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Raise your hand if you’ve ever been copied.

Raise your hand if your work has ever been plagiarized without remorse.

Raise your hand if you thought it was rude + disrespectful, not only to you but to the entire human species.

Raise your hand if you considered dropping your “copy cat” a nuclear bomb. It’s okay, it’s safe here.

It’s true, the internet is making it easier than ever for people (ahem lazy people) to steal. The story of the student who registers for a course + compulsively takes notes + three months later (flick magic wand), launches “their version”, is happening more and more often. It’s a jungle out there.

Simultaneously, there’s a big coalition happening. When brands take a sharp left turn at the normal stop sign, they trip the whole system. Weird is impossible to imitate.

There are one too many Gucci rip offs, but there’s only ONE Gucci. Rembrandt had “painter assistants”, but no one remembers their name because there’s only ONE Rembrandt.

Today I want to talk about being original. Standing out, so no one, no matter how hard they try, can pass off as YOU!

Click play to watch a very especial episode with a very special cameo appearance!

Let’s recap!

Wanna be original? Here’s a place to start:

  • Recognize the areas of your life in which you are living disconnected from your true self.
  • Proclaim who you want to be.
  • Work it! Develop + express your individuality.
  • Accept that YOU might not look like the YOU you thought about in your head.
  • Practice your authentic muscle.

Your turn!

As homework I want you to make a list of all the things that make you “unidentifiable”. Original. Authentic. Drop them in the comments below!

Disclaimer: Despite my continuos brainwashing efforts, my little sister Laura (we are 11 years apart), actually, doesn’t want to copy me. What is wrong with her? Seriously.


  1. Ahh! Thanks so much for using my pic of your guide! I got so much out of it. Looking forward to seeing what new content you come up with after retiring this one.

    1. Olive it was a BEAUTIFUL pic + I loved seeing the 5K Sales guide in action. I hope my peeps stop n’ visit your lovely Instagram account 🙂

  2. wow this is exactly what i was thinking about today!
    one of my favorite quotes “be yourself. everyone else is already taken.”
    thanks for the reminder mayi!

  3. Hey Mayi,

    I have been following your blog for a while now and really dig it! Plus, believe it or not, I’m male. I have been starting my own creative writing blog recently and have been spending a lot of time preparing it – time which I also spent on various blogs to steal… I mean to get inspired from! Which brings me back to today’s topic, because the line between “stealing from” and “getting inspired by” can be a thin one. In the end, we are all inspiring each other, same thing with even the most original artists. Hey, even Prince must have had people he looked up to, and even Justin Bieber… ok, no Bieber jokes here. Creative inspiration is like the perfect round of a tasty chocolate donut, covered in colorful bright sprinkles – it always leads back to itself (or so)…

    But I get your point, sometimes it’s a little too close to the original… that’s called stealing then.

    Anyways, you are truly your own brand, so congrats on that! Your writing definitely inspires me. Your creativity is like a sparkling rainbow coming out of the mouth of a brave, silky-white unicorn, leading directly to a pot of gold at the other end (or so you would say?).

    Rock on!

    1. Hey Alex, WELCOME!

      If I count hubby + my dad, we officially got 3 gentz on board. Unless there’s more hiding in the cupboard afraid to admit they kinda dig the cuteness overload hehehe. And sprinkles. I dunno.

      I believe being the first to step out, being the first to lead the pack, picking yourself, being the first to follow the leader, being brave… all these little (but monumental things) are also signs of authenticity.

      Inspiration is everywhere, but only a few dare to do something with it worth making a remark about… something that matters. THAT’s the difference between a fake Gucci + THE Gucci.

  4. I love how you can entertain and teach such meaningful lessons at the same time! And your glasses truly cracked me up! I am doing some soul searching right now about what makes me “unidentifiable” at this stage in my life. I feel like it might be evolving as i get older (cough, sputter….) and your beautiful video gave me great food for thought! Thank you!! 🙂

    1. Ironically, I “borrowed” all those party glasses from weddings I didn’t want to go to hehehehe.

      Happy to entertain. I mean teach 😉

  5. I love this post, yet it does leave me a bit confused. Here’s why: all my life I tried to be so original and different that so few people would “get it”. It got a bit lonely that way so recently I am exploring the path of NOT being original. Does this sound strange or what? I’ve yet to see the results of being “same old, same old”. The tiny voice in my head is whispering to me that it’s probably best to compromise. Unicorn sheep, anyone?

  6. Oh My! I have been missing your video’s:) Glad you’re back. Your sister in this video…I died, it was so good! I love the ending.

    This is such a good reminder for me. I like so many things, I’m always wanting to add them to my brand and then it becomes a big crazy mess and doesn’t feel like me at all!

    Thank’s girl!

  7. Friday Video Time!!!! Glad to see you up and at ’em on video again, Mayi! Aaand this one is a great message. As a writer online, I’m often asked about people copying or stealing my stuff and how I keep it from happening…I don’t.
    What I mean by that is that people can easily take my words and pretend that they wrote them, but here’s the thing: they can’t follow it up with more.

    As far as what specific stuff sets me apart? Oh man! If only I could nail that squirmy one down so easily… I’d say It’s a combination of 2 things: I’m a weirdo, and I’m a smarty pants. AND I hide neither of those things 🙂

    Also – cupcakes….and liquorice.

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