Business is Slow, Ah? Here’s 15 Things You Can Do To Fix That (Effective Immediately)

So happy to be back behind the camera. Happy to be back on the game, doing my thing, owning my weird + sharing what I know with you. It’s like I re-found my element, you know? Reclaimed my thunder? Discovered my patronus. Feels amazing.

But you know what feels even A-MA-ZING-ER? Your sweet comments. Your YAY! notes. Your cheers. I see them. I take them all in like a baptim of love confetti. Thanks for making me feel special.

Appreciation, the greatest gift you can give another. Hands down. Whoever tells you it’s money is a fool. Or a lier.

Today I’m returning (like the Return of the Yedi, except it’s the Return of Mayi), to talk about business slumps. Maybe the cash register isn’t sounding as much these days. Perhaps your experiencing a decline of orders. A prolonged drop in engagement. Or is it a fall of ideas? Where is the Epiphany Fairy when you need her?

So business is slow, ah?

I’m not here to examine why. I’m here to help you do something about it now.

In this video I’m going to share with you 15 things you can do when business is being a freaking turtle, to speed things up. To kick slowness in the butt if you will.

Click play to get this party started! (And watch some cute outtakes.)

Are you excited to try one, two, maybe three of these? Which are you gonna work on? Tell me in the comments.

Quick favor: Know a friend, a freelancer, an artist, an entrepreneur who could really benefit from watching this video? Who could use a lil’ inspiration during a low in biz?

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Thank you so much for watching + sharing!!!


  1. Hi! I’m still watching the video because I’m working on the tips one by one. LOL. Can you post the name of the first recommendation for the online courses? Thank you!!

  2. Love to have you back. You are for sure in my 52 list! I love your energy and I needed this today. Thank you Mayi. You are my best friend even if you don’t know . Lol . ‘


  3. So happy you’re back! Love all the ideas but especially the 52 list!! Thanks again for being you. xo

  4. Yeah!! Thanks for this video, Mayi! Love them!! Great advice and inspiration to work through a slow period! I especially liked your idea of focusing on a free bonus for customers and promoting it. Looking forward to hopefully more videos! ;0)

  5. This week I watched April’s course on Creative Live. Everyone should watch because as always she presents great content, great value, and great fun. Well worth the time and money! Thank you too, Mayi. Like April you always provide valuable content and valuable advice as well as your fun spirit. Glad you are back as you have been missed. Olivia is beautiful and adorable for sure, but we have missed your online presence.

  6. I just worked all my big goals down to small, manageable ones so I know exactly what I need to do! I should add in a few of these suggestions too. Hello business plan that I never made…haha.

  7. “Always be a student” – I love that thought! There are so many great tips in this video and so many important things that often fall down the list when you are busy with clients. I look at lulls as time to focus on the business and develop/organize my systems and marketing and focus on networking. So funny – I have a weekly recurring appointment on my calendar to reach out to new people so I agree with the 52 list too!

  8. So happy your videos are back! They never fail to bring a smile to my face. 🙂 I don’t have a completed 52 list yet, but you are definitely in the top 10.

    P.S. The nail polish you’re wearing in this video is such a pretty color. What’s the name of it? 🙂

  9. Loved this video Mayi! Summer is always a bit slow for us and it’s easy to just think ‘oh well, happens every year’ and forget to think creatively! Definitely going to be doing some brainstorming for my 52 list. What a great idea 🙂

    1. hhh Zoe so happy to see you here. I’m a big BIG fan of your brand + pancakes 🙂 Saw them on Marcela’s Instagram + I’ve been drooling ever since. Virtual high fives for having the coolest photographer in the planet on our team.

  10. Yay! Randomly stopped by your blog after a while and saw you’re doing videos again – I really missed them!

    Thanks so much for these tips – I so need to implement quite a few of them.

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