A Revolutionary Concept That Will Change The Way We Live + Love + Make Babies + Parent + Adopt Puppies + Work + Build Business Empires

MSF #5

Despite your best intentions to downgrade our awesomeness with things like comparing yourself to strangers on the Internet or worrying about all the things in the world that “might” happen: You still pretty AMAZING, you know that?

And talented. Ridiculously so.

I’m actually beginning to think you’ve been here before. Past life: Walt Disney. This life: You.

Wait a minute! You don’t fantasize about this sorta’ stuff? Oh. Yeah. Me neither.

All I’m trying to say is: I know you’re smart, but I also know you’re struggling.

I know you know how-to make better choices.

I know you know how-to make more money.

I know you know how-t0 rise above the mess + change the world.

We both got access to more information + more books + more websites + more apps + more scientific research than ever before. We know the how-tos, yet… we keep hitting brick ways… keep falling… keep feeling overwhelmed by all the “incompletes” in our live.

Why is that so? Why do we still feel so inadequate? I’ll tell you why. Because we don’t talk about the stuff that gets in the way. That’s why. We don’t. We don’t talk about what keeps us eating Doritos until we’re sick + numb.

Don’t get me wrong. I would love to skip over the cacophony bits… the embarrasing stories… the poo in the middle, but life doesn’t work like TiVo.

Instead of fast-forwarding over our lives crappy commercials, today I want to invite you to practice a revolutionary concept called: ASKING FOR HELP!

Here’s how it works: Anytime you’re full of anxiety + self-doubt seek out a friend who deserves to hear your story + have an honest conversation.

Is that simple.

Sure, you can drink wine. Or limoncello.

I promise you, it will change the way you live + love + make babies + parent + adopt puppies + work + build business empires.

Cuz, sometimes all we need is a little reminder that:

  • No, it’s not just us.
  • Crap is universal.
  • We all have it.
  • Yes, and we’re all afraid to talk about it.
  • The more we hide it the more control it has over our lives.

Let’s heal. Together! Because sometimes all it takes to start a revolution is a small army of confidants.



  1. THIS!!!

    I have so much, “YES!” about this, Mayi. We have these dreams & aspirations & heroes…& villains & fears & failures. It’s all life, & it’s all valuable, right? But sometimes we just totally need to call a lifeline & be cool with the fact that it’s not all roses.

    Love this message 🙂


    1. Ohhhh Kris I adore you SOOO!

      It IS all life. Thanks for being a lifeline for me in a moment of my life when I most needed it, by the way. I will never forget those Skype sessions during the creation of Life is Messy Kitchen. NEVER!

  2. YES!!! It wasn’t until recently that I even entertained the idea of asking for help. It was like I believed asking for help was ultimately admitting failure. What??? That’s crazy! Recently – I mean super recently…like in the last two weeks – I’ve begun to ask for help here and there. Nothing earth shaking, but a little request like, “hey, can you help me water the plants?” or “Hey, can you help me stay motivated to eat healthy by eating healthy, too?” and I’m amazed at the results. I don’t feel like a failure like I thought I would. I actually feel like a way more awesome version of my boss lady self. I have a tiny bit more time to throw confetti around or work on myself! It’s so refreshing! As always, Mayi, I don’t comment or post nearly enough on your great posts, but always know I’m reading, and taking it all in, and it’s changing my life. I don’t have to ask for your help because you are already offering it to me…and to all the others that have gained so much from you!

    1. I toally know what you mean. I felt the same way. Like somehow asking for help was publicly admitting that I’m not in control. CRAZY right?

      Yayyy to having the courage to ask for help + embracing your need for support. That’s a brave + beautiful thing 🙂

  3. Oh—-oh-oh-oh, I SO struggle with the not-so-simple task of asking for help. I’m OCD & a control freak, so admitting I need something is HUGE. I’m getting better at, but still find myself bogged down with the task at times. The funny thing is-people don’t actually judge you for asking. I personally love it when someone asks me for help! When I get all weird about it, I remind myself that asking for help is okay AND it also makes the other person feel useful. Win-win!

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