If I Could Have This Superpower, I’d Be Stocked

Hey! You’re still here. So happy you still check out my blog.

Have you noticed the latest addition of subtitles in my videos? Shout out to by cool videographer Sebas who makes me look more legit and like I know what the heck I’m doing.

QUICK QUESTION: What upgrade (tiny or mighty) have you recently made in your business that makes you feel more #girlboss and less #hotmess? Tell me in the comments.

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Video: @visufilmspty
Make Up: @vickymaduromakeup


  1. I’ve recently updated my home page on my website. Without “tech” help. And I am super untechnical-savy. So I’d consider that a win!! Heck I even changed a button from sticker form to round to – SO YAY ME!!

    1. That is a HUGE win. I “redesigned” my blog and set up my Shopify shop on my own and felt like I MADE IT hehehehe. As someone who isn’t very techy either I totally feel ya’. YOU NAILED IT!!!

  2. Huge for me…was I started again after knee surgery. I am still recovering. I thought I would be super productive while I was “down and recovering” this past October but – seriously – I was sapped of energy and could not creatively think. It was hard. I wanted to keep my business flourishing but lost the drive till now. I am back to “work” as a cashier and my creative mind is back to buzzing when I saw adorable NEW socks. The sock animals came back to life in my creative mind and I was able to sew and create NEW handmade plushies and list them. HUGE win. I am now working on my bunny stock as Easter is coming. Easter is always my big time as my cute handmade bunnies hop right out of my store for new forever friends. It is exciting to have a goal again and to be working for the goal. And awesome subtitles…those in real life would make life so much better (especially a ‘mute’ button). Thank you for being so inspiring! Create On!

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