How to Create Influence (And Keep It That Way)

These days, you can’t scroll through social media without bumping into an influencer who has more power to sell you a shirt than any ad on Vogue or premium real state billboard ever could.

This is the rise of a new media phenomenon: THE INFLUENCER. Cue music.

Today we’re talking about how to create influence online + how to keep it that way.

Click play to learn my top 5 tips for winning influence like a PRO.

What are some of your favorite influencers online + why? What are they doing right? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for watching + sharing!

I’ll see you again pronto.


  1. Thanks so much Mayi, I truly believe in waiting for the right partnership. My best friend has a fashion blogger and we discuss this ALL THE TIME. She accepts everything that is proposed to her and… I wait. She says I’m naif, I’m innocent but recently IKEA contacted me and I told her: this is what I was waiting for! Right? 😉

    And did I tell you I was on TV, being interviewed about my drawings?
    Yeah, I guess waiting is not that bad after all 😉

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