My Budget

I love money 💰 Making it. Spending it. Saving it. Donating it. Letting it circulate everywhere. And blocking any scarcity loser thoughts that come my way. Even got my money crystals close by to attract lots of abundance and spread that sh*t like confetti. I do it ALL.

My only “issue” with money is: I kinda of suck at TRACKING IT 🙈 So I’m attempting a couple of different things this year to see how it goes.

This is a diagram of my budget these days:

Now it’s YOUR turn. What would yours say? Do you also over-spend on organic berries? 

Drag n’ drop the image above to your desktop or save it to your camera roll if you’re on a mobile device, and fill it out. Be sure to tag me @mayicarles when you post it so I can see your remote control in action, alright?

I seriously LOVE to see your recreations sprinkled across the web.

Thanks for playing 💚

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