Case Study: Peace of Mind Realtors & Insurance Advisors

If you’ve been wondering if the world really needs another blogger + another photographer + another coach + another preschool + another yoga instructor + another designer + another skin care line + another jewelry brand + another insurance advisor + another real estate agent + another (insert what you do here). The answer is: It depends.

People aren’t just looking for someone else to say exactly the same thing, in the same way.

There’s room, regardless of how crowded or sparse a market is, but not just for you to say the exact same thing in the exact same way, but for you + your unique perspective + your opinion + your personal style.

That’s why there can be so many pizza places in one town, so many types of Dijon mustards in one supermarket.

But you can’t expect to be discovered + liked + trusted, or to have prospects lining up to buy your stuff, if you’re like everyone else.

How are you not like everyone else? How to be original?

Instead of telling you, let me show you how ONE brand is escaping the competitive herd + being heard.

Peace of Mind is a non-boring insurance + real estate firm. Hubby is the co-founder, together with my brother in law. They are doing things differently.

Click play to watch today’s very special case study episode!

I hope that this case study will inspire you to inject more personality into your brand.

Your turn. Tell me ONE thing that makes your brand different from the competition. What makes you unique? Drop it like it’s hot, in the comments below.


  1. I love that they actively repel ask-holes. That is amAYzing! And the viking hats are hilarious. Way to showcase your weird and fly your freak flags and own your brilliance, Peace of Mind!


  2. I’m in the process of opening my business and I love that Peace of Mind isn’t afraid to get their Geek on, provide an experience for their customer and have a Quality Brand. This is Exceptional!!


  3. One thing that makes me different is I make my signs about “you”. It’s not the rinse, wash, repeat you see everywhere. My signs are unique in that they are all about you or someone you hold near and dear to your heart!

  4. Thank you for a great video today. My goal is to provide a skill that is rare and valuable. My lifestyle business is impacting other lives by sharing my story. Building up my coaching, blogging, and podcasting criteria as to where am I now, where do I want to be, and what are the alternate routes to get there. I am unique because I am life learner who is always looking to improve and learn more about my career perspective. Sandy

  5. I wanna work for their company!! Hahaha!

    I like to listen to music when I create my jewelry, but you never know what I might be listening to behind the scenes! It may be throwback to the 80’s like Madonna or it might be some rap like Kevin Gates! 🙂

  6. Ahahahahaha – ASK-holes!!!! Too hilarious!! I also love the viking hats!! They look like such a fun brand to be working with. 🙂

  7. I needed this! Thank you so much! I just had an “Ah-ha!” moment because of what you’ve said. I’ve often wondered what I would have to offer as an artist and designer since there are so many wonderful ones out there already. I’m going to search more into what makes my art/design unique. This post has definitely gotten the wheels in my head turning. Thanks Mayi!

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