Let’s make some money together, shall we? Earn 50% commission for every 5K Sales in 365 Days referral you make. There’s no minimum + the money goes straight to your PayPal account every month. Cha-ching! Talk about rockstar teamwork!



Step 1: First go to E-Junkie + register for an account. It’s absolutely FREE + pain-less.



Step 2: Go get your private affiliate code here. Then click Get Affiliate Code.



Step 3: Use the Select Merchant scroll down box + find the one that says heartmade. If it does’t show that option use the Search bar on top to do so.



Step 4: Then, click on the orange button that says Get Affiliate Code.



Step 5: Go the the scroll down bar that says Get Product Specific Affiliate Links + select 5K Sales in 365 Days.



Step 6: Voila! You’re now ready to grab your private affiliate code/link. Remember you’ll received a 50% cut for every product sale generated with your referral. Hip hip hooray!


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Now, here are some promotional ideas to get your affiliate groove on:

  • Write a review on your website about the program + your experience + link back using your affiliate URL.
  • Purchase an extra copy of 5K Sales in 365 Days + host a giveaway on your site using your affiliate link. The event will likely attract a large crowd + many people will be clicking on your link which hopefully will pay for the giveaway + then some. You’ll be loved for your generosity + at the same time you will make money from it too. A win-win situation.
  • Feel free to use my words + descriptions + images to promote + market 5K Sales in 365 Days on your website + newsletter or anywhere else.
  • Interview me on your site. I’m serious. Have me over for cupcakes. I love doing interviews – written + video + podcast + whatever.
  • Send your newsletter subscribers a note about 5K Sales in 365 Days + why you love it so much. Talk to them about why they will benefit from buying it too. I recommend to make it personal + from the heart. Share stories.
  • Promote your private affiliate via social media – Twitter + Facebook or any other social sharing sites. Remember, any referral that comes from your link is money in your pocket, so don’t be shy to spread the word to your entire network of friends + fans + stalkers. Example: “Want to make an extra $75K in your pajamas? [YOUR affiliate_promo_link]”. It’s that easy.
  • Take pictures of you using + reading + filling 5K Sales in 365 Days. People love these candid behind the scenes shots.
  • Create a combined promo. Tell your clients that if they buy a 5K Sales in 365 Days through your affiliate link, you’ll give them XYZ from your store, for example a free coaching session with you + a $25 gift card to your shop + free shipping + a surprise goodie. Cross combining offers is an excellent way to promote you products + services, while still earning commissions for your referrals.


I look forward to our money-making partnership!



Mayi Carles

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