Fail Often, But Fail Cheaply

Lot of people get caught up in the “online part” of running a business. Folks, the Internet isn’t magic, it just makes test-driving ideas easier without breaking the piggy bank.

QUESTION: What are you launching these days to see if it works, to see if it sells, to see if people love it?

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Video: @visufilmspty
Make Up: @marilia.sena

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  1. Awesome video, Mayi! So true! I’ve been creating lots of wood burning art lately, especially wood slice necklaces and driftwood art. I gather all the wood myself so no tree has to be cut down to create my art. It’s a labor of love. :0) I’m also at the beginning stages of writing a book about joyful living. Not sure how that will take shape yet but I’ll have to remember your comment about not going into hibernation and then ta-da! It’s easy to do but you’re totally right. Enjoy your weekend!

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