This Is How You Help Your Ideal Customer Find You

In today’s episode, you will learn what you REALLY need to know about your ideal customer. And no, it’s not her age, or the name of her puddle.

For a second, let’s just forget what the “business” books say. And while you’re at it, erase from your hard drive any “expert” advice from anyone who called themselves a “guru”. No one that calls themselves a “guru” IS a guru or should be taken seriously. The end.

I procede.

I will show you exactly how I personality use this method to help my ideal customer discover me, faster. This is how I help my people find me. This is how you can help your people find YOU.

You can spend all your money on ads. Or you could try my approach instead, for a change. It costs zero dollars. It’s highly lucrative. And as it turns out, it’s legal. Keep the change for a manicure will ya?

In the comments let me know ONE thing you can start doing RIGHT NOW that can make your brand more discoverable with the right folks.

In will provide feedback if you need some help with this one. It will be my absolute pleasure. 


  1. Haha, Mombies Unite! (psst, I loved pinky and the brain, now I need to show it to my kids lol)
    I need some help, please!
    I had a pretty successful etsy shop selling baby clothing, attracting my ideal customer was easy because I am that customer, a mama who loves to put her kids in cute and very unique clothing!
    I have since shut that business down because when baby number 2 arrived things changed a lot and my free (business) time reduced.
    More recently I have a bit more time and found a passion for doll making! This is my next business adventure, I’m loving making dollies so much, it combines all my skills! But I am not at all familiar with the dolly collector world :S I studied fashion, I worked in fashion, it was my scene! But now this scene is very different and I feel a little bit fish out of water! Could you please give me advice on entering a new area/realm of business that you’re not used to? I’m a little stuck on how to discover my new peeps!

  2. Mayi I love the video! I totally agree with you about what you put out attracts similar people. I’m working on blog posts that would be interesting to my dream customer as well as using instagram with relevant hashtags. Do you have any other ideas of how to get ‘in front’ of dream customers on the internet? (Any other people’s comments are also appreciated!)

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