Before You Have Another Meltdown, Try This!

Do you ever lose control? Have a tantrum? Then regret it fiercely?

You regret the words you used. You regret your actions. You regret your tone. You regret your fear tactics. You regret shaming + blaming others. You regret it all, don’t you?

That what I call a meltdown.

It makes us feel awful.

Today I want to help you leash your inner Hulk so you don’t hurt other. So you don’t hurt yourself.

And I’m not talking about your typical breath in “abundance”. Exhale “negative thoughts” crap. Okaay, not crap. Medication + new age-y Depaak Oprah stuff has it’s place + time. But! Right now I wanna give you more practical, quicker techniques you can apply immediately, cuz you don’t always have a yoga mat near by or your zen candle, if you know what I mean.

Click play to learn my 10 Hulk-leashing techniques.

To recap, these are my 10 tips to stop a nervous breakdown on it’s tracks:

  • Have a glass of water.
  • Snuggle your child (furry child works too).
  • Move your body.
  • Connect with a friend.
  • Shower.
  • Buy something.
  • Have you eaten in the last 3 hours? 
  • Get something small completed.
  • Ask for a hug.
  • Is it daytime? Get dressed.

But let’s keep growing this list, shall we? Add your meltdown remedies in the comments below. I’m so curious to hear what helps you in moments of crisis.

Thanks so much for watching + being a part of this community.

I’ll see you next week.


  1. Strangely enough…I make my bed! And it does wonders.

    I have often struggled with insomnia, and about a year ago it came rushing back at me full force. I know that when I don’t get enough sleep, my health goes to pot, I stopped eating well, exercising, and doing the basic things I need to in order to be just OK all the way around.

    So I decided I needed to take this insomnia issue by the horns and wrestle it into submission before it turned into a real problem.

    I started by making my room a place I wanted to be, so that at the end of the day I wasn’t hiding from bedtime I was excited about it. I updated my bedding so that my pillows all had white covers with different textures and furry, stripy cuddly and wonderful patterns. I updated my bedroom furniture so that everything looks clean and simple and relaxing.

    My room still get super messy. Don’t get me wrong I mean I’m a human. But I got rid of so much stuff that was clogging up my closet and my bookshelves and honestly my floor, and now that room feels like it’s a wonderful place to go and just feel good and happy and taken care of…but sometimes I forget to make my bed in the morning, or put my clothes away, or I have a stack of books that need to be put on a shelf somewhere.

    So when I’m feeling stress bawling up in my chest, I go into my room and find one small thing to do to turn it back into that happy oasis place.

    Just taking that moment to do something small that will make me feel cared for later on in the day always calms me down and makes me feel cared for in the present too.

    Whoda thunk it? Making your bed every morning actually is good for you.

    Thanks for the great video Mayi!


  2. What a great list, Mayi! I’m going to write these things down and tape them in my office area! Thank you!

    When I’m on the verge of meltdown, I go outside and just stand there. There is always something I can look at and appreciate, something that says “Look at me! Aren’t I pretty?” louder than the negative voices in my head. If there is a duel, I want what’s good to be bigger and louder than what’s bad. There’s the sky and clouds, never the same blue, always incredibly beautiful. Trees are amazing! The way the leaves move in wind, glisten in sun, drip rain. I let nature be the voice that speaks calmness to me and I talk things over with God. Before I know it, the meltdown has completely melted and is no more. 🙂

    Thank you for your sheer cheerfulness. Sunshine sure is needed in this world. You are appreciated!

  3. Awesome tips! When I feel that way one of the things I do is to go for a walk with my dog, we lay down on the grass and I start looking at everything through my dog’s eyes, so simple, just enjoying the view and feeling the fresh air. We do some people watching and try to keep my thoughts on the “now”, no rush, no stress, just me and my dog. I also enjoy talking with my family of friends about anything unrelated to the cause of my stress.

  4. I definitely snuggle my fur child! But I also like to get out into nature. There’s a great park by my apartment with a bunch of benches. While I live in New York and there are car horns and sirens at all times, if you sit on the right bench, all you see is trees, and it’s really relaxing.

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