My Secret To Crushing My Weekly To-Do List

It’s not uncommon for us entrepreneurs to wear multiple hats + juggle many different roles at once. No wonder that by the time Friday comes along, half of our to-dos are incompletes.

Feel like there are not enough hours in the day? I hear ya’.

If you’re looking for a clever way to make the most efficient use of the time you’ve been given, you’re in for a treat.

Today I’m going to share with you my secret to crushing my weekly to do list. No it’s not working while Olivia naps, that’s not a secret. Every mommy in the galaxy knows that one. I’ve got a sneaker trick to beat time.

What is it? What is it? Click play to find out!

Batching. The new frontier.

Look at your weekly planner. If you have a number of small tasks, group them together + block time to conquer them all at once.

What you can start batching right now to make better use of your time? Tell me, in the comments.

It’s time to crush your to-do list like a girl boss.

Thanks for watching.


      1. I had the volume at #100, which means it would have been blowing my doors off…. I couldn’t find a volume button on the video, which also helps.

  1. BATCHING! I’m so glad this method of running your life now has a name! I’m excellent at batching my small errands – Mayi what a great idea to apply it to my whole weekly to do list. Just like grouping plants that have similar watering needs. You’re awesome.

  2. I learned to use this technique when regularly dealing with shifting work schedules, due to job changes and, most recently, having a baby start daycare. Broke tasks down into their smallest pieces, then batched them based on where I was, what I was doing, and what order they need to happen in. Then I put them into repeating to-do lists so that I could do them at whatever time they worked best and rearrange them easily. Really started powering through daily stuff that way.

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