DIY Magic Wand



Step 1: Gather the materials.

Step 2: This is my favorite step! Paint dowel with glitter paint -you’re going to want 2-3 coats. If you’re in a rush -metallic paint only takes one coat. But you know that glitter is worth it.

Step 3: Glue a small ball of fluff around the tip of the dowel and hold till dried. This little ball is what holds the dowel in the star.

Step 4: To make the pocket of the star -snip the top tip off then use your needle and thread to start sewing on sequins to the pocket and back of the star.

Step 5: Stack the three stars together. Start stitching on the base of the star just over to the left of where the dowel will sit. I backstitched but a tight running stitch will work as well.

Step 6: Continue stitching all around, clockwise until you get to the 5th point of the star. Stuff a little of the fluff in each of the points -I use the point of my scissors to help guide the fluff. And no need to over fluff!. Finally stick the dowel in and stitch closed.

Step 7: Roll or fold the You’re A Star card (link to pdf) and insert in the pocket. A little bag of glitter, love note or a gift card would be a perfect match as well. You’re done and ready for magic!




Renae Bradley is the owner of Benzie and Benzie Bazaar – a shop filled with yards of beautiful Merino wool blend felt. When she isn’t packaging up Benzie rainbows she enjoys spreading fairy dust and good cheer to her two children; who still believe in Tooth Fairies and magic. Visit her blog or connect with Renae via facebook or twitter.


  1. What a sweet and great project! As always, dear Mayi, you are a true inspiration!
    P.S.: I can’t for you to reveal what you’ve been up to with April. You girls rock!

    1. I know, Renae did such a good job with this one.

      PS: Soon, very soon! I think we are even more anxious to share LOL

  2. Love these wands. My little fairy princesses will so love to have a go making them!

    I have been teaching my girls Spanish this year – the other day we used one of your morning tv show appearances (making pinwheel hair slides) to help us learn (and make pretty things) … they think you rock – and that you talk really fast LOL

    1. Super fun project indeed. If you make em’ do send me pictures of the wands + your little princesses 🙂

      LOL you crack me up with the Spanish lessons hehehehe!

  3. This tutorial is amazing! It’s one minute until my 15 mins. of doing nothing, but I had to comment on this because it totally makes me think of my princess wand in the header of my website. I MUST MAKE ONE – but, not for 15 minutes 🙂

  4. What an awesome project! I love the use of sequins and glitter. I could see the stars, with their little pockets, as holiday ornaments — perfect for putting candy canes or gift cards into.

    I’m just a little obsessed with sequins, so I’m going to include a link to this post when I do my next Sequinspiration post. I know my readers will love it!

    — Sarah J. Sequins, Chief Sequin Scientist at Saturday Sequins. <3

  5. can someone please share a link as to where to purchase 18 INCH DOWELS i cant find them any where and these wands are such a great idea!

    please and thank you

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