Blogging is Dying, So Why Do I Keep at It?

My business partner April Bowles asked me the other day: Do you think blogging is becoming obsolete? 

Here’s what I had to say (my answer might miss you off a lil’):

I obviously have a very strong opinion about this topic. Surprise, surprise. And here’s the thing about opinions: When I have a firm position on anything, I get attacked. And that’s fine, cuz I’m not confident in my stance unless I have extensive data + case studies + personal experience to back it up.

This was a pretty short n’ sweet video, but if you want to know my reasoning behind this conversation, you might want to check out this article I wrote a little bit ago – Is Blogging Dying? This Is What I Think! It’s one of my favorite pieces.

As always, thanks for visiting. Did you know that when you leave a comment an actual person (that would be me) does a happy dance? It’s true.


  1. I’ve been blogging more consistently this year. This question wouldn’t have even popped up into my head if you hadn’t brought it up here! I just thought that blogging was the norm, but that’s probably because I have really awesome mentors/teachers like you and April. 🙂

    1. Well, you know what they say, the world is not changed by people who sorta care. It’s put on it’s feet by the rebels, the non-conformist, the weirdos. 🙂

  2. After many years working for BIG companies, I have being thinking on going on my own, many people has actually asked me to become a consultant. First thing I thought was, if I am brave enough to actually start a business on my own (BIG UP for that, you are really brave to do it) I will do it through a blog. SO I was very happy to hear you say it is your #1 marketing strategy. I really enjoy reading blogs, so let’s hope they have a long, long life


    1. Lucia it is. From the beginning + it continues to convert the most friends to sales. It’s amazing. I really don’t understand how people can convince themselves that social media is enough. I really don’t.

  3. Mayi, first a confession, I haven’t been consistent at blogging and I’m aware that it’s WRONG strategy.

    I’m totally on board with you, blogging requires effort and it’s not for lazy people (which I am at the moment and for the past months) BUT I’d like your opinion on what’s happening on the other side.

    Don’t you think the consumer is now preferring to consume products they see on an Instagram photo of a “famous” blogger? Because that’s what I think it’s happening right now, at least in Portugal. People buy and want to have exactly the same things. There’s a group of people that sets the trends and are huge on social media (facebook, instagram, snapchat). People want to eat, dress and own what they see on those accounts. Should I just go with the flow? Which would mean be totally against what I think it’s right?

    I think that situation is the main reason I’m not blogging so often… which is not right, I know BUT when I think of the reason why I don’t write so often, that’s the conclusion I get.

    And now… let me go write a blog post and just… BE ME! 🙂

    1. Marta GREAT question.

      Social media is not a substitute. It’s a complement. Use it FOR SURE if that’s were your ideal customer is. But you gotta lead them somewhere. Blogging positions us as authority. As experts. It’s free marketing. The blog is were I share the full episode, but I always post a teaser on social media. I love Instagram + Facebook. Totally use them. They are fantastic tools. But like I said, you need a homebase. No one is gonna swipe there card in a site that looks like the owner hasn’t updated it in years.

      1. You are right!! A complement not a substitute!

        I think I might me my own problem. I get away from those “ghost” blogs that have become facebook pages and at the same time totally lost my mojo to keep my own blog ALIVE. It’s time to change that situation. I believe my effort will not be in vain!
        Besides, I think people, at the the people I want to attract to my business, seek unique and special people.. “only dead fish go with the flow” 🙂

        Thanks Captain Mayi

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