Gluten Free Sweet Potato Waffles


Last week we celebrated hubby’s birthday. I made him a road trip friendly Raw Chocolate Banana Tart to blow 32 candles. It was glorious. For dinner, we had Kentucky Fried Chicken sandwich (WTF?) with fries + a wannabe McFlurry without the extra Oreos we ordered.

Hey. Hi. My name is Mayi Carles + despite being the soon-to-be NY Times Bestselling author (ahem ahem) of a deliciously healthy cookbook Life is Messy Kitchen, I eat “devil food” too.  And you wondered why I still had cellulite on my thighs, didn’t you? Well, that’s because I’m on the Real People Diet, people. On the Always Falling Short Diet. On the I’m Huuuuuungry Diet which quickly turns into the I’m (H)Angry Diet. On the Welcome To The Real World Anti-Diet Bitchezzz. Your pick.

I’ve always felt inadequate when it comes to “eating the right thing” because no matter what bandwagon I was on, I always felt short. I was never able to strictly obey Phase I of the South Beach Diet. I didn’t survive Disney on the No Sugar train. I even joined the warm + fuzzy raw club for a while, but was surely kicked out the day I felt the urge to ask David to take me to Ruth’s Chris Steak House cuz I needed a Filet Mignon.

I surrender.

And I realize, finally, like a stroke of genius, that you must be exhausted too, because it has come to my attention that while you cherish the immaculate stalk of pancakes with the chocolate syrup perfectly dripping taken with a fancy DSL + fixed on Photoshop, what you treasure most are the “oh crap” moments in between. The un-edited Apocalyptic shot taken with a cellphone showing you Marcela’s bedroom (ahem ahem, don’t mind hubby’s clothes on the corner) turned photo studio or the infamous walk of shame drive-thru, “Make that a grande combo please. No pickles. And don’t forget the purple soda.”

And all that got me thinking about waffles.

No seriously. Tell me you’re not hungry too? Hungry for real everythingness. Hungry for real food (that doesn’t taste like wet flip flops or comes sprinkled with Splenda dust) for real human beings from planet Earth that unfortunately don’t have unicorns for pets. Hungry for waffles damn it! Who doesn’t love waffles? Surely someone from Pluto.

Let’s make some Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Waffles because living naturally + eating a little better should be deliciously uncomplicated.

The recipe is for two starving Waffle Monsters. Screw cupid or oysters, there is nothing more aphrodisiac than a brunch for two that included waffles. Baby making is on!


Waffle Ingredients:

  • 1 large uncooked sweet potato, grated
  • 1 organic egg
  • 3 organic egg whites
  • 1 tablespoon allspice
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • Extra-virgin unrefined coconut oil, for cooking

Garnish Ingredients:

  • Pure maple syrup
  • A handful of walnuts, chopped
  • Extra-dark chocolate, grated (for a special treat!)


In a bowl, add the grated sweet potato + egg + seasonings. Mix with a fork.

Set your waffle iron on medium high heat + brush with coconut oil so that the waffle does not stick.

Pour the batter onto the waffle iron + spread evenly. Close the lid + let it cook for about 5 minutes or until your waffle iron indicates the waffle is cooked.

Serve immediately + garnish.




Did you know?

Sweet potatoes are not only readily available + inexpensive + orange like an Umpa Lumpa which makes them ridiculously good-looking, but they are:

  • High in vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps reduce the chemical homocysteine in our bodies. Homocysteine has been linked with degenerative diseases, including the prevention of heart attacks.
  • A good source of vitamin C. While most people know that vitamin C is important to help ward off cold +flu viruses, few people are aware that this crucial vitamin plays an important role in bone + tooth formation + digestion + blood cell formation. It helps accelerate wound healing + produces collagen which helps maintain skin’s youthful elasticity + it’s a key player to helping us cope with stress. It even appears to help protect our body against toxins that may be linked to cancer.
  • Rich in Vitamin D. Vitamin D is critical for immune system + overall health at this time of year. Both a vitamin + a hormone, vitamin D is primarily made in our bodies as a result of getting adequate sunlight. You may have heard about seasonal affective disorder (SAD or “the Winter Blues”), which is linked to inadequate sunlight + therefore a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D plays an important role in our energy levels + moods + helps to build healthy bones + heart + nerves + skin + teeth + it supports the thyroid gland.
  • Loaded with iron. Most people are aware that we need the mineral iron to have adequate energy, but iron plays other important roles in our body, including red + white blood cell production + resistance to stress + proper immune functioning + the metabolizing of protein, among other things.
  • A good source of magnesium. Magnesium is the relaxation and anti-stress mineral. Magnesium is necessary for healthy artery + blood + bone + heart + muscle + nerve function, yet experts estimate that approximately 80% of the population living may be deficient in this important mineral.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t crawl back to bed after this plate-licking number. Instead of feeling sleepy + fartsy (did I just talk about farting on my blog? Gosh) you will want to climb mountains + dance Happy + quite possible even obsessively clean your pantry by type + size + expiration date. It happens.

Hope to see your recreations around the webs soon. Tag me @mayicarles + tag Marcela @thecelebrationgirl to make our days.

Photography Credit

Marcela Macias


  1. LOVE THIS!!! I’m really going for a gluten-free life but I read the recipe FOUR times thinking, ‘there’s NO flour? Of any kind??’ Needless to say, I am VERY excited about giving it a whirl. Looks DELICIOUS!

    1. You’re right it’s MAGIC hehehehehe.

      I hope you LOVE em’. Be sure to let me know how the recreation went 🙂

  2. YUM!!! Can’t wait to try these! And can I be the first purchaser of your cookbook??? Any signed copies?? 🙂
    I don’t have a waffle maker, but I’m sure I can turn these into pancakes, no?!

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