15 Things You Can Instantly Declutter

We recently moved – our home, my studio. Downsized to upgrade to oceanview, but that involved a massive declutter.

Letting go of sh*t you don’t need is not always as easy as it sounds as we’re so attached emotionally to stuff. So I made a list of 15 things you can instantly declutter without guilt.

Hit play to check em’ out!

Grab a huge garbage basket. GO!

Report back any epiphanies or frustrations. I’m here.


  1. This is a great list – such as getting rid of expired medications. It’s amazing how many things can be recycled though. Our local Mac sales and service people (not the Apple store) take broken electronics, phones, and cords and they are recycled – I mean, they are actually given to a guy who breaks them down into tiny components and metals and keep those out of the landfill. Old prescription glasses can be donated. Sometimes those vacuum/sewing machine repair places in the weird old part of town is run by a nice guy who actually fixes those, so broken kitchen appliances might also be able to find a home because he’ll use the parts. There is so much that doesn’t have to go into the trash. Just wanted to throw that in the mix.

    1. I loveeeee this. We actually have all our cords + cables to the tech guy that came to install our cable. They use them for the classroom to teach tech apprentices how to connect + install. It’s amazing.

      Decluttering doesn’t mean trashing. It means passing on stuff to a more suitable place/owner. Boxes can be donated. Bags can be recycled. Etc.

  2. Love it love it love it! You inspire me to just DO it! I have a special basket just for those electric cords with fussy ends that don’t attach to anything. The basket takes up space too. I’ve got expired makeup and a whole box of icky expired lotions. They were amazing and smelled wonderful but I didn’t use them up fast enough and now they’re separated into strange fluids. Thank you for always making me smile! I can’t wait to see your ocean view!

  3. Clearing out my parents 2-bedroom place when they moved to a care facility was a bit of an eye opener. Both were Depression babies so it was always hard to get them to move things out of the house. The bag of pharmacuticals that I took to Walgreens was amazing. Because my father at that time was in Hospice, some of the drugs had to be turned in to the police but the very nice person behind the counter sorted through the entire bag to pull what Walgreens could recycle and what they could not.
    Outdated foodstuffs went directly to the dumpster but other canned goods went to the food pantry. The rest of the house when to resale places, Salvation Army/Goodwill, or to neighbors that we knew could use the items.
    There is a place for everything if people are willing to do a little research!

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