How Wonderful Life is Now That Olivia’s In The World

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Oh my goodness, I’ve been meaning to write this post for the longest time.

Guess what?

On June 26 at 1:06pm we welcomed into the world our lil’ munchkin Olivia Larrinaga Carles. When our hearts saw her for the first time, right there n’ there, we instantly knew that life was now finally even better than our wildest dreams. Like that Armageddon song goes, “I don’t want to close my eyes, I don’t want to fall asleep, cuz I’ll miss you baby and I don’t want to miss a thing.”

She weight 7 pounds 10 ounces + measured 49 centimeters long, our little viking, leaving everyone wondering, “How the heck could such a big baby come out of such a small mama.” It must have been the late night banana milkshakes or daddy’s pasta parties, for sure. In any case, Olivia is the most darling little bundle ever. I know every mother says that, but it’s true, baby O truly is the beautifulest thing I’ve ever seen.

In this blog post I want to share with you a glimpse of what life with Olivia has been like this past month – my birth story + the challenges + the awesome parts.

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Birth Story

Despite my best intentions to have an all-natural labor + all that pre-natal yoga training n’ medicine ball prep work, I ended up having a C-Section. Olivia’s umbilical cord was strapped across her chest like a Miss Universe name banner (or a seat belt) + every time she wanted to come out, the cord pulled her back in.

Worried about Olivia’s safety, I made the call I never thought I’d make… to allow my doctors to interfere.

I won’t lie, it was hard letting go of the birth I had prepared for + planned. I really wanted to be one of those moms who could proudly say, “Oh yeah, I experienced every emotion of going into labor without an epidural.” I’m not.

I wasn’t even able to keep Olivia with me, kiss her, hold her, rub her tiny little chest against mine, right after she was born. I had to wait it out in the recovery room. And that made me sad. It made me feel guilty. Ashamed to share my birth story even. I wanted to feel it all, not because of any societal pressure, but because I wanted to. I couldn’t.

In the end (and these might be the hormones speaking now), I feel so incredible blessed for the opportunity to be a mom to a perfectly healthy baby girl whose lashes would even make Minnie Mouse jealous. My princess, who grew symbiotically inside my body for 40 weeks + depends on my nourishment, nothing is more sacred + profound + challenging + surprising + exhausting + tender + loving or life-giving as this evolutionary impulse. And no C-Section was able to take that away from me.

I now know that all moms, no matter the type of birth their babies end up choosing, have the hardest and yet the most rewarding job in the world. We should never feel guilty or ashamed, because we are doing our best. And that is ALWAYS enough.

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Olivia 20

Some Challenges

  • C-Section Aftermath: Because of the operation, I’ve been a bit handicapped. I can’t do many of the thing a normal human being is meant to do, like bend over + take the stairs (I live in a two-story house) + pick up stuff from the floor + cook + drive + carry things, which is insane, considering I must care for a newborn, who obviously needs things that always seem to be located at the bottom drawer LOL.
  • Breastfeeding: Don’t even get me started with breastfeeding. Breastfeeding makes labor day look like child’s play. I had a dream: To breast feed my mini Tetosaurus Tex exclusively. What Google + every lactation book I read didn’t tell me was how HARD + PAINFUL this would be. Thanks to nipple creams + nursing tea + More Milk Plus capsules + H2O + moral support + hubby’s back massages + mom’s famous “Resbaladera” recipe (which I posted on my Instagram @mayicarles), I’ve been able to survive, one day at a time, without ever having to sterilize a bottle or use formula, but not without meltdowns.
  • Oh No! Spilling Milk: I have nightmares about leaking milk while showering. Dumping that milk down the drain is the most painful thing in the galaxy. Feels like I’m washing away liquid gold. Definitively tear worthy.
  • Sleep Deprivation: These days alarm clocks are a thing in the past. Now, I’ve got my very own wake up cutie pie. And she comes with a revolutionary 100% fail-proof anti-snooze system. If I’m lucky, I’m able to sleep 3 hours a day – 15 minutes here + half an hour there. Olivia sleeps just fine, for 2 hour stretches during the day + 3-4 hour stretches at night, but momma is too excited sewing Frida-style headbands + pinning baby clothes + reading about breast milk storage techniques to sleep when baby sleeps. I need to keep working on this one because I don’t think mama zombie is very sustainable.
  • Unused Furniture: Yeahhhh, so Olivia hates her crib. That can be a problem, right? If you know a good spell to fix that please dial or leave a comment below. I will be forever grateful. And the crib will too, she’s feeling so unloved right now. In the meantime, the three of us will happily continue to co-sleep in our king size bed.
  • Nights are Scary:  Days, I feel like I can always manage. Oh man but when the sun is setting + the moon is rising I feel like “Winter is coming”, and hell will break lose. One night, the power went off + I swear to God I didn’t think I was going to make it. I must have breast feed Oli though her ear + put on her pajama backwards. I can’t believe I survived to tell the tale.
  • Not So Basic No More: Even the basic things like eating + showering have become a luxury affair. I can’t remember the last time I  sat down for a nice meal without being interrupted by a diaper change or the last time I had spare time to shave my legs in the shower.
  • Clock is Always Ticking: Now that Olivia is born, I feel like I have a constant mental clock running in your head. OK, I just fed the baby + laid her down, so that gives me 2 hours to grocery shop. Start the time NOW.
  • Limited Wardrobe: I was looking forward to fitting back inside my not-fat clothes after pregnancy, but now days the only outfit criteria is: Will I or will I not be able to get my boob out of my shirt successfully without spilling milk everywhere or damaging myself in the process? Looks like I’ll be wearing that one shirt I’ve got with a zipper + that other button down dress A LOT. Maybe this earns me the right to go online shopping, don’t you think?

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On The Bright Side

  • This New Workout Rules: While my friends are busy doing an hour of spinning or Zumba, I’m here laying on my couch, watching So You Think You Can Dance + nursing. And guess who’s burning more calories? That’s right! Breastfeeding, the only weight-loss program that increases your breast size.
  • License to Eat: Through the miracle of breastfeeding, those hamburgers I’m eating are finally going to someone else’s thighs.
  • Smells Like Heaven: The house smells like baby’s bottom. What candle can do that?
  • Ready For Anything: In the event of a zombie Apocalypse, knowing I don’t have to run to the store to buy formula because all Olivia needs are my boobs makes me feel pretty darn epic!
  • I Get To Play Doll Everyday, All Day: Matching dresses with headbands is my new occupation.
  • Look At All Those Gifts My Goodness: I already knew Olivia’s aunties + friends where awesome, but seriously, the amount of gifts she’s received from all over the world is ridiculous + pretty amazing. We’re beyond grateful for all the love + thoughtfulness.
  • Seeing My Mom n’ Dad Get Promoted to Grandparent: Priceless.
  • Best Excuse: I have the best exit strategy in the world. Saying “No Thanks” to things that are not top priority right now has never been so easy + guilt-free. Not that I needed an excuse to say “I’ll pass” in the first place.
  • Look I Can Eat With Only One Hand: Cirque Du Soleil be like… holy Guacamole she’s pretty good!
  • Funny Moments: Like that one time (or more like five times) I realized I’d been walking around the house for half-an-hour with one boob hanging out. Oopsie daisies! Or that other time when hubs had to babysit Olivia for 7 minutes without supervision + when I came back Olivia had chocolate in her hand. WTF?
  • Pediatrician Check-Ins: Felt amazing to see Olivia getting weighed at the doctor’s office + gaining 2 pounds in just one month. Yeah! Look what I did! Mom’s milk power, baby! Cue cheering in my own head as I leap onto an imaginary pedestal + accept my gold medal for most powerful breast milk ever.
  • Support: Motherhood has connected me with so many moms out there. It’s a beautiful thing to compare victories + letdown times with other mothers. Makes me feel like I’m not alone. Like we’re in this, together.
  • I Love My Family: I love my family for making sure my fridge has food + my bathroom has toilet paper. I love my family for caring for Olivia while I’m brushing my teeth or publishing a new Life is Messy Bootcamp lesson. I love my family for guarding the door like Navy Seals so no unwanted guests (like people who are coughing or have dirty hands) could move pass the front line to visit Olivia. I love my family for showing me how to be a mom, not telling me, but SHOWING me. I love my family more than ever!
  • Date Nights Feel Extra Special: They say that when mom + dad are happy, baby is happy. It’s soooo true. There might be a million things changing around us since we became a party of three, but not our commitment to one another. David + I have even made a pact to go on at least one date a week. Going to the movie theater or checking out a new pizza place in town has never felt so romantic + momentous.
  • My Heart Grew BIGGER: I never knew how much I loved my husband until I saw how much he loved our baby. I truly fell even more in love with David when I saw him become a father. Watching him watch her has been the most amazing gift.
  • Magic Powers: I think of breast milk as magic. If my baby is crying + fussy + whimpering + angry + tired, or otherwise not acting like her normal happy self? Time to nurse! Boom, whole new baby. Magic.
  • Doing Nothing: Maternity leave is my fave. Can you say guilt-free Instagram time?

Olivia 11

Olivia 10

Olivia 9

Olivia 8

Olivia 7

Olivia 6

Olivia 18

Thanks for letting me share this magical moment with you. After all you’re my virtual family!

I’m not exactly sure where this new chapter will take me or the natural evolution this blog will undergo, but I’m excited to use this down time with baby Olivia to explore all the abundance that’s possible. Hopefully, you’ll wanna come along for the ride with us, because it won’t feel the same without ya’.

This is it for now.

I’ll be back (said like Terminator).


  1. Es o no es lo más lindo del mundo mundial?? Es LO mejor.

    Me pasó exáctamente lo mismo que a vos con la cesárea. Tardé un poco más en verle el lado bueno y todo lo que aprendí gracias a ella. Para terminar sabiendo que sea como llegan al mundo, el mejor regalo es convertirnos en madres.

    Hermosa Olivia y hermosa su familia 😀

    1. Es duro cuando uno se hace la idea que va a ser de UNA manera, como siempre lo soñaste. Pero nuestros hijos ya vienen con su plan, desde el momento que eligen ser nuestros + hasta el momento que deciden su fecha de cumpleaños. Pensar que controlamos estas cosas en pura ilusión. Es mejor no aferrarse y disfrutar… que crecen tan rápido. Ya Olivia se le quedo chiquita su primera pijamita, no lo puedo creer!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Olivia’s first month on earth story! Its not often you get to read a beautifully written, honest and heart warming account of a birthing story. Wishing you and your family well!!! -Meredith

  3. Oh Mayi… So happy for you… Olivia is the cutest little princess ever and I’m glad she’s a healthy baby with über happy parents. I send you a ton of love and hope to meet Olivia one day. If she’s like her mom, she’ll conquer the world.

    Muah!! ???

  4. She is beautiful! Being a mom is the hardest job you will ever fall in love with. Even though my “kids” are in their 20s, i will never stop being their mom. Enjoy every moment! it goes by too fast.


  5. Such a beautiful and heartfelt post. Congratulations on your adorable little one (she really is precious), and enjoy this special moment in your life.

    Thanks for sharing this. Lots of love your way! 🙂

  6. Congrats Mayi! Olivia must feel so special. And yes, nursing is incredibly hard but let me inspire you because I nursed my first son through 15 months and my identical twin boys until their first year – all exclusively. I suffered from clogged milk ducts, low milk supply, the brief need for donor milk from another lactating twin mom who had even more milk…and I did it! I questioned it especially with the twins but I did it and they are adorable little walking 19 month olds and my eldest is 4. Keep at it…also no need to shy away from sharing your birth story…you made a brave choice to sacrifice your plans for your daughters’ well-being…Olivia has a lot to aspire towards..being brave like her mommy…Buena suerte!

  7. Dear Mayi, I have been thinking about you a lot, I am so happy to read your birth story and beyond! you are an amazing mama and Olivia is the luckiest baby in the world to have you. Always trust your mamá instinct, that is my best (even though unsolicited!) advice!!!
    A big hug for the three of you! and a special one to Olivia from her Peruvian Aunty!!! Karen 😉

  8. What a lovely story. So much of it rings so true! The feeding. The fear of nights. It all gets better. It really doesn’t last long (even if ‘not long’ is a longer than you hope!) When my baby wakes through the night, I try to switch my frustration to “Oh goodie! We get to snuggle!” …because I know we won’t be able to snuggle forever!

    I wanted to pipe up to tell you that I absolutely LOVED our little baby bjorn bassinet. (I have no affiliation with BB). My mum bought it for me. I was sure I’d have my Lily in her crib, but this little, bouncy bassient was divine. It stayed next to my bed for 4 months (and even traveled to hotels, around the house etc). (PS. Skip the BB sheets and just use a changing table sheet, like the Aden and Anais ones, which fit perfectly.) I could reach out and put my hand on my baby through the night, and rock her gentle back to sleep.

    When I did transition to the mattress, I ended up buying a memory foam topper for her mattress because her mattress just seemed so hard. Also, I bought a mesh ‘bumper’ which looked just like her bassinet. I know bumpers aren’t recommended, but the mesh one passes the test, and prevents their little arms and legs from getting tangled in the bars of the crib.

    I don’t normally comment on blogs, but I loved your story an couldn’t help chiming in! Enjoy your beautiful little baby girl. It’s just so amazing and gets better and better every single day!

  9. I just love reading about the transformation into becoming a mom. It is so sweet and actually made me tear up. I miss those sweet tender moments with a newborn baby and your post reminded me about thise days. There’s nothing more wonderful than laying on the couch nursing your sweet smelling beautiful little baby. Thanks for sharing these precious moments with us!

  10. LOVE this!!! Congratulations!! She is absolutely beautiful! Welcome to mommyhood!!! Your life will never be the same. It’s hard. so hard but so worth it. Many blessings to your entire family!! AND THIS IS IT—keeps them all snuggled up, laying upright, very portable, and can be placed right next to your bed (I nursed mine so needed them close)…2 out of 3 (and the 3rd didn’t use it just because it wasn’t invented yet) of my kids slept in this until they could no longer fit. It was a godsend! HUGE game-changer! Not sure where you can get this shipped but it’s made by Fisher Price. lots of love sent to you and your little one, April

  11. i have a magic trick for Baby O to like her crib!!!! 🙂 here it goes: Let her grow a few months older. We create all these awesome baby rooms, but babies are not wired to have independence. They are wired to co-sleep for a loooong while. She’ll love her beautiful crib and room, when the time comes!

    Infinite blessings and welcome to this world baby O!

    1. Thank you for sharing … totally remember those days with my babies. Olivia is a beauty! Enjoy every moment it truly does fly by !

  12. Love this, thanks so much for sharing your experiences & beautiful family, Mayi. Motherhood is the best…enjoy these precious moments:) Olivia is beautiful!!!

  13. Ohhh Mayi, this is the cutest blog post you’ve ever done! 🙂 <3
    All these pictures of Olivia are like little pieces of candy 😉

    My sister just gave birth to her second baby about a week ago and it's so funny to read all this and at the same time see that it is exactly the same with her 🙂

    About the crib thing.. My sister got the advice from her midwife to swaddle the baby. He loves to be carried around and sleeps best if someone does. But this is really unhandy if you already have a child and a household to keep haha
    So I don't know if you heared of swaddling. You have to put the baby into cloths that are tightly wrapped around babies body. This implements the feeling the babies had in mama's tummy. Maybe you can google it if you haven't heared of it.
    I'm just not sure if this still works when the babies is already a month old and not used to this… 😉

    It's soo wonderful to hear about all these little things that brighten up a day 🙂 I wish you the most wonderful time with your little family and please keep us update as often and much as possible and as you want to shaer 🙂 xx

    ~ Lisa

  14. Mayi,
    Olivia esta demasiado preciosa! Me dan ganas de tener otro bebe!! Ya mi Little Liam cumplio dos añitos, se pasa demasiado rápido. Fue tan lindo leer tu historia y recordar todos esos momentos tan especiales que vienen con nuestros muñequitos. Te deseo a ti, a David y a Olivia lo mejorsicimo del mundo! Que disfruten todos los momentos hasta el máximo! Aun el dar de mamar. A mi también me paso que me dolía demasiado, (me han contado q es peor con los niños) pero luego te acostumbras, y adoras esos momentos quietos donde tu les das sustento y eres el mundo entero de ellos. Eso se va tan rápido y luego quedas como yo, guardando zapatitos y pijamitas para nunca olvidarte. Un abrazo fuertísimo a la distancia, bienvenida al Club de Mamitas, es lo mas bello del mundo!!!

  15. I’m not a mommy yet, so some of your worries are not in my wheelhouse, but they still made me laugh. I just wanted to say congrats! She is precious. And all the headbands!? Truly adorable.

  16. Hi Mayi Thanks for this post you allowed me to relive my babies, and those are very special memories for me. When I was pregnant my doctor advised me to use lanolin cream on my nipples through my pregnancy which really helped and I used it for sore nipples, cracking etc- while nursing its great. Both my kids hated the crib too because they were used to hearing and feeling someone around the whole time I was carrying them so being in the crib was like solitary confinment. I had a small carry-on bed that I put them in and carried them into each room. They eventually adapted to their cribs when they were a little bit older.I hope this doesn’t sound too much like advice. Even now my best memories of my babies was nursing you never forget how beautiful and fulfilling it makes you feel-it just feels so right. Nature is incredible. We are so lucky that we are women.

  17. Dear Mayi,
    Well done you! Giving birth is always a massive journey, but especially when it takes an unexpected course.
    Go easy on yourself (sounds like you are… just sharing your story is heroic). My husband always says, ‘How can you be kind to yourself right now’… not just today, when you’re exhausted as a new mom and on the edge of sanity, but when you have any disappointing feelings about birth, how can you kind to yourself then.
    Warm wishes,
    Anna from New Zealand (Mama of two bigger boys…. so I do sleep through the night now! Yay!)

  18. Congratulations! She is beautiful! and the hair! Both my boys were bald until they were one! I love hearing birth stories…they are all so precious and unique and yours was beautiful – allowing you to know the miracle of a healthy birth and be a healthy momma! Now go buy some clothes – you’ll need them and they will help you feel good about yourself (until the necks are all stretched out! 🙂 speaking from experience) and keep at least one clean feelin’ great about me outfit set aside so you can feel human on those date nights! So happy for you!

  19. Me he reído de principio a fin, la maternidad es una de las cosas a las que más le temo, pero ha sido bueno leer tu experiencia, no hay que tormarnos tan en serio, hay que disfrutar este maravilloso momento. Felicidades a ti y tu esposo, es preciosa baby O.

  20. Mayi ¡Felicidades! qué bonita es. Esos lazos, son muy Mayi, que linda está.

    Es un tópico, pero no por ello menos cierto. Disfruta, disfruta. Los primeros 6 meses son duros, pero disfrútalos al máximo y sigue disfrutando que no te darás cuenta y ya estará bailando sola. Pol ahora tiene 3,5 años y parece que era así de pequeñín ayer, y que yo no paraba de pensar ¿Cuándo podré dormir?. Pasa volando Mayi.

    Un Beso Enorme a los tres y la abuela preciosa.

  21. Hermosa la foto de la bisabuela y la bisnieta, una ternura

    Respecto a la cuna… como no te metas dentro, de momento, es díficil que le guste, es muy pequeñita. Recuerda que lleva nueve meses yendo contigo a todos lados, sintiendo tus movimientos, tus latidos, tu voz, la cuna tampoco huele a mamá y no le da su calor.
    Un truco que funciona, al menos en nuestra casa, es que cuando se quedan dormidos en nuestros brazos los tapamos con alguna prenda de vestir nuestra y luego los dejamos donde se vayan a dormir pero los dejamos cuando estan profundamente dormidos que se nota que estan muuuy relajados y también tratamos que no cambie mucho el ruido del lugar, ¿alguna vez te paso de quedarte dormida con la televisión encendida y que cuando alguien la apaga te despiertas enseguida? a los bebes les pasa lo mismo si están dormidos en un lugar donde hay voces, música o lo que sea y de repente los cambias a un lugar silencioso es probable que se despierten con más facilidad.

    Solo quería poner la idea de la ropa y me entusiasme, perdón…
    Felicitaciones por la nueva integrante de la familia

  22. CON-GRA-TU-LA-TIONS !!! ?????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️?????????????

    So now my dear, you’re a woman, a real one, with all superpowers unleashed! ❤️❤️??????

  23. Hola Mayi, está bella tu gorda, mil felicidades!!! Me ha encantado tu artículo, espero Dios te la bendiga con mucha salud y amor. Ya vi varios comentarios sobre la cuna, todos bastante buenos, y coincido con “enchumbarla”, que seguramente tu mami ya te dijo, ya que al estar recogidos se sienten más seguros, y probablemente es lo que pasa al estar con ustedes en la cama, que se siente protegida. Algo que me funcionó a mi fue subir dos patas de la cuna (con un directorio funciona) para que quede inclinada, con la cabeza más alta que el resto del cuerpo, ya que los ayuda mejor con la digestión cuando quedan muy llenos y ayuda a evitar reflujos, que a veces son la causa de que no pueda dormir. Un abrazo y espero te la goces cada segundo, porque el tiempo vuela y cuando pestañeas ya son gentecita grande!! Un abrazo Emely

  24. Congratulations Mayi! I laughed and cringed so hard at your lists – remembering all so well, when my son was born – from sleep deprivation (drool anyone – oooh it’s NOT from the baby!!) to the beautiful, magical moments. There are a thousand words of advice and tips, but it all amounts to the same: Care for yourself. Sleep in the moments you can to refresh, say yes to help, kiss your hubby, love and dream for your little one. Journal a line or two every day about her, about you. Soak it up so hard so that when she’s grown you’ll still feel it.

  25. Hola Mayi! Qué HERMOOOOSO post!!! Cuánto amor! Qué bendición! Y qué bella Olivia!! <3
    Y me encantaron las fotos, por favoor cuéntame quién te las tomó! 🙂

  26. Thanks for sharing your thoughts… and talk about words of wisdom for being so young and new mom – ” We should never feel guilty or ashamed, because we are doing our best. And that is ALWAYS enough.” Heck yeah! I have my little 2 month old angel, second baby – but it’s still a grand adventure. No two babies are the same and no one can be too experienced when it comes to parenting. I’ve already said that motherhood kicks my butt every single day, because it’s a rollercoaster of emotions and learnings. There is the good the bad and the ugly… but definitely all worth it! I agree that for some reason everyone concentrates on the day of labor, but there are sooooo many other things that we don’t talk enough about. It’s funny how it can come as a shock. As my kids grow, I realize that often we don’t talk about the emotional toll on parents when it comes to raising little humans. Sometimes I feel a little crazy – so many ups and downs! Anyway, little O is beautiful and definitely enjoy your time off!

  27. Dear Mayi,

    What a pleasure to read this post and go back to “my time” as a new-born-mom 🙂
    My daughter also decided to stay with me, exclusively, for 40weeks and was hard to convince her it was time to come out and meet the rest of the family.
    Although I tried for several hours a natural birth, she was born from a C-section cause I was just too exhausted to wait another minute.
    By then, I didn’t felt guilty from my decision as I truly was EXHAUSTED but I did miss that cuddle and time for just us, after she was born…

    Of course after she was in the room with me, I couldn’t care less about the techniques involving the birth: she was healthy, she was beautiful and she was ALL MINE! (and her daddy’s of course).

    Ever since that dau, I had a new goal in life, to spoil her with all my love, teach her all I think it’s important about the world we live in and basically just be there when she needs me.

    Gabriela will turn 7 this October and I’m not sure how that happened. I guess we’ve been too busy loving each other.
    It’s definitely a much, much more wonderful world with her around.

    Can’t wait to hear more Olivia’s stories, she’s so cute and you (parents) are GLOWING.
    Be very happy 🙂

  28. Hi, Mayi!

    Girl, I am so proud of you! Whew, you nailed it!

    I just wanted to let you know how happy I am for you and your family. This blog post was lovely and so full of you and totally freakin’ hilarious! Bullet point – Funny Moments . . . was the best. I think I might have wet myself from a burst of laughter! Chocolate in her hand? Double wtf?? I must know the rest of that story!

    Congratulations, Mayi! She is simply and totally perfect. A big T-Rex hug to you both!


    p.s. My sister had a grandbaby on July 18th, two months early. Her name is also Olivia and she is doing amazing! She was only 2 pounds and 3 oz at birth and is now up to 5! She has been home for over a week now. Yay! I am going down to visit them in a couple of weeks and can’t wait to meet my Olivia.

    p.s. I must say I am a little surprised that your Olivia has not worn some big ‘ol glasses in any of her photos yet. Did I miss it? 😉

  29. Congratulations. Little Olivia is breathtakingly her mamma!

    As the mother of 10, I have to tell you. Life Really Is Messy, but glorious and wonderful and fulfilling, all at the same time.
    Rest when you can, enjoy every moment, listen to the advise of others but follow through with your gut and your heart. Realize that you will never be a perfect parent, but as long as you are a loving parent you will be GREAT!

    And I also vote for some Big Glasses photos.



  30. Congrulations! She is absolutely beautiful. I truly enjoyed reading about Olivia’s entrance into the world and those first few months of motherhood. I really appreciate that you shared the challenges that come with being a new parent because it can be really difficult at the beginning, both emotionally and physically.
    Watching your parents become grandparents is truly magical 🙂
    Enjoy this wild and truly amazing ride. My daughter is 20 months old and I’m still continually blown away by her and being a parent.

  31. Congratulations on becoming a mom, Mayi!! Olivia es tan preciosa!! Que linda es tu hija! l was eagerly awaiting to hear about your experience and I oved this heartfelt post sharing your joy and excitement with us. i’m sending your family of 3 lots of love energy, happiness, and abundance! I’m really looking forward to the new chapter of Heartmade Blog **
    muchos abrazos y besos!

  32. Sadly our girl hated her crib as well (was a Hushamock). So she is co-sleeping with us, too. Now she is 6 month and I ordered an own bed for her… lets hope she will like this one better. I ordered something that is multifunctional so if it still won’t be loved we could find another use for it (SIGH).


  33. Big time congrats, Mayi! I have been enjoying the photos you have posted both here as well as on instagram. Olivia is so sweet and you look like a beautiful happy family! Wishing you all the best!

  34. Congratulations Mayi ! Olivia is adorable! What a cute little bundle of joy! Treasure every moment of her first year because it goes by so fast!

  35. My god she is beautiful!!! Gongrats! I discovered your blog just 10 minutes ago, because I just payd for “Memorabe” on Jackies school and wanted to know more about my new teacher!!! So, good luck with your new baby, she is really awesome!!! (Sorry if I make mistakes, I don´t speak english very well, I´m chilean!). See you soon (more like read you soon!)

  36. mayi,que grande emociòn..felicitaciones para ti y para toda la familia, olivia es la mas grande benndiciòn que Dios ha podido darte a ti y a tu esposo. Mil felicitaciones porque comienza una grande aventura. un besote a Olivia es lindisima.

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