Being Popular Sucks

Pre-PS: A masterclass on how to make a living by being yourself is brewing in my good witch cauldron. This is not a side project. It’s not a new business project. It’s a movement. A revolution to end boring. Check out the teaser we managed to film in the Panamanian jungle-forest through torrential rain right here!

What’s up with being popular? It’s not like we’re still in High School. Or the playground. 

Want to succeed as an entrepreneur? You gotta get comfortable with being unpopular. Period.

Being unpopular doesn’t mean you’re an asshole or have to become one.

In today’s episode I want to share with you 3 character traits that wildly unpopular at large but niche famous brands have in common. Hit play to learn more.

To recap, being unpopular means:

  • You hate sheep
  • You love critics
  • You don’t have a backup plan. 

Whatever your perception of popular has been, it’s time to rethink it.

What are some of your favorite unpopular brands? The ones that might be vastly unpopular with a large demographic, yet are killing in with the right crowd.

Popular has been given its chance. Unpopular, our revolution has begun. Who’s with me?



  1. This was perfectly magical timing to her today! Literally this am over smoothies, I was saying, how do i expect to every be financially sustainable when I’ve never run with the crowd? I don’t know what people want because I never wanted what “all the people” want aka what the popular kids want! I’ve always been in the outside artsy crowd and we all make our own stuff – but we are also always ahead of the trend! I said all I can do is make really great stuff that I like and serve my small audience really well and then if I keep doing that the small audience will grow into a bigger one. Thank you for confirming this thought!

  2. (shame on me) I’m one of your followers who never comments but today I was getting caught up on your videos and just felt a comment to tell you how inspired you made me, was VERY necessary! You always inspire me, always speak straight to my heart and I seriously don’t know why the heck I haven’t commented before!

    So thank you for every inspiring, motivational and informative video. Just wanted to say THEY HELP!

    1. Oh Rita… thanks for letting me know you are here. Means sooooo much. You have no idea. Thank YOUUUUUU for reaffirming my voice, my point of view, my quirky self matters. Just “met” but adore you already.

  3. I sooooo needed to hear this today. I woke up to text messages from my Mother comparing my business to another and telling me things I needed to do that were like THAT business. Ugh. I am the weird kid, and my brand is not like others in my market. And, I LIKE it that way. Thank you for the video, Mayi. I am going to brainstorm ways to embrace my whimsical weirdness and apply it to my brand rather than sheeping it.

  4. Mayi thank you very much for this video…..I so needed this right now when I just feel there is a plan but I don’t exactly know what it is (and I think I’ll never do)…Things are just happening and at the end of the day my heart is happy!…I’m enjoying my no plan work hard be creative process!

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