I Want to Hear Your Messy Story

I want us to do something different today for a change. I’m not gonna do the talking. I hand you the mic. I want to hear your story. But! Not not your highlight real. I don’t hear another success story. I want the story that’s behind the curtains.

I want to hear your messy story. Drop it in the comments. Please!

What’s the point? To make you realize that YOU WON. Look at all the stuff that got in the way, and you’re still here. You survived. Whatever tried to knock you down. It lost.

Look at mess as your life data. And as a reminder that you my friend are a survivor and a thriver.

You got this!


  1. Oh boy do I ever have some messy stories. 😀 I’ll share two… the first is from several years ago, the other one is from last year.

    1. I launched a program I was REALLY excited about… I timed it with my business anniversary, I did a webinar or two for it, I had a giveaway… and the only people who got the program were the giveaway winners, and one friend who pity-bought it.

    2. I realized in October that I didn’t want to talk about virtual assistance on my blog anymore, and I wanted to talk about art and books… so I came up with what I thought was the CUTEST name ever… everyone hated it. Okay not everyone. There were like… 3 people who got it, and thought it was hilarious. Everyone else kept asking what on earth it even meant.

    1. Oh! I think I was one of the people who didn’t know what it meant, but I get a pass for being foreign right? Pardon my basic English please 🙂 Do you forgive me?

      1. Pssssssh always! <3

        I'm not mad about it AT ALL… I think going by my name probably gives me the most flexibility. And you know me, I'll probably change directions in the future. 😉

  2. I just wanted to add that my post above may become one of my own blog posts! It certainly chronicles my messy journey.

  3. It’s always scary to put oneself out there…

    My messy story has been 9 years in the making! In an attempt to make it short (HA! I’m really trying!), I’ll put it in point form :
    ❤️2009 : Started a website, Etsy shop and eBay store.
    ❤️2010 : Living a very happy life. When I say started my online hobby business, I mean LITERALLY just started. Despite no marketing efforts, I made a few sales. But everything was put on hold because I decided that we were going to buy a house and move. Even though it was my decision, I cried my eyes out because I loved where we were renting.
    ❤️I remember making a sale just after moving into our new house and had to frantically search through boxes for the item to ship! After that, I put my online shops on vacation mode. Lost all momentum.
    ❤️2010-2015 : DIY projects around the house. My website created on iWeb disappeared when Apple decided to shut down everything related to iWeb. I was devastated because I loved my unique website! Sad and traumatized, I found it hard to get back into the groove BUT it never left my mind. My online business dream was put “on hold”.
    ❤️By end 2015 : I found myself in a funk. I really didn’t like how my life was turning out. I made a concerted decision to do something about it. I knew I had to change everything that I was doing or not doing – changes had to be made! I decided to start with getting a Planner. After researching, I decided on Day Designer.
    ❤️2016 : I did more and more research online and found a wealth of resources to change my life. I knew I needed help to re-create my website and business. I found B-School, AmbitionAlly, Heartmade and Life Is Messy Planners (LOVE!) and Life Is Messy Bootcamp, PowerSheets, Simplified Planner and tons of other amazing, wonderful and inspiring businesses by female entrepreneurs.

    BUT in the process of finding out WHAT I wanted to change, HOW I was going to change and most importantly, WHY I wanted to change….. there was a whole mental shift. What really mattered to me became clearer and clearer and that also meant, making very hard choices and taking very difficult action.

    What became apparent was that I wasn’t happy WHERE I was too! My husband and I could not agree on the scale of renovation to the house. I also missed my previous neighborhood. Long story short (HAHA! Still trying!), with not much support, I decided that we were going to sell our house and buy a house back in the neighborhood that I loved and missed. That whole saga was one of my life’s most traumatizing and stressful experiences! Everything started happening at break-neck speed too. Amazingly, it all worked out. I survived. I am now humbled and grateful every day.

    ❤️2017 : We moved into our new house. However, unbeknown to me, I needed serious recovery time. The only analogy that I can come up with is this – imagine having to go through one surgery after another after another after another. There was obviously something wrong (stress) which required the surgeries (stress). Even though every surgery thankfully turned out well, the body (and mind) can only take on so much (stress). Even with successful surgeries, the body is initially weakened and needs time to recover. I was having “surgery” after “surgery” consecutively non-stop with all these life changes! By the last “surgery” (stress), I was spent and running on empty (stressed out flat).
    ❤️Feeling guilty, frustrated, embarrassed, overwhelmed, etc etc (stress, stress and more stress) that after all.. this.. time.. my online endeavors were still on hold.
    ❤️So, despite the disbelief of my husband and friends, and their ‘not understanding’ what I want to do with my online dreams, I knew that I had to TAKE CARE of myself and get back into shape and DECIDE on my “first next step” and just take it from there. And accept that it won’t be perfect, it will take time and it will be messy but…… it will be worth it because it matters to me.
    ❤️Discovered The Brand Mapping Method but subsequently fell very sick and could not do the course nor re-do B-School as intended. Had several long overseas trips too. So while it’s hard, I’ve forgiven myself for not getting very far ahead with my goals. BUT, little by little, I’m taking small steps to inch my way forward. Ain’t giving up!
    ❤️2018 : Discovered EBA 3.0, Solopreneur Sidekick and Website That Wows which really helped me get over the huge hurdle of re-creating my website. FINALLY, my website is coming together. If you knew how many starts & stops there have been with my website creation over the years, you’ll understand what a major achievement this is! I want and need a website that truly makes me happy. I still have loads of back end stuff to take care of but it’s certainly taking shape! The messy and imperfect part is that something has to give and that is – my new house is still in a mess! Boxes are still unpacked everywhere. That’s another project/goal which I will get to!
    ❤️I’m accepting my limitations but choosing to focus on what I can do.

    Meanwhile, I’m owning this crazy and amazing and VERY MESSY journey! I’m back in the neighborhood that I love, in a house that I love (despite the messiness!), the website that I want and am creating myself is almost complete and I’m on my way back on the path that I started out with 9 years ago!!

    But most importantly, despite the mess… I’m HAPPY again.

    Lorraine (finally coming back soon)

    1. LOVED your chronology. You should definitively turn this into a blog post. Enjoyed every adventure + detour. Thank you so much for sharing. Never STOP posting and commenting here please.

  4. Beautiful mess is my middle name. After my mom passed away last year, I lost my mind at my stay at home day job. Long story short, it resulted in me getting let go and I though, what the heck am I going to do now? But it finally gave me the opportunity to rest and look for a job that was good for me and my well being. Now I work with my local public library and it’s the best day job I’ve ever had. Mess leads to great things!! Love you lady!

  5. I had found my dream job after years of trying to find myself and what I want to do with my life. The first interview went so well, and so did the follow up interview! Then there was radio silence. I contacted them a few times, and they finally told me they “went in a different direction” (a phrase I have heard before, but this time, it cut me deep).

    I cried. All day.

    The very next day, though, I found the position I have now, and it’s even better than what I thought that “dream job” would have been. 🙂

  6. My messy story is from 2 minutes ago. I realized I set up a bunch of appointments for clients who may or may not be able to accept that fact that I’d be working remotely from Panama. I’m scared to be transparent but nothing is
    better than integrity. Wish me luck.

    1. More than half of my team doesn’t live in Panamanian soil. If they are not a right fit you will definitively find companies that high freelancers + have absolutely no problem with you location as long as you have good wifi and meet deadlines which I know you excel at 🙂

  7. My 19 years old dog passed away a week ago with an accident. The last year or more she had lost partly(or maybe all, lately) her hearing, seeing and smell and her heart was weak, but her energy and strength were still huge…no one ever believed she was a 19 year old dog, and they were saying “she has good genes” or “it’s a miracle dog…”, etc. We all in my family knew she wasn’t going to live much more, but i think we never realised how quickly she could have gone..with an accident. Everything happened so quickly…it was tragic and terrible and a nightmare for all of us and i thought i could never ever forget those terrible terrible moments and images from mind of that morning. 🙁 I cried and cried and still crying for my favourite doggie-Wendy-my friend, who was there all these years(almost 20 and i’m 30) by my side and now she is gone. All the sadness and unfairness we felt needs time to fade and day by day we are better, but i know now that she left us when she was still strong enough to show us that she had a GREAT life and she was soooooo very happy and that’s why she lived that long! right there at her house and favourite place, where she lived and was happy she left. I didn’t want her to suffer, she knew it and she didn’t. She almost chose it to happen that way. I think this is the worst thing that happened but so positive at the same time…i wish everyone lives that long and happy!<3

    Meanwhile i'm working on clients' illustration&design projects, trying to get my creative business on the next important level finally, planning the trip of my summer dreams and fighting to get out of my comfort zone, being as engaging as i could never be before.

    Messy Life happens and L O V E show us the way! 🙂 <3

  8. Mayi my messy story started almost 9 years ago when I was diagnosed with so many health conditions and one of them kept me so tired all day long that I thought I was depressed. I saved part of my salary for 1 year before quitting my job and started to take care of my little children and started to take care of me…on the way I started cooking healthy food, then I discovered that healthy food could also be delicious and that healthy food started to make me feel better, I was not tired anymore, actually I started to feel great again…and 9 years later I feel so full of energy…so much gratitude because that experience had gave the tools to help so many other people with food allergies to start their path to a healthy lifestyle. Now “I am happily creating”…Love you so much Mayi!

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