A Pep Talk: If You Tone it Down, Life Can’t Hear You

Curious why people gravitate towards #girlbosses like Marie Forleo + Hilary Rushford + April Bowles? I’ll tell you why. Cuz they’re not apologetic. They don’t ask permission. They erased “What will people think?” from their vocabulary.

There’s power in showing up loud + clear.

Of course, it ain’t always easy.

People will try to give you their unsolicited advise.

People will try to convince you to get a real job.

People will persuade you to blend in so others don’t ask too many questions.

Well. they will try, but if you give in something magical will be lost + all you will feel is emptiness.

I’m here to tell you: I know it’s hard. Takes cojones. Owning your voice is the bravest thing you’ll ever do.

But! It’s also the smartest. That voice coming from within that whispers all day long. THAT ONE, exactly, that’s your competitive advantage right there. Stop looking in marketing bibles + start looking inside.

Today’s video will help with that. Tons.

We’re talking about how to turn up the volume so everyone can hear you because you have something worth saying. And don’t tell me you’re shy. That’s not an excuse to play small!!! Yes, this is a pep talk.

Click play to learn more! (And watch some dorky dancing.)

If you only take one thing from this video, let is be this: Show up for your life in full color, loud + clear. If you tone it down, life can’t see you. If you tone it down, The Universe can’t hear you dear. And if it can’t hear you, how will it grant your wishes? The Universe is not a mind reader you know? Raise your hand. Speak up.

In the comments I would love to know ONE thing you can do today to show up louder + clearer in the world. If you could tweak one thing in the way you position + present + package your message, what would it be? We want to hear it so bad!!! Stop toning it down already!!!

Have a friend who’s playing small but you know deserves to play in the big leagues. Send them this video.

Thanks for watching + sharing!

I’ll see you again real soon.


  1. OMG, I dance to Maroon 5 when I’m alone in my apartment all the time! Haha! I love these videos so much Mayi! Thanks for the pep talk 😉 I’m going to work on putting the blinders on like you said. I’m still trying to find my voice, and sometimes I find myself questioning the way I’m writing my blog posts because I’m worried people won’t see me as “an authority on my topic” (said in really serious sounding voice).

    But I don’t want my brand to be so serious. So when I sit down to write content I’m going to remind myself of that and look in instead of out. Thanks so much!! 🙂

    1. It’s funny + interesting your say that Heather. That you worry people won’t see you as an authority figure on the topic. I mean, have you seen my videos? There is nothing serious about them, except that they are SERIOUSLY crazy. And yet, you keep coming back to watch em. I’m I an authority figure? Maybe yes. Maybe not. But people pay attention because they voice is REAL. That’s all people really care about, AUTHENTICITY. That’s what builds trust, and people gravitate towards it.

      That’s my advice. To consider why you follow the brands you do. I bet they are not serious or boring. Remind yourself of that every time you are putting out content 🙂

      1. You’re so right Mayi! That’s why I’ve also realized I need to put blinders on when getting advice from people too. Some people have advised me to be more professional and serious in the past in order to win trust from people, but I agree that authenticity is best. I need to be myself and people can listen or not. Professional is boring and not interesting.

        That’s why I try now to limit who I listen to. You, April, Ash and Marie are my girls! 🙂 Thanks as always for the motivation!!

  2. Thank you, Mayi for another awesome video! They always make me smile! I remember my friend’s mom telling me in high school not to worry so much about what people think. I’m still working on that so many years later…. Thanks for the encouragement to just be me!

    1. I work at it ALL DAY EVERY DAY. It’s a continual process. Even when I’m filming this videos I get the sudden urge to edit myself so I don’t look too weird, but then I snap out of it + remember if I’m gonna be liked, it might as well be people they like the REAL me. And if they want to hate, it might as well be the REAL me too. But if I don’t show up as myself I’lll never really know. won’t I?

  3. oh Mayi! I adore your videos!! they always bring a smile to my face and come at the exact right time! Thank you for sharing your gifts! :o)

  4. This video was so fantastic Mayi!! I have a major problem of caring too much about what other’s think. Thanks for the wake up call!!

  5. One thing I do today… Write a comment here right now. 😉

    I have a tendency of drawing back. It’s in part because of my introversion, part because of my upbringing. In Finland, my country, and in my family it is considered as a bad thing to “make too much noise”. I’m working on it, currently mainly with my Instagram selfie series. I have seen some Finns unfollowing me due to it, I know it’s in parts because of their Finnish upbringing. I try not to care, but it’s hard, like you said.

    Ps. The font in this comment form is really really really small. Almost illegible. Makes it hard to read what I’ve wrote and check for typos etc. 🙂

  6. Thanks for this Mayi! It was knowing you and the amazing stuff you do (like this video) that I started having the courage to be more of myself. Being organized and messy, being a responsible mom but sometimes a clown who just wants to play and have fun with my boy. Working to be that girl boss thanks to you, April and Marie. xoxo

  7. Thank you Mayi for the encouraging and motivational message!!! 🙂 i’m always haaaappy for these videos! 😀
    Just the right moment for me to be more expressive, open up and show my inner “full colour” loudly and clearly, finally-this is my soul’s call!
    THANK YOU again xxx

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