Take your time. I know it’s a thought question to answer. I’ll wait – paint my nails + pop some bubble wrap paper… do whatever.


Got it? Sweet! That didn’t take you very long, did it?


Of course not, cuz unless you’re Paris Hilton’s chiguagua you always need to be thinking creatively about ways to fatten your piggy bank. And because working for the Mafia is out of the question, I created the next best thing to winning the Mega Millions Lottery. It’s called 5K Sales in 365 Days.



This is a quirky anti-manual to creating information products in your pajamas (or superhero ensemble of choice) + going from 0 to 5 thousand sales. I’m talking about how I made an extra $75,000.00 in just 365 days with my first $20 digital product.


Sounds too good to be true? Yeah, my parents said the same thing when I quit my job back in 2010 to take my artistic endeavors seriously. “You’re going add a little PayPal button + people are going to give you their money to do W-H-A-T?” They hugged me tight nonetheless, like they always do, but I could see in their eyes they were already making plans to feed me for an eternity.


What are the odds of succeeding, right? WRONG!


When you spend your childhood days watching countless hours of Pinky and the Brain, changing the world is no longer an option. It’s a voice inside your head you can’t silence. That’s when “too good to be true” meets reality.


I did it. You can too.



Oh + one last thing, there’s time sensitive pre-launch awesomeness inside. I wouldn’t bookmark this for later if I were you. You’re pajamas have been officially warned. Tic tock.


See you on the other side.



Mayi Carles