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Win a Scholarship to Operation World Domination



Have you heard? My friend April Bowles + I have created the most amazing program called Operation World Domination + before you start making excuses about not having enough time or money. hear me out!


Operation World Domination was built with you in mind: the entrepreneur who would rather create than promote her business, who would love to make $30,000 from her next launch or $150,000 this year (not millions and millions), who doesn’t want to run a team of 28 people but would love an assistant and to hire out certain projects like product photography or videography, who wants to figure out how to apply marketing concepts to HER type of business.


The creative who has trouble focusing and jumps from project to project, and still doesn’t have a signature product or service, who wishes she could find her perfect biz bestie, and who needs hand holding to make it to the finish line.


You might still be thinking that you don’t have the money to invest in this kind of program.


First, that thought comes from a place of scarcity and if you’re running your business with that mindset, it’s no wonder that you aren’t making the kind of money you want to be making.


Second, I’ve got some great news for you.


Click play! Or keep reading.



To recap, April + I are offering a full double scholarship to Operation World Domination, for a creative entrepreneur AND their bestie.


If you win, you (and your friend) get:

  • 8 weekly mastermind calls
  • an invite to a private Facebook clubhouse
  • the coolest mug in the galaxy
  • 1 year subscription to Sunday Society
  • 1 year subscription to Life is Messy Bootcamp




Win A Full DOUBLE Scholarship to Operation World Domination

to enter

1. Download the image above.


2. Post the image above on the social media platform of your choice (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) with the caption:

I want to join #OperationWorldDomination with April and Mayi. Come join me at: WWW.JOINOWD.COM


You get major bonus points if you post it on multiple platforms (and those bonus points definitely make a difference when picking a winner).


3. In your caption or social media post, tag your friend and/or include the name of your friend that you want to go through Operation World Domination with, because taking over the world with your BFF is so much more fun, right?


4. Tag us if applicable (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). April is @blacksburgbelle and Mayi is @mayicarles


5. Comment below to let us know: where you posted the image and caption, the name of the friend that will also get a scholarship to Operation World Domination if you win, why you want to take Operation World Domination with that friend, and your favorite pizza topping…because pizza makes everything more fun.




Good luck everyone. And may the odds be ever in your favor.



Mayi Carles


PS: If you decide to join Operation World Domination before the winner is announced and you win the scholarship, we’ll simply refund your payment. 


PS2: Special thanks to the @maravillabeautyclub team for pampering me today + letting me hit record in their stylish parlor.

18 Responses to Win a Scholarship to Operation World Domination

  • I’m in! I would love to join the trainning

  • Teodora says:

    I posted on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Yes, all of them 🙂 The friend I’d like to take the course with in case I win, would be Mihaela Turean because we both are in the beginning stages of starting a blog. She’s planning to start one, working on her website right now and I just started my blog this year. More exactly, on the 14th of January.
    Winning a scholarship to Operation World Domination would be awesome for both of us, would be just what we’d need right now.
    That’s kind of what I’m dreaming to do with my blog: spread ideas and … dominate the world. From my couch, writing in my pajamas, while I enjoy my favorite pizza with extra cheese, pepperoni, hot salami and maize. Yummy yum

  • Arleen Diaz says:

    This would be the best gift ever! 💖
    I couldn’t tag you both+ my bestie on Twitter, so I tweeted twice 😉
    I want to join with Nicole, because we are both very driven and creative and need that guidance to make our ideas profitable!
    Fav pizza topping: jamon serrano 😍

  • Akaleistar says:

    This is so awesome! I would love to do Operation World Domination with my Mom. We both have our own businesses, and we are opening at Etsy shop together.

    I’ve shared the pic on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/p/BQy3bq_lmEX/?taken-by=akaleistar), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ashley.cambers/posts/1860195734228564?pnref=story), and Twitter (https://twitter.com/akaleistar/status/834209356455489536).

    As for favorite pizza topping, that would be ham and pineapple 🙂

  • Julie says:

    I would absolutely love to participate in Operation World Domination with my jewelry business bestie & soulmate Tricia at JewelsbyTrish.com. ♥ I posted EVERYWHERE I could think of on BOTH businesses, because I think this would be an absolutely amazing opportunity for Trish and I to work together to take our mama-owned businesses to the next level. We are both ready to soar, and I think this would be the perfect place to grow our wings. The fact that it’s April and Mayi is completely the secret sauce! I love you ladies, and I would be so excited to work with you on making our businesses AWESOME! But of course…that adorable mug doesn’t hurt! 😉

    LGP – http://bit.ly/2lJVSa9
    Jules – http://bit.ly/2llGboQ

    LGP – http://bit.ly/2lK1Fgf
    Jules – http://bit.ly/2m6opYr

    LGP – http://bit.ly/2l5XvM5
    Jules – http://bit.ly/2ltnLkj

    LGP – http://bit.ly/2mk46Ta
    Jules – http://bit.ly/2maiFJQ

    LGP – http://bit.ly/2llFJH6
    Jules – http://bit.ly/2kK5Okj

    I also buffered it to both shops on Google+!!! 🙂

    My favorite pizza topping is mushrooms.

  • Hi, I’ve posted on Facebook. I don’t have any other viable social media going. I would love to share the experience with Lisa Neri of Cucicucicoo. She and I hit it off when I wrote a tutorial for her upcycling and sewing blog and we emailed each other since. She lives in Italy and had a heath set-back last year but is getting back in stride now, taking care of her husband and two boys and growing her business. It would so great to be helping each other conquer our bit of the world with a shared language and mad world domination skills. Lisa has also been a great support for me as I struggled with my biz since we moved every few months, but we just bought a home and after years of uncertainty – we are home! What’s left? World domination, of course? And pepperoni, garlic, and chili flakes – for the pizza, I mean.

  • Sandra says:

    Fun! I’m an artist, and a vegan recipe creator, and a blog administrator… and I would love this for both myself and my friend Sue, who is also creative. She makes coloring books and more. I posted on twitter: https://twitter.com/nowthatsvegan, and pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/nowthatsvegan/organized/, and facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SandraTrainorArtist/?ref=page_internal. And, I’m in my slippers.

  • Konny says:

    Hello, I would totally love to be part of #operationworlddomination.
    I have posted in facebook and Instagram. @konnyg14
    I would love this experience with María Lorena, she has been with me since I decided to be an enterpreneur.
    She has been my support, a friend, a mentor during my enterpreneur process and experience. This will not be the same without her.
    My favorite pizza topping is jamon serrano with rugula.

  • Carla Borau Karabulut says:


  • Alex Moral says:

    YES!!!! I WANT TO DOMINATE THE WORLD and be part of THIS AMAZING MOVEMENT!!! I had my photography business back in Germany (though I come from Spain). Now we live in USA and I am ready to restart my business again… and some extra energy + great business advice + good vibes is exactly what I need!! I would love to participate in the program with my sister-in-law Paula, because I love her so much + she is just starting her online marketing business, so this would be a great opportunity for her too.
    And… my favorite pizza is… the “ortolana”!! Yummy!! <3
    xo, Alex
    PS: I shared your banner on facebook!! Thanks for this opportunity! <3

  • Lorena says:

    Hi Mayi, I shared in Facebook (Lorena Salas), instagram (missgeneralist) and in twitter (lorelight_) even when I don’t usually work with it because of the restriction with the amount of characters 😓😓😓 I’d really like to win the scholarship and join Operation World Domination with my BFF and sis Karla Caloca. We are both starting business projects right now, and we have one in common ❤️❤️❤️ learning from you and April would be the cherry on top! #maytheforcebewithus – In my pizza… more cheese is always welcome, and some fresh basil leaves 🤤🤤🤤 – I’m already thinking about a thankU video, and inviting my son’s furbacca to join the party!

    • Karla Caloca says:

      Hey there, I just shared on Facebook (Karla Caloca), Twitter (karlacaloca) and Pinterest (tealinfusion). We really want to win the Operation World Domination. My BBF and e-sis have to much in common, hope this is our chance to get to next level ❤️❤️❤️

  • I would love to do this with my bestie lize – although she isn’t really on social media, we are both busy mums of three girls, but we have started our own master mind group where we are accountable to each other and meet up specifically once a month to talk all things big dreams with yummy coffee and beautiful food we didn’t have to make!
    have posted on insta, pinterest + twitter. Would have posted to face book, but I am having a massive end of collection sale this weekend so I needed Facebook focus on that 😉
    (posts under @lillibeandesigns – insta @lillibeanart – twitter + kirstmcculloch on pinterest)

  • Mayi, I’ve been following for years and would love to be able to learn more from you and find ways to bring my growing blog & social media business to the next level! My sister-in-law Rachelle has always felt she was meant for world domination and has so many skills to create products, but needs some guidance for how to dominate! 😉 We would LOVE to join you! Oh, and pineapple for the win!!

  • Erin says:

    This would be amazing to win – I’ve posted to instagram [https://www.instagram.com/p/BQ3FfQgD5pW/?taken-by=silentbeauty] and twitter [https://twitter.com/silentbeauty/status/834801715992002561]

    If I win I’d share the prize with Steph from UKPlannerAddicts because she is amazing, creative, & caring – with your lovely help I’m sure that she could take on the world! I’m at the point where I’m ready to stop being afraid of putting my creativity out there and I know that this would be the kick I need to stop thinking and start doing!

    My favourite pizza topping is feta cheese (with lots of veggies)!

  • Ana Uribe says:

    Mayi, I posted the image on Instagram! I would love to win the scholarship. I’ve been following you for a while and I know you are a great and creative enterpreneur I could learn a lot from. You two ladies are an inspiration to creative women in the world and Latin America and I would be honored to have you two as role models, teachers and coaches! My friend I would share the scholarship with is Tatiana Samper. I’ve known this girl from my entire life. Our passions, our knowledges and our values are very similar. I would love to share it with her because I know we both have the potential to make great things for the world and for ourselves. Together we make a super duper team. We just need to learn how to take those dreams and make it a reality.

    Oh and my favorite pizza topping is pineapple hands down.

  • Haydee says:

    I applied on Twitter and Instagram. Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  • Ken says:

    I am a scientist. I am working on my PhD currently. My wife (who is a blogger and social media influencer) and I have often talked about my dream to create a youtube channel and resource for science education. We have a ton of great ideas but need some direction as to where to focus and how to get started and approach it all. At the same time, she is working to improve on her own blog and social media approach. This would be a great way for us to work together- I would love to do this with her!

    I have posted on twitter & facebook:

    Oh and as for pizza, I’m a bacon & mushrooms kind of guy.

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