time, I felt everything was on the line. My shiny crown with the invisible #1 on it. I didn’t want to give that up, you know? My prestige. My recognition. My badge of honor.


“Go away Srini!” That’s what I wanted to say. So I said “Yes” instead.


Cuz isn’t that the ultimate goal? Commit to the act of showing up, in spite of being afraid? Dare greatly, before we feel ready?


It’s tough. But so am I. So are we.


So without further ado…


Here I am. Back. Talking about how to turn life’s messes into stories of triumph.





  • Letting go of the fear that nobody will show up.
  • Putting ourselves out there.
  • Dealing with unwritten cultural dogmas.
  • The tensions between what we want + what’s expected.
  • Why we need at least one biggest fan.
  • The rocks that life puts in our journey.
  • Embracing screw ups as part of the creative process.


Click here to check out my interview on the Unmistakable Creative podcast!


I’m not sure if I’ll be able to beat my own record, but if I don’t at least I’ll have the perfect story for Oprah.





Mayi Carles