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In just a few days I’m going to head over to Los Angeles to take my little sister to college + buy my wedding dress. Talk about bitter sweetness. Oh my!


In preparation for departure, I feel as if the Mayi Carles headquarters are about to explode, which is precisely why I’ve had to pay extra attention to my energy mood swings. And nothing says power boost in my little black book more than a deliciously hearty home cooked (or uncooked) meal.


And no, I’m not talking about Mac n’ Cheese or microwavable Lean Cuisine boxes. I’m thinking more along the lines of my special Hummus recipe or this Sea Bass with Tomatoes + Pine Nut Sauce creation.


Mmmmm… yummy!


It’s true. When I’m the busiest + the studio is the craziest, I find that I have to be smarter about the stuff that I put into my body at all times. Does this happen to you too?


So to keep me motivated + in check (because ya’ know saying no to cupcakes is usually a reason for getting really cranky + whipping out my oh so famous Grumpy pj), I’ve designed this Weekly Meal Planner.


This planner has helped me tons already to save money on groceries + lower my sugar tantrums (yeah I have those, sometimes) + boost my productivity. And that makes me happy + happy + happy!


And then I thought, “This is too awesome for me to keep all to myself”. And so, his post was born. And now you can print your very own Weekly Meal Planner too. My treat.


And we all lived happily ever after.


The End.


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