How to Make Money While You Sleep

Today we’re doing things a bit differently.

I’ve created a very special FREE MINI WORKSHOP to help you create an online machine that sells your stuff while you sleep.

Sounds awesome right? It it.

Click play to dive right in.

Let’s recap, shall we?

1. Systemize your content creation.

  • Determine how often you want to post online. I like to post once a week.
  • Pick your medium. Mine is video making because it’s the one that feels the most natural + my audience favorites.
  • Find an accountability partner. Give them $100 + tell them you don’t get your money back if you miss your deadlines.

2. Systemize your content editing + posting.

  • Understand your editing process so you can give clear instructions to someone else.
  • Create a standard operating procedure document for how you want your content edited. I remember when I started working with my videographer Marilakis, I said no crazy transitions that looks like I’m being eaten by a vortex please. They can’t read minds so write down exactly how you want your stuff handled.
  • Outsource the parts that suck the life out of you like a dementor.

3. Make your content convert into fans.

  • Use Google Analytics to find your most popular content.
  • Create a useful content upgrade that people coming to see these popular pieces of content want. For example: checklist + 3 day e-course to deepen + worksheet.
  • Invite people so sign up. Don’t be shy. Don’t you love when the chef of a restaurant comes out of the kitchen + tells you what to order. People want to be told what to do. Help them!

4. Create a “yes” ladder.

  • Create an entry level product that cost less than $100. Make it a no-brainer.
  • Set up an automated series so new subscribers learn about this low price product. Show them how this product solves pain points directly related to why they came to you in the first place.

5. Once someone buys put them into another list that leads them into buying your big creme de la creme offer.

  • Grab your prospects by the hand + show them how you can help them.
  • Be human.

And those are my 5 steps to turning your online HQ into a selling machine.

If you have any questions about this online machine just plug them below. I will be hanging out in the comments during the next couple of days to answer every single one.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this MINI WORKSHOP.

Thanks so much for watching + sharing this with your besties.

I’ll see you next week.


  1. Oh Mayi! You’re amazing!

    Since our messy call I’ve been more consistent on my blog as you recommended, and I’ve seen some great results in under a month! Now I’m trying to create and publish more videos, but I need to stop being so self-critical (it’s so HARD! :P) – seeing your videos is truly inspiring, and make me want to share my message too 🙂

    I love the *Yes Ladder*, I think I might be doing it a little wrong now (I stopped selling small products, and started focusing on the big one), but as you said, on the internet we can change everything as we evolve 😀

    Thanks for such a great mini-worshop!

    1. I hear you. My top priority is my flagship course Life is Messy Bootcamp. But we need to remember that these higher priced products take BALLS to join. A big leap. Lots of trust. People are on the fence because they have been burn before. They don’t know whether or not you can help. Will it be worth their investment. Soooo many questions. Lo the little guys feels safe. Littler risk. Easier to say yes, and climb the ladder from there.

  2. Love this Mayi, it’s so simple and so helpful. Can you cover more on the automation though – that’s the part I’m currently stuck on: how to automate, what types of automation flow to use to guide my audience etc. I’m using mailchimp if that helps – you’re a star!!!!!! 😉

  3. As always, this mini workshop is so helpful! And fun! I have been quietly working on an idea that I would like to start selling via my website. I’m really excited about it and your workshops as well as your bootcamp have been great in putting a good plan in place. It helps me to think through the details and questions I need to ask before I launch. Because who needs a product I’m excited about but doesn’t help solve anyone’s problems, right? Also, I tend to write content as inspiration strikes but I agree it would be so much better to plan my blog posts and post more regularly. Thanks for the awesome workshop, Mayi!

  4. I love you Mayi. Your videos are really funny and at the same time have helped me a lot. You are my new mentor and I wish you even more buyers to come!!!

      1. It’s the truth. Sometimes I wonder what made you start videos as I’ve been willing to start for months, but I’m too scared as I don’t like myself on video. I know that I should “take actions now” but it’s scary. Maybe this could be an idea for another video of yours “how to overcome fears of putting yourself out there”. I believe it would. Help many of us!

  5. I feel like my list is such a mess! it has almost 1000 people that i have collected over the past 4 years, but i feel like a good % of them aren’t even my right people anymore!!

    And from the start I didn’t section off buyer and non buyers. 🙁 how to i begin to fix my list so it can work better for me? i use mailchimp and it’s tough because i can’t afford to upgrade, so i can automate anything, which means i can’t even nurture when people do sign up. yikes!!!! is there any solution or hope?

    I’m in the middle of getting a new website, i got a new logo, and i’m shifting the direction of my business to my art and teaching nature journaling than from the gardening workshop side i focused on previously, so i feel like it is a good time to make any big list changes since other big changes are afoot this fall.

  6. I love this Mayi! Thank you for making this great lil worskhop. It took me quite some time to get my ducks in a row, in hindsight it had to do with getting clear on who I am an what I want to offer to the world. And the great discovery was, that yes.. I mainly just have to be me. And that there are people out there that are wanting what I can give them.You clearly master this and you teach it in a fun and motivating way. Muchas gracias Mayi!!

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