Do Things That Don’t Scale

In a world where so much emphasis is put on stronger, faster, smarter, more, more, MORE, now, now, NOW, this is your permission slip to try something different. Something that’s not in your marketing bibles. Something that no guru is preaching.

In today’s episode I’m asking you to try something that doesn’t scale for a change.

Why? Cuz this new economy is rewarding art + innovation + guts like never before. It’s rewarding brilliant ideas executed with singular direction. And none of it is measured on the clock.

Taking your time doesn’t scale. But it feels right. So what if instead of pushing harder + outworking strangers on the internet you tried to take the risk of doing the emotional labor that matters?

Click play for more on this.

In the comments I would love to hear from you. Where are you taking the extra time? Going the extra mile? Sacrificing profit for an even greater form of currency – feeling awesome? I want to know.

As always, thanks so much for watching Mayi Video Time. I will see you on the next episode.


  1. This is just what I needed right now. I’ve been oh so busy personally….baby on the way, new home and moving, and my blog has been neglected. But now I’m returning to it with more attention to detail, better photos and more in depth content. And I HOPE my readers will like it and it will pay off!

    1. I totally can relate. Baby O is now one + I’m NOOOOOWWWW begining to sleep a little bit more + eat a lil’ bit healthier + start making videos again… claiming my life back. It’s a SLOW process. Like I said in the video time doesn’t scale. So we might as well breath in all the detours along the journey

  2. I LOVE this ! Thank you Mayi it’s exactly what I needed to hear right now. When I sit down to make physical products I always think about my specific clients and let me tell you, there’s nothing more satisfying than when that person picks a particular piece that I made while thinking about them. This video has really confirmed my direction as I embark on adding abstract art to the collection. The stories and processes that I share with my audience about my work will become as important as the work itself. Thank you ! And I lovee your heart and your heart dress!

    1. Sherri this makes me so happy. You are a beam of light + I know you go above and beyond to make those around you happy as a hippo. Bless your gigantasaurous heart.

  3. I love this Mayi! The personal touch and choosing where to spend your time. I’m going to think about how I want to do this in my business because I do think that personal connection with your special people is important and makes it more fun! Not spending hours in front of the computer answering every single email you get!

  4. Always a great video. I love the way you think. Thanks and especially thanks for the funny dance party at the end. love it ALL.

  5. May, I soooooo needed to hear this right now! As a personal chef, my “product” is food, but it is also a creative process for me. I’ve been bigger, hiring others to do the bulk of the work so I could “work on the business” and grow, but it just lost something, and that something was my touch. I’ve recently been gifted (read, my largest client and I parted ways) the opportunity to sit back and rethink how I want to grow and how big I do or don’t want to be. I’ve got plenty saved, so I’ve deemed August my month of creativity to tap back into what I love the most and let the decisions flow. Thank you for reiterating what I know in my heart to be true.

  6. Hi Mayi, I try to run my own business but its been so hard because I had lot of personal changes in my life the last two years. I have two kids and few extra time. They are going to the school next september and I hope I will launch my project. I try to do something everyday and step by step my business grows but very slowly. Your help has been so wonderful because I am making the bootcamp and I am totally agree with you about follow my heart and nose in my business and get locally suport. Thank you so much for these great videos and words. Besos enormes, eres genial y un chute de energía, me alegro mucho que hayas vuelto con los vídeos =)

  7. WOW! Thank you for reminding me that I have the permission to BREATHE… love this on a day when I’m feeling a lot of overwhelm.

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