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Vlogging 101: Editing Magic


Now, are you ready for some movie magic? Alrighty then.


If you’re going HELZ YEAH in your head, then virtual high fives to you my friend. Now, if you have a big question mark in your forehead it’s probably cuz you have no idea of all the awesomeness that’s been going on in the Friday Video Time HQ. Don’t worry, I’ll put you up to speed.


This is actually Part III of my video blogging series (watch Part IPart II) + today I’m taking you behind the scenes on how I edit my blog movies. It’s a little bit like Disney’s MGM Studios expect I don’t have any ear chocolate chip cookie sandwiches or a ride where I explode bombs in your face. Bohoo! But wait, I’m doing something pretty amazeballs for you: I’m making this technical video stuff really fun + pain free for you. Just like you like it!


And if you stick around till the end, I have 2 tips that will reduce your video editing process in half. I’m serious.



Heads up, the video editing software I used in today’s episode is iMovie, which comes free for Mac users. Have a PC? Not a fan of iMovie? Want to upgrade? Video extraordinaire Bianca Filoteo of Video for Shy People recommends Final Cut Pro, for it’s awesome performance + because it works with pretty much the same logistics as iMovie. When I take it out for a test spin, I’ll come back to report.


Watch + sing + dance + take notes + tweet this + print your bonus Vlogging 101: Editing Magic Cheat Sheet + before you go, please let me know in the comments how this Vlogging 101 Series is going for you. Any aha moments + transformations + movie struggles? I want to hear from you + I want to start seeing your movies too. Consider me your personal pocket-size video blogging fairy for the next couple of weeks. I’m here superstar!



Mayi Carles


Psst… next week, I’m bringing you some never before seen (or heard) stories of my vlogging journey – the good + the bad + the ugly + the awesome. This is not a teaser, it’s actually my evil alter-ego typing this to hold me accountable cuz she knows I’m too afraid to share. Damn it!

1. Click here to download your Vlogging 101: Prep Work Playsheet.
2. Share your insights + feedback + biggest takeaways in the comments below.
3. Please share this with a friend (or three). I love it when you do

28 Responses to Vlogging 101: Editing Magic

  • Kim says:

    Part 3 is AMAZING! Great job Mayi on making the editing process look so easy peasy! I now feel like I am able to really tackle vlogging in style. Thank you again for making this much needed vlogging series. I can’t wait to film my first video and now I am feeling so super confident about doing it because of all of your great advice. Mayi – you just make everything so much fun! I hope you treated yourself to a cupcake after you finished this video!

  • linda says:

    around 3:35 I don’t hear you anymore – oh nooo!!!

  • Kim Sujo says:

    Hi Mayi! First…I’m loving this series! It’s been so helpful! I was watching the video but I can’t hear you on a couple of occasions! Is it just my connection or is it something in the video? I’ll check in again in a bit because I can’t wait to hear the whole thing! Your suggestions are AWESOME! GO HEARTMADE! GO HEARTMADE! 🙂

  • Srinivas says:

    Seriously awesome. You’re rocking it and I’m learning so much from you. I look forward to your videos every week. I never got to ask you about your television show work on our interview. Gotta make that happen.

  • Lisa says:

    I have a question!! I’m working on bringing videos to my blog, on knitting techniques and I’m not sure how to do them… whether I should just have my hands being the focus or have my torso showing and just knit in fast motion.. I thought I knew what I wanted but I saw a great video of a french knitter and I thought it was amazing, but for learning purposes I don’t think it was very good. So I’m on the fence. I know you like to see people’s faces and all- what do you think?

  • Aimee ~ Simple Living for Busy People says:

    Yes, Mayi! You are nailing it, and inspiring me — great tips. I am sure that it will make my editing much easier. When I “goof up” I always move around and try to psych myself up — so I will have to try the “statue” technique — awesome.

  • Maïder says:

    Mayiiii… Eres de verdad ¡Genial y TAN DIVERTIDA!
    I really love your videos but I don’t really see me doing it. What can I say in the video? It is sometimes much easier when you are more people doing it, no? I am the kind of girl who thinks about the topic, look after friends, organize everything and after starts with the edition of the video, for birthdays, weddings… hahaha! So nice to hear you on Fridays!!! 😉

  • Natalie says:

    When you posted your first vlogging 101 video, I immediately wrote it off and said, “well I’m never going to do video so this isn’t for me.” But I watched it anyways because I do NOT miss an episode of Friday Video Time…and now you are starting to convince me that maybe I can do it! I think I am going to try an about me/my brand video.

  • Alicia says:

    great tips! I’m going to need some practice to make that look as easy as you do! 🙂

  • Kristal Norton says:

    You make it look so easy! I’ve never used iMovie before.. hopefully I won’t be getting hung up on the editing process too much when doing my first video. Do you recommend a source for free sound bites to add to videos? I’m getting really excited about this, I might just film my first video this weekend. Yay! Thanks so much for all the inspiration!! 🙂

  • mayicarles says:

    Kim + Linda + Kim Sujo: PROBLEM SOLVED girls. OMG, the technical gremlins almost killed me this morning. I was crying just imagining what would happen if I couldn’t post today. NO NO NO, no way Jose. Friday Video Time cannot be stopped 🙂 + this video blogging series shall continue 🙂

    Thanks for the encouragement + support + for your loving patience!

  • mayicarles says:

    Hey Kristal. Editing takes a little bit of time at the beginning, I won’t lie, but it’s not because it’s hard, but cuz you’re getting used to moving things around + playing with the buttons + transitions + sounds + what not. After a couple of videos you already know where things are + it becomes second nature. I do mine super fast now.

    iMovie has tons of free sound bites + so does Vimeo Music Store. They also have really awesome stuff on sale for like $.99 cents. A steal 🙂

    I’m dying to see your face on video!!! YAYY! Having talked to you already on Skype I know you will do GREAT. You have so much charisma 🙂

  • mayicarles says:

    Alicia: You know it girl! Practice makes perfect. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

  • mayicarles says:

    Natalie: YESSSSSSSSS. If I manage to convince you to leap into the video blogging side of the force LOL, I will consider my mission on Earth accomplished hehehe.

    Funny how things work out, right? I love that you’re rethinking that initial resistance. That’s a HUGE sign that there might be something in you that still doesn’t want to let go.

    I’m here if it ever starts tinkling louder 🙂

  • April Starr says:

    Awesome post Mayi! 🙂 What program do you use to do your video editing? I loved the two tips at the end — so smart! Now that I’ve heard these three videos in your series, I think I’m ready to jump in. I’ve been brainstorming video ideas and figuring out what I want to do. Exciting! Except, I just recently got some new hair color I am not super fond of and that makes me feel less confident about how I’ll look on camera, but oh well, we continue on! 🙂

  • Kristal Norton says:

    Awesome, I’ll check that out, thanks Mayi! And I planned out my video last night! So hopefully I can convince hubby to take the kids out of the house for an hour or two today so I can film it. There is no quiet room in the house! lol

  • Kim Sujo says:

    Mayi! Just checked your video again because I couldn’t hear it yesterday and it’s perfect now… YAY!! I watch you EVERY FRIDAY! And I mean EVERY FRIDAY!

    First, can I say your downloadable spreadsheets are awesome?! I liked how they looked on the screen but I just printed them out and the design is just amazing! Now I’m thinking I’m going to get me some of that Life is Messy Planner goodness. Thanks for all the freebies and the advice!

    I’m struggling with one thing with my vlogging. I just started two weeks ago and I’m filming with my Macbook (I know you started out that way too right?) until I make the jump to a better camera, but my problem is that the sound of my voice is coming out too low for some reason (at least compared to when I add the music bits). Did this ever happen to you? Is there a setting I have to click that I’m not aware of? (I keep talking louder and louder but it’s still comes out low).

    Also, one more question, can you use music by a known artist if you add the information in the credits at the end or is this not allowed? I haven’t wanted to use any just in case but I was wondering…

    Thanks! I’m off to tweet your wonderful post!

  • Kim Sujo says:

    PS: I was just looking at your Sweet Printables and realized you’re also a Post it fanatic…I actually have to SKIP that aisle in stationary stores or I will need to be put in the hospital.For real! haha! I LOOOVE YOUR SITE and your enthusiasm.

  • mayicarles says:

    Lisa: I love the idea of having both – shots where you just film your hands (seems best for those who really want to learn the technique) + the wider shots for the loyalty/connection appeal. I would also consider browsing through the Vimeo Music Store for a cool soundtrack that keeps things entertaining while you’re knitting. AND while you’re doing your close up shots you can include voice over tips + a story or whatever, to make things fun. Does this help?

  • mayicarles says:

    April Starr: I use iMovie for now. I’m planning to upgrade to Final Cut Pro really soon though.

    I think you are totally gonna dig part 4 of this series where I talk about my video blogging journey. You think your hair color obstacle is trivial? Oh just wait + see how funny my self-sabotaging obstacle was 🙂 I’m telling you girl, our brain has no shortage when it comes to coming up with reasons to stay within our comfort zone. Luckily for you + me, we know better at the end, right? 🙂

  • Kristal Norton says:

    I DID IT!!! Woohoo, just had to come back here and give you another BIG thank you Mayi for all the inspiration! I finally created my first video! “One Vital Secret Successful Creative People Know”, you can see it here: http://kristalnorton.com/one-vital-secret/

    Kim, I had the same problem with my video. I used a MacBook to record the video, and my voice was VERY low. In iMovie, you can click on the little settings icon (right on the video clip) and go to audio settings, and up the volume. I had to up mine to 360%!!

  • April Starr says:

    Haha, looking forward to it Mayi! In other news, I’ve started working on my intro/outro (is that a word?) bits. WooT!

  • Kim says:

    Here is a link to my first official VLOG – with lots of help from Mayi’s awesome blogging 101 series! (oh – and lots of help from Mt. Dew and cupcakes too!!!)


  • Kim Sujo says:

    Thanks for the tip on audio Kristal! I’ll try that.

  • Leah Remillet says:

    Loving this series… Just found you because of it. I already vlog but have picked up some sweet tips! I have one question though… How are you reversing and speeding up the clip. I’m sure it’s an easy step in iMovie but I just don’t know where it is?


  • Bruna says:

    Mayi, thanks for your videos. They are so inspiring, I jus cry listenig to this one, kkkk, its like it was made for me and moment Im going through. You are amazing and beautiful. Thanks again!!! xxx

  • Hi Mayo!

    Where do you find the music? Also, I love the intro and outro, where can I get one like that made?

    Thanks for the series!

    Saludos desde Puerto Rico!

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