Top Takeaways from Our Operation World Domination Retreat

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I met my business partner @blacksburgbelle on the Internet. Fell in love with each other’s blogs and rapidly because business soul mates.

For years, we fantasized about hosting a retreat. We dreamed it. And in 2019 we real live it! We rented a beautiful Bali-inspired loft in Austin, and finally meet some of the coolest lady bosses we’ve had the privilege of crossing paths with online. Like, in person.

For me there were 2 BIG TAKEAWAYS from this trip that I share in today’s video.

QUESTION: It’s such an exciting time to be a creative. What’s the craziest thing the Internet has allowed you to do? Tell me, in the comments.

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Synonyms to “I Love You”

There are a TON of ways to say “I love you” without actually, well, saying in.

For example, when David let’s me pick out the movie we’re gonna watch or notices my new nail art… I fall harder. When I make him his favorite dessert or give him foot rubs… I win mayor point.

POLL: How do you express love? Be as specific as you’d like.

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If I Could Have This Superpower, I’d Be Stocked

Hey! You’re still here. So happy you still check out my blog.

Have you noticed the latest addition of subtitles in my videos? Shout out to by cool videographer Sebas who makes me look more legit and like I know what the heck I’m doing.

QUICK QUESTION: What upgrade (tiny or mighty) have you recently made in your business that makes you feel more #girlboss and less #hotmess? Tell me in the comments.

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Gosh! There’s No Gym Courtesy These Days

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Hey girl hey!

Who are these FREAKS arriving 45 minutes early to save their spot at dance class?

Hi I’m Mayi, and I mark my territory with a water bottle. There. I said it. Sue me.

WHAAAAT? These gym terrorists are compromising my performance. It’s a conspiracy. They may look innocent on the outside with their cute Lululemon outfits, but deep down I know they have an evil master plan to steal my favorite mirror panel. Not under my watch!

Hit play to watch the full rant video!

Do you have a workout tick or totally weird gym habit? Tell me in the comments.

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