Advice For When You’re At The Verge Of Making A Big Potentially Life-Changing Investment

At you at the verge of making a BIG potentially life-changing investment?

Perhaps, your heart is racing at 1000mph just by the thought of joining Operation World Domination or entering your credit card digits to finally take B-School.

Want my advice? No matter at what stage of your business you’re at: YOU ARE NOT READY.

Watch today’s heart felt video to see why no matter how much you desire it, “now” is NOT the perfect time. 

To sum up:

  • Trust the messy middle.
  • Have a nervous breakdown. It’s part of the process.
  • Get comfortable with the discomfort.
  • Be smarter than your brain chatter + take action in spite of being afraid.
  • Do something today that your future self will adore you for.

Remember: You aren’t ready “now”, but you will be. You were born to ease your way into READY!



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