I Changed My Mind (And Here’s Why!)

My current obsession: Listen to The Tim Ferriss Show while I’m sketching or painting. Keeps me in the flow.

The other day Tim asked one of his guest on the show: “What have you changed your mind about in the last few months and why?”

It got me thinking. Thinking about what I have changed my mind about recently.

I got it! Came to me fast and clear.

Know what I’ve changed my mind about? Blogging.

I used to think blogging was the holy grail for online entrepreneurs. Either you blogged consistently at least once a week or your business was doomed to fail.

Black and white. Very Libra of me.

Hit play to see what changed and my new take on blogging. Psst… it’s not what you might expect.

What have you changed your mind on in the last few months and why?

Tell me.




  1. Oh my! I LOVE this Mayi!

    I tell people all the time: consistent doesn’t mean weekly. That’s your frequency. (Which, by the way, you can make whatever you want – weekly, every second week, monthly… or your fab idea of seasons!!) Being consistent simply means you show up when you say you’re going to show up. (Getting off my soap box now ;))

    So I LOVE that you’ve figured out what works for you – and seasons sound so fun!! I did that with my YouTube interview show/podcast late last year because I loooved filming the episodes but I hated editing them all the time. So bam. Decided to run it in seasons and everything feels amazing!

    P.S. Olivia is ridiculously cute in this.

  2. oh my god! that is such an amazing concept. although not new in general but new for blogging… Love it!

  3. This is such WONDERFUL advice! I can see how the idea of working in “seasons” would also create new vigor. An excitement to get the season started and also truly living every moment of it because we know that it will come to an end (kind of like how we treat summer!) Thank you Mayi <3

  4. Omg. I LOVE this!!! I always feel the most tremendous guilt when I don’t post. And it’s not like I drop off the face of the planet… I’m still around on Instagram.

  5. Genius!!!!! I always take a winter break and a summer break – like a school schedule, but blogging seasons…… sooo genius!!!

  6. Loved seeing sweet Oli in today’s video! 🙂

    AND I’ve never considered the fact that even shows on TV take breaks. Of course, I HATE those breaks and miss my favorite characters during that time. But our favorite people who love and adores us online will most likely feel the same. They’ll miss us and wait for the next season to start.

    I’m usually a big fan of NOT layering on extra guilt when “doing things wrong” in the eyes of all the biggest Internet gurus. I’m good feeling guilt all on my own due to this silly idea that I need to somehow always appear put together. I don’t need to take every single piece of online advice and work myself to death. I’m learning this, slowly but surely.

    Thanks for the reminder! <3

  7. After 2 years of blogging once a week without fail I took a blogging break and realized the same thing!

    P.S. Olivia is the cutest!

  8. Great blog post!!! I was put on a list of ‘Top 50 knitting bloggers in the UK’ at the end of December.
    As they described my blogging habit, it simply said “average number of blogs per month= 3” And I thought, ‘hey! wasn’t I doing a blog every week?’ I felt so inspired to give what I was able and let people accept that as who I am.

    What I’ve really changed my mind on is my email list… I started thanking people for leaving my list. When I got a notification from MailChimp of an unsubscribe I’d just say out loud “thank you name!” and encourage myself to be grateful for them trying me out, then making a decision ‘yay’ or ‘nay’.
    Last month with subscribes and unsubscribes alike, I had ten fewer subscribers than at the end of the previous month. I’m actually celebrating as I’m so happy people are sticking around if they’re interested and making decisions to disappear if they’re not.

  9. Thank you Mayi! I need to get over my cycle of feeling like a failure before I ever start. When did I convince myself one or two consistent and epic blog posts per month wouldn’t be enough for me? The whole point is to enjoy it right :-)?? The thought of making a content calendar like that fills me with excitement instead of dread :-)!

  10. aww I LOVED this vide. Info plus a little ice cream story with the beautiful Olivia.
    and what a great idea…. Are you going to name your seasons and have episodes? :p

  11. I love this! Also my daughter is consistently in her princess costume as well. Case in point today we went to soccer in her princess costume.

  12. I changed my mind about my business. I had a sweet littleblog that I loved but couldn’t figure out HOW the heck to monetize it or make it a true business. Stroke of genius appeared during The End of Boring! I went back to my true passion and am finishing my website for my money coaching business. I’m so excited and people are seeing that passion. At first I didn’t want to give up on my little blog, but that 6 months wasn’t wasted. It led me and prepared me for what u have now!!!

  13. What a great idea….I have changed my mind to focus on videos of me in front of the camera. It took way to much time and I didn’t like it. 🙂 Live calls and now Mini Dive vids (short informational videos without me in front of the camera) are what I’m up too. Why you may ask…because I took your class, “The End of Boring”. I’m so much happier Mayi and I grateful to you for it.

  14. Amen to sometimes choosing projects over blogging! I LOVE the idea of seasons. Thanks for expressing it so well. (And with such a cute co-star).

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